25 Best Online Trading Card Games for PC 2023

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Collectible card games (CCGs) are a quite popular genre, but don’t expect any groundbreaking innovations in it. Players assemble a deck of cards, typically with a large variety to choose from, and take turns playing against each other, making strategic moves. Decks are usually limited to a relatively small number of cards (e.g., 30 cards). Furthermore, cards from the deck are drawn randomly, so each match is different from the previous one. CCG enthusiasts engage in “hunting” for rare and unique cards, refine their decks, and compete in ranked matches.

Each CCG has its own rules: in some, the goal is to deplete the opponent’s cards, while in others, you must defeat the enemy hero. Deceptively simple at first glance, these games feature numerous mechanics that allow players to win through wit and cunning. In this compilation, I’ve gathered the best collectible card games available online this year that I was able to find. I was kindly assisted by Google, YouTube, Steam, and several types of AI that I use for translation, research, analysis, and text generation.

This selection includes only multiplayer collectible card games with a PVP (player vs. player) component. When choosing games, I took into account the number of positive reviews on Steam and Google Play Store, as well as the current level of game popularity. If your favorite CCG didn’t make it to this list, please don’t be upset. Instead, share it in the comments!

Hearthstone (2014)


Among trading card games, Hearthstone stands as the unequivocal leader, delighting players for many years. Set in the Warcraft universe, players choose from eleven classes, each with distinct cards and hero powers. The game’s objective is simple: reduce the opponent’s health to zero using decks of 30 cards. Cards, categorized as minions, spells, weapons, hero cards, and locations, vary in rarity, with Legendary cards being the rarest.

Gameplay involves strategic use of mana crystals to play cards, with a turn timer and no manual reactions, distinguishing it from other card games. Minions, summoned directly to the board, carry unique effects like Charge or Deathrattle. Spells exert different effects on the board. Modes include standard one-on-one matches, arena drafting with in-game rewards, and Tavern Brawls with weekly deck-building challenges. Introduced in 2019, Battlegrounds is an auto battler mode with eight players competing, while Duels, introduced in 2020, is a multiplayer version of the single-player “Dungeon Run” mode. Hearthstone’s enduring popularity stems from its dynamic and strategic gameplay, captivating both casual and competitive players.

Minion Masters (2019)

Minion Masters

Minion Masters is a non-traditional real-time strategy card game that has secured its position in the genre due to its high popularity. Players can opt for Control, Aggressive, Swarm, or Giant Minions in short, intense 1v1 duels or 2v2 multiplayer matches with cross-play support. The game introduces an innovative online fantasy strategy with RPG elements, where holding bridges is pivotal for leveling up Masters and unlocking game-altering powers. With a choice of 9 factions, each with unique specialties, and over 200 collectible minions and spells, players can craft countless combos to outsmart opponents.

The emphasis on fair-to-play and balanced online multiplayer ensures that skill is the sole determinant in competitive gameplay, allowing anyone to challenge others. The strategic depth lies in the specific mechanics of cards, enabling players to create effective combos and tactics. Beyond the intense battles, players can join guilds, participate in Conquest Battles, and team up in 2v2, fostering a positive and active community with Twitch interactions.

Cards and Castles 2

Cards and Castles 2

Despite its relatively simple graphics, Cards and Castles 2 captivates players from the get-go, earning a stream of positive reviews on Steam. The tactical board injects a layer of strategy, as cards seamlessly morph into animated characters with the ability to maneuver and obstruct foes. The game’s accessible yet deep mechanics cater to both seasoned players and newcomers alike. With seven distinctive factions—Vikings, Crusaders, Warlocks, Pirates, Ninjas, Druids, and the recently introduced undead—players have the flexibility to construct unique decks.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game (2018)

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

If you’ve ever played The Witcher series, you’ve undoubtedly encountered Gwent. This digital collectible card game unfolds in turn-based duels between two players, spanning two to three rounds. Players strategically deploy cards from a 10-card hand, drawn from a 25-card deck associated with one of six factions. Unlike its Witcher 3 counterpart, Gwent eliminates the Siege row, maintaining only Melee and Ranged rows for card placement.

The primary goal is to secure victory in two out of three rounds by accumulating “power” points on the board through card plays. Each card contributes a specific power value, and players win rounds by surpassing their opponent’s total points. Decks, structured around a chosen faction and a leader ability, adhere to a 150 Provision Limit. A minimum of 25 cards is required, comprising bronze and gold cards with distinct ownership rules. The game integrates a ranking system, ranging from 1-30, with Pro Rank marking entry into competitive play and opportunities for Gwent Open qualifiers. Beyond ranked play, the level system spans 1-60, with automatic prestige at level 60, offering permanent account rewards.

Pokémon TCG Live (2022)

Pokémon TCG Live

In Pokémon TCG Live, players engage in strategic card battles across various platforms, including mobile, PC, and Mac OS. Utilizing their Pokémon Trainer Club account, they access new expansions that introduce Battle Passes with quests for leveling up and unlocking exclusive rewards. The game features both Ranked and Casual modes, catering to competitive and relaxed gameplay preferences.

For those new to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, extensive practice matches serve as an effective learning tool. The customization aspect allows players to personalize their avatars with a wide array of accessories, including hats, sandals, catchphrases, victory poses, custom coins, deck boxes, and card sleeves. Collections seamlessly migrate from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, and code cards from physical products find compatibility, fostering a cohesive and accessible gaming impression. Due to the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Arceus League, Pokémon TCG Live offers a balanced and engaging environment for players to showcase their skills and enjoy the iconic card game.

Magic: The Gathering Arena (2018)

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a digital card game following the same rules as its physical counterpart. Players use decks containing land cards to generate five types of mana, which in turn summon creatures, cast offensive and defensive spells, or activate various effects. The objective is to reduce the opponent’s health points to zero before one’s own health is depleted.

The game offers two formats: Constructed Deck and Draft. In Constructed, players create decks from available cards, with new players receiving a basic card set and pre-built decks. Winning matches and completing daily tasks unlock booster packs containing new cards for deck improvement. Unlike physical Magic card packs, Arena packs contain eight cards. In Draft mode, players build decks from provided special boosters, aiming to win as many matches as possible. After achieving seven wins or three losses, the deck is removed, and rewards include additional boosters and resources for acquiring cards.

Shadowverse (2016)


Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game featuring an anime art style. In this strategic game, two players take turns playing cards from their decks, representing leaders with 20 defense points and a starting hand of three cards. The goal is to reduce the opponent’s defense to zero or achieve victory through specific cards.

Players utilize the Play Point resource to play cards, with both players starting with zero orbs and gaining one orb per turn, up to a maximum of ten. The game introduces an “Evolve” mechanic, allowing players to grant bonus stats and effects to played cards at the cost of an evolution point. Shadowverse minimizes the impact of randomness on match outcomes and has been compared favorably to Hearthstone.

Legends of Runeterra (2020)

Legends of Runeterra

Several games have been released in the League of Legends universe, and one of them is Legends of Runeterra, a digital collectible card game. Set in the fictional universe of Runeterra, the game features many characters from League of Legends, with flavor and theming provided by short stories, comic books, and an animated series.

In this one-on-one game, each player’s Nexus starts with 20 health points, and the first to reach zero loses. Players begin with a hand of four cards and draw one card each round. Cards are played by spending mana, with a maximum of ten mana crystals. A distinctive feature of Legends of Runeterra is its combat pacing. Each round, the “attack token” alternates between players, indicating who may attack and who will defend. Some cards allow players to attack without the token. The game is known for its generous progression systems, accessible gameplay, and high-quality visuals.

Slay the Spire (2019)

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire combines roguelike progression with deck-building card gameplay. Players select one of four characters, each with unique health, gold, relic, and initial deck of cards. The objective is to progress through levels of a spire, encountering various challenges including monsters, elite enemies, campfires for healing or card upgrades, shops for purchasing cards and relics, and random events.

In this digital card game, players develop their deck strategy on the fly, considering card loot and acquired relics. Balancing the deck is crucial, as too many weak or unplayable cards will dilute its effectiveness. Players must make strategic decisions on which cards to include, decline, or remove to maximize the deck’s strength.

Faeria (2017)


Fans of a “living” game board will surely appreciate Faeria, a digital collectible card game with an interactive hexagonal battlefield. Players face off against others or computer-controlled opponents using a deck of thirty cards. Each turn, players draw a card, gain Faeria (mana points), and perform actions from their Power Wheel.

The Power Wheel allows players to gain Faeria, draw a card, or place land tiles on the game board. Land types include Neutral, Mountain, Forest, Desert, and Lake. Cards are played by expending Faeria, and some require control over a minimum number of non-Neutral lands. Cards include summonable creatures with attack and health values, as well as spell effects for dealing damage, buffing, or debuffing. Creatures can be summoned to tiles under the player’s control, and specific land types are needed for certain creatures. Once summoned, creatures can move and attack in subsequent turns, with defeated creatures removed from the board.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is considered one of the most successful digital collectible card games, featuring a “Speed Duels” format with modified rules. Players have 4,000 Life Points, a reduced Main Phase 2, and smaller decks with fewer Monster Zones and Spell/Trap Zones. Additionally, players can use Skills to affect duels in various ways, including adding cards, increasing stats, and revealing face-down cards. Duel winners reduce their opponent’s life points to zero, deplete their deck, or win under special conditions.

In the game, players navigate a hub to duel against NPCs or access the Gate to face Legendary Duelists. Completing missions within a stage allows players to advance, unlocking more challenging opponents and Legendary Duelists. Progressing through stages also reveals Character Unlock Missions. Unlocking new Legendary Duelists, based on key characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh series, provides signature cards and unique skills for players to utilize in their duels.

Eternal Card Game (2016)

Eternal Card Game

Eternal Card Game is a free-to-play entry in the realm of digital card games online, set in a Weird West fantasy world. Players engage in turn-based card battles with constructed decks, using power cards to cast spells, deploy attachments, or summon units to attack opponents. The objective is to reduce the adversary’s health to zero.

Winning matches and completing quests yield in-game gold, new cards, packs, and other prizes. Players can expand their decks with card packs or access card drafting modes via gold or real-money microtransactions. Cosmetic items are also available for purchase. The game offers cross-platform play and various modes, including ranked matches and single-player campaigns. New content comes in the form of expansion packs or campaigns, rewarding players with collectible cards upon completion.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends (2017)

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

To the delight of The Elder Scrolls universe fans, Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a collectible card game featuring turn-based matches between two opponents. The cards showcase creatures, characters, and lore from The Elder Scrolls series.

Players start with a deck of 50 to 100 cards and draw three at the beginning of a battle, along with one magicka for deploying cards. The second player receives a jeweled ring for additional magicka. Players gain one magicka per turn, with a maximum of 12 without special cards. The objective is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero.

Cards come in four types: Support, Action, Creatures, and Items. Players use magicka to play cards, with Creatures being the primary method of combat. Creatures generally can’t attack the turn they are played. When attacking, Creatures deal damage equal to their attack value and take damage from defenders. If a Creature’s health reaches zero, it is removed from play. Many cards feature additional effects or pre-defined keywords.



Marvel Snap is a card game where players have decks of 12 cards, each featuring a Marvel character with a cost, power level, and potential special ability. During each round, players simultaneously place one or more cards face down at one of three random locations with unique effects. Cards are revealed at the end of the round, triggering special abilities, and the player with the highest power at a location wins it. The goal is to win two out of three locations within six rounds.

Players progress in the ranked ladder by earning “cubes” and can double the stakes at any time by “snapping,” reminiscent of Backgammon’s doubling cube. The opponent can then retreat or accept the snap. Marvel Snap’s gameplay is relatively simple compared to other collectible card games, with individual games lasting only a few minutes. The game features over 170 characters, with more added weekly.

SUR5 (2023)


SUR5 is a lesser-known digital card game, but it deserves a chance and inclusion in this collection. Offering innovative gameplay, this easy-to-understand game has surprising depth and many nuances to discover. As a free-to-play title, it does not have random card packs, ensuring equal enjoyment for all players.

Players can explore thousands of combinations using 16 unique heroes, with more scheduled for release. SUR5 emphasizes fair gameplay, focusing on knowledge and calculated risks rather than unpredictable turnarounds. Developed by a small, hardworking team with big ambitions, support received goes towards game improvements. Engage in this original counter deck building experience and survive the post-apocalyptic world with a party of five heroes.

Mythgard (2020)


Mythgard is set in a modern world where mythical creatures and gods coexist with humans, with magic rivaling technology. Players harness powers and utilize unique mechanics to prove their worth among legends. Featuring a mana-burn system, players burn cards to create mana gems, adding strategic depth to this collectible card game (CCG).

The battle board consists of seven lanes, increasing player agency and versatility during matches. Casting spells, placing creatures, and positioning magical enchantments are vital decisions made each turn. Lore and story are integral to Mythgard, with chapter-based campaigns and real-world culture influences shaping factions. The game offers various features such as 2v2 co-op challenges, story campaigns, PvE and PvP drafts, an in-game deck tracker, live spectating, a replay system, in-game tournament system, challenging puzzles, and featured decks. Mythgard supports full cross-play between PC and mobile devices.

Kards (2019)


Kards is one of the few collectible card games online offering something beyond fantasy, as it is set during World War II. Players use decks of 40 cards, themed around strategies of WWII powers, with the objective to destroy the enemy’s headquarters. The battlefield is divided into three fronts: support line, front line, and enemy support line.

To play cards, players expend a resource called ‘Kredit’ which refreshes every turn. Kredits can be used to move military units to the front line or attack enemy units. The front line can only be controlled by one player at a time, providing strategic advantages. Various game modes are available, including competing against AI, online matches with tiered-ranking systems, and draft mode against human opponents. Additionally, Kards offers five single-player campaigns, each themed around major military campaigns from the war.

Prismata (2018)


Despite its less-than-contemporary graphics, calling Prismata a game that lags behind its more popular counterparts would be an oversight. The gameplay stands out for its radical fairness – a departure from pay-to-win norms. Players face off against humans or efficient AI in battles characterized by quick-fire turns, planning devastating attacks. The game offers diverse modes, including a story-based campaign, casual matches, combat training with strategic puzzles, and ranked play for leaderboard competition.

Prismata’s distinctiveness lies in merging real-time strategy, card games, and tabletop strategy. Players collect resources, create workers, and assemble armies in a battle of wits against opponents. The absence of pre-built decks, random advantages, or luck-of-the-draw moments ensures each game is a fresh challenge. With a focus on quick-fire tactics, deep thinking, and decisive strategy, Prismata transcends graphical limitations, offering a unique blend of gameplay that has garnered praise from gaming professionals.

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game (2014)

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game

Aged but still thriving, Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game offers players a unique experience, blending rich lore and artwork with innovative gameplay mechanics. Simple to learn yet hard to master, it features fully animated artwork and eight distinct factions to play and master. The game actively avoids pay-to-win mechanics, providing free access to every card ever made, ensuring a level playing field.

Unrivaled strategic depth emerges from the simultaneous-turn mechanic, rewarding foresight and cunning. The game boasts over 800 unlockable, beautifully animated cards and 3D battlefields. Players can customize card artwork and names, personalizing their experience like never before. The development team focuses on player feedback, regularly surveying and working closely with passionate players on Discord. With a variety of modes, daily quests, leaderboards, and daily login unlocks, Infinity Wars Classic caters to both long-time fans and card gaming veterans.

Spellweaver (2016)


Spellweaver stands out in the realm of digital card games with its fast-paced, strategically deep gameplay and unique mechanics. It’s easy to learn but challenging for experienced players. A key feature is hero development; during play, heroes level up, gain resources, and develop skills, allowing players to tailor their hero to their deck strategy.

The game’s innovative combat system introduces a creature speed mechanic, where fast creatures control combat flow but have weaker stats, while slower creatures are stronger but easier to outmaneuver. Spellweaver’s design ensures quick games and offers a vast array of combinations and paths to victory, providing endless hours of strategic fun.

SkyWeaver (2019)


SkyWeaver offers smooth gameplay and a slick app, providing a blockchain-based digital card game experience. Although it may draw comparisons to Hearthstone, SkyWeaver’s card effects are more restrained, resulting in more predictable opponent moves and strategic counter play opportunities. This dynamic encourages players to think several moves ahead, fostering engaging gameplay.

However, some might argue that SkyWeaver lacks the novelty of other card games like Netrunner, Summoner Wars, or Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Despite being a leaner version of Hearthstone, it may not be the preferred choice for players seeking a fresh experience in the digital card game realm. As a free-to-play game, SkyWeaver provides a limited amount of in-game currency, which may leave casual players investing their earnings back into the game.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions (2019)

Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions

If you’re a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions will be right up your alley. This digital card game immerses players in the Age of Darkness, allowing them to build powerful decks and participate in the civil war that engulfs the Empire of Mankind. With over 100 legendary warlords to choose from, each with unique abilities and special cards, players can strategically shape their army and choose their allegiance.

The game offers a vast collection of over 1,300 cards, representing various factions from the Horus Heresy. Each army features distinct traits, showcasing their unique approach to war, which encourages players to find the playstyle that suits them best. Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions features ranked mode, single-player campaigns, and draft mode, providing a variety of ways for players to engage with the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge

This Warhammer 40,000-themed digital card game, released in the fall of 2023, falls short of enthusiasts’ expectations, with over half of negative Steam reviews confirming this. Players collect iconic factions from the grim future of the 41st Millennium and engage in fast-paced card battles to attain glory. Featuring six initial factions, with more to come through expansions, players receive starter decks for each. Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge introduces unique gameplay mechanics, with Warlords leading the charge, units choosing between Ranged and Melee combat, and each faction employing distinct combat styles, such as Orks’ ‘Mob’ attacks, Tyranids’ ‘Swarm’ tactics, and Necrons’ ‘Reanimation’ of troops. If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe, you should try this game. After all, it is free-to-play.

Storybook Brawl (2021)

Storybook Brawl

Storybook Brawl is an 8-player autobattler featuring over 40 characters from stories and myths. Players draft their preferred heroes, such as the evil vampire Snow Wight or the good Princess Peep, to create powerful teams. The game focuses on deep strategy and combines abilities, effects, and combos for maximum damage output.

With a diverse selection of heroes boasting unique powers, players can experiment with various lineups and strategies. Matching three characters or completing a quest results in a supercharged version of the character, accompanied by a rare treasure. Additionally, Storybook Brawl offers weekly 100-player events with increased prize pools, adding a competitive aspect to the enchanting gameplay experience.

Spellfire, Re-master the Magic (2023)

Spellfire, Re-master the Magic

Spellfire CCG exists in both digital and physical editions (you can order this tabletop game and play it with friends at home). Like all games in this genre, in Spellfire, players assemble limited decks of cards and compete with each other, taking turns to make moves.

In this game, each player has their own realms that they “construct” throughout the game. Meanwhile, the objective of their opponents is to attack and destroy these realms. Attacks and defenses are carried out using various champions. The game also features event cards, spells, artifacts, and more, which can be used to empower the champions. In the event that a realm is razed, the player suffers defeat.


Our small collection of the best online card games for PC comes to an end here. Feel free to leave comments, expressing your opinion about it. The post will be updated over time as new digital card games are released. Thank you for reading!

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