18 Best New Post Apocalypse Games for PC in 2023

Best New Post Apocalypse Games for PC in 2023

Post-apocalyptic games are a genre of video games that take place in a world after a catastrophic event, such as a nuclear war, a zombie outbreak, or a natural disaster. These games often feature a barren wasteland, scarce resources, and a survival-based gameplay, where players must scavenge for food, water, weapons, and other essential supplies while facing various dangers, including hostile creatures, rival factions, and environmental hazards. The themes of isolation, despair, and hopelessness are also common in post-apocalyptic games, as players must cope with the loss of society and the challenges of rebuilding it.

Post-apocalyptic games are known for their immersive storytelling, open-world exploration, and intense action gameplay. They offer a unique experience that combines elements of survival, role-playing, and adventure, and often require strategic thinking and resource management skills. Post-apocalyptic games have gained significant popularity in recent years, with titles such as Fallout, The Last of Us, and Metro series being some of the most acclaimed and successful in the genre. They provide a compelling escape from reality and allow players to explore the what-if scenarios of a world gone wrong.

This compilation contains the best new post apocalypse games for PC released in 2023.

Z.O.N.A Project X VR (coming soon)

Z.O.N.A Project X VR (coming soon)

Z.O.N.A Project X VR is an upcoming action-adventure game with survival elements, set in the hazardous and apocalyptic world of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone. Developed by AGaming+, the game is expected to release in 2023 and will be exclusively available in virtual reality. As a single-player shooter, players must scavenge for resources and use weapons to survive in a world filled with anomalies, bloodthirsty monsters, and greedy bandits. The game promises an interesting and unpredictable plot, stunning graphics, realistic handling of weapons, and many hours of tense survival gameplay.

Although Z.O.N.A Project X VR is not yet available on Steam, interested players can add it to their wishlist and get notified when it becomes available. The game is expected to be in Early Access for approximately a year, during which the developers plan to involve the community in the development process, taking feedback and ideas to make the game even better. The Early Access version will include the first major chapter consisting of 8 levels, with a fully developed story campaign and an expanded selection of weapons and anomalies planned for the full version.

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The Azmodeus Project (7 Mar, 2023)

The Azmodeus Project

The Azmodeus Project is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game developed and published by Phero Games. The game is set on an open world island where players must scavenge for resources, build and improve their survival base, and fight off hordes of zombies and other dangers. The story takes place seven years after the almost total destruction of human civilization, with the world ravaged by diseases, famine, and wars. The appearance of the Z virus, a consequence of all these factors, quickly spread and transformed the majority of the world’s population into zombies.

Players customize their character with weapons and gear, improve their skills, and engage in various activities such as cutting down trees, fishing, hunting, farming, crafting, and managing animals. They can also trade with NPCs, search for loot, and restore and improve their survival base. The game focuses on realistic survival mechanics, making it challenging and engaging for players who enjoy this genre. With its immersive gameplay, The Azmodeus Project offers a thrilling experience for those who dare to venture into its post-apocalyptic world.

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Dark Prospect (5 Mar, 2023)

Dark Prospect

Dark Prospect is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that combines elements of first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS). The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players can choose to play as either a soldier (FPS) or the overlord (RTS). The soldiers must gather resources, build defenses, and fight against the overlord’s monsters to protect the only weapon that can save humanity. On the other hand, the overlord must summon, command, and upgrade monsters, cast spells, and destroy the soldiers’ base.

The game features five different maps with unique settings, and the RTS can be controlled by a player or an AI with different difficulties. Dark Prospect allows for custom games with many settings for both FPS and RTS, and up to 32 players can join or host a game via Steam. The game also offers in-game communication through voice chat, quick chat, and chat. Dark Prospect was released on March 5, 2023, and has received mostly positive reviews from players.

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Hammer 2 Reloaded (5 Mar, 2023)

Hammer 2 Reloaded

Hammer 2 Reloaded is a first-person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of a sharpshooter fighting against the forces of darkness in a city. The game offers multiple levels, each with a task, and various weapons such as pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, bazookas, and grenades can be used to attack the enemy. The game also has destructible objects and enemies drop various props including weapons, health regeneration, and money.

Post-apocalyptic games are a popular subgenre of video games that often depict a world after a catastrophic event such as a nuclear war, zombie outbreak, or natural disaster. These games typically feature a bleak, desolate environment, where resources are scarce and survival is the primary goal. They often require players to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons and tools, and fight off dangerous creatures or hostile factions. The genre has gained popularity due to the immersive and challenging gameplay, as well as the opportunity for players to explore the themes of survival, human nature, and morality in a post-apocalyptic world.

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50 Days To Survive (3 Mar, 2023)

50 Days To Survive

50 Days To Survive is a survival adventure game developed and published by NullReferenceGames. The game takes place in a harsh desert environment where players are tasked with finding shelter, food, and water to stay alive for 50 days. With the added challenge of sandstorms and mummies, players must explore the landscape and collect resources to improve their chances of survival. The game also features character customization and a resource management system.

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Apocalyptic Vibes (2 Mar, 2023)

Apocalyptic Vibes

In Apocalyptic Vibes, you play as a lone wanderer in a harsh post-apocalyptic world, where you must challenge the cruel wasteland and go out on a dangerous road. The game is a single-player immersive first-person shooter with a non-linear narrative. You have four main types of weapons to defend yourself, and you must learn to master each one to give a decent rebuff in a fight. You will also face harsh post-apocalyptic weather, such as toxic rain, storms, fogs, and optical phenomena, which will require special equipment and the ability to use the little that wasteland gives. Communication and branching dialogues with characters are also a part of the gameplay and story, which can take place via radio. The game is powered by GZDoom, the modern port of the classic Doom engine, and the style of the game is “retrorealism,” with photo-textures and realistic sound combined with classic features of level architecture and sprite graphics.

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Scars Above (28 Feb, 2023)

Scars Above

Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi third-person action-adventure shooter game with a compelling and intricate story set in a mysterious alien world. The game is not entirely about an apocalypse, but the plot is closely related to it in meaning. The game revolves around the discovery of an enormous alien structure in Earth’s orbit, named ‘The Metahedron,’ which takes the Sentient Contact Assessment and Response team (SCAR) to a mysterious extrasolar planet.

As Dr Kate Ward, a SCAR member, players must survive in a strange and hostile environment while uncovering the truth behind what has happened. The game combines ranged weapons, devices, consumables, and melee attacks to defeat enemies, while also managing stamina and crafting different items and gadgets to aid in the adventure. Players will explore various biomes, encounter diverse enemies, and conduct research to acquire new skills and knowledge, culminating in thrilling boss fights. The game contains violence, depictions of mutated human bodies, and depictions of dead and mutilated aliens.

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Engine Roar (coming soon)

Engine Roar

Engine Roar is a thrilling racing game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players must survive against their opponents in intense races with six customizable cars, featuring different controls and body damage. With over 20 tracks and the ability to change weather conditions, day and night settings, and added obstacles such as guns and attacks, this game promises a unique and exciting racing experience. The game features pixel 3D styling and cool soundtracks to enhance the immersive atmosphere. The game is set to release soon and a demo is currently available on Steam.

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Extra Lives (1 Mar, 2023)

Extra Lives

Extra Lives is an action-adventure indie game where you must survive in a world full of brainless zombies and heartless humans. With over 200 characters spread across 8 warring factions, you must battle to reclaim every corner of a sprawling city in real-time, while developing unique relationships with the other characters. Explore over 50 different locations and use hundreds of interactive objects to help you survive. The combat system, inherited from wrestling games, makes tearing enemies apart satisfying, and for the first time ever, the original touch-screen concept has been adapted for a controller.

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Dead Inside (1 Mar, 2023)

Dead Inside

Dead Inside is a first-person, action-survival game set in a modern post-apocalyptic world where you play as mankind’s last hope. As you traverse a hospital ravaged by a lethal plague, you must search for Subject Zero, the first human to turn, while fighting for survival against increasingly difficult odds. With story-driven gameplay, smarter than human mutants, a variety of puzzles to solve, and scarce supplies, Dead Inside provides a thrilling and challenging gaming experience.

Developed by Dogukan Demir, the game is currently in early access and will continue to evolve based on community feedback. With a goal of making the game as realistic as possible, the developer plans to add more interactive environments, events, maps, AI improvements, and new weapons and melee options. If you’re a fan of action, indie, and early access games, Dead Inside is definitely worth checking out.

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Real Zombie War Simulator (16 Feb, 2023)

Real Zombie War Simulator

Real Zombie War Simulator is an action-packed game developed by Yusuf Islam Seyhan and Samet Acar and published by Inspector Studios. The game features various modes, including single-player, and offers players the opportunity to improve their aiming skills with a range of weapons, including sniper rifles. The game’s objective is to destroy all the zombies and become a professional shooter, with the game offering various scenarios to test players’ skills.

Real Zombie War Simulator is an engaging game that appeals to fans of the zombie and shooting genres. With its graphically rich gameplay and simple controls, the game is suitable for players of all skill levels. The game’s developers have included a variety of weapons and items, providing players with a unique gaming experience. Real Zombie War Simulator is one of the best apocalypse games in 2023 and is a must-play for fans of the genre.

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Survival Nation (2 Feb, 2023)

Survival Nation

Survival Nation is an intense open-world online RPG survival game that is designed for virtual reality. The game’s goal is to survive in a world overrun by zombies, where players will need to kill hordes of zombies, explore the world, complete quests, and fight for survival. Players can join forces with other survivors to increase their chances of survival and cooperate during combat. There is also a solo mode for players who prefer to play alone. In this game, you will learn new skills, acquire weapons, and craft, while remembering to take care of your basic needs such as food and water.

One of the game’s most exciting features is the mass of diverse weaponry at the player’s disposal. Each weapon has different statistics, a distinct feeling, and a unique way of reloading, offering players the opportunity to choose from various weapons from pistols, shotguns, rifles, melee, and explosives. There are also other activities to enjoy, such as searching for treasure using riddles, using a metal detector to find items, and climbing on top of various spots.

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I Am Future (coming soon)

I Am Future

I Am Future: Cozy Apocalypse Survival is an adventure and simulation game that takes place in a flooded city after the collapse of civilization. Players find themselves alone on a skyscraper roof, where they must build, craft, farm, fish, and cook to survive. The game stands out from other post-apocalyptic games because of its cozy and relaxing atmosphere, despite the disaster surrounding the player. The game is still in early access, and the developers plan to continue adding core features, more content, and fixing bugs. Players can get involved with the game’s development by providing feedback and suggestions through the developer’s Discord server.

The game is set to release on May 18th, 2023, and will include a part of the main story campaign and sandbox activities. Players will have the opportunity to turn the abandoned roof into their own cozy home while trying to solve the mystery of the last days of civilization. The full version of the game will include more places to explore, additional features like automation, and more content depending on community feedback during the early access stage. The developers aim to price the game reasonably for both early access and full release versions.

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No One Survived (14 Jan, 2023)

No One Survived

No One Survived is a multiplayer cooperative open-world construction survival sandbox game, developed and published by Cat Play Studio, where players and their friends have to find supplies and build shelters in a dangerous world filled with zombies. The game features more than 400 items to craft, a variety of synthetic formulas, and a unique beam-column system that must be considered to build a safe and beautiful house. Players must also keep an eye on their character’s needs as a bad state is likely to lead to death. The game has received mostly positive reviews from players, with over 1,000 positive reviews out of almost 2,000 reviews in total.

According to the developers, the game will remain in early access for about a year until they are happy with the content and gameplay. They plan to add content based on player feedback, such as quests, more items and crafting content, and better AI behavior. The early access version has completed most of the planned development content, including an open world map, a wildlife system, four seasons change, and a scientific and technological skills system.

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Necroa Village (13 Jan, 2023)

Necroa Village

Necroa Village is an open world zombie survival game. Players must find a way to escape the infected village by completing objective missions, fighting off zombies, scavenging for resources, and uncovering the mysteries of the plague. The game features zombie combat, a variety of ranged weapons, an ammo system, and a weather system, among other things.

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Dead Unending (coming soon)

Dead Unending

In this action-packed survival game set in an open world plagued by a deadly virus that turned people into flesh-eating zombies. As a survivor, you must explore the vast and dangerous world to find weapons, food, and supplies to build a self-sustaining zombie-killing fortress. Upgrade your structures, craft advanced weapons, and automate your defenses to fend off the unending waves of undead. Be the architect of your own survival and choose your unique style from hundreds of diverse looks available to customize your character. Will you be able to survive the apocalypse or succumb to the zombie horde?

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The Survivors (24 Feb, 2023)

The Survivors

The Survivors is an action-adventure third-person shooter and RPG game developed and published by Guygames, released on February 24, 2023, with an Early Access version also available. The game takes place in a world infested with zombies and fanatics, and the player must fight for survival by crafting, building, and exploring the world. The Early Access version offers a rudimentary game loop with features such as construction, farming, exploration, and combat, with plans to add more content and features over the next 12 months. The game also includes factions, missions, vehicles, and base building. The developers aim to involve the community in the development process and offer a roadmap of future features.

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This is an early access zombie shooting game set in Jeonju Hanok Village, featuring zombies that have awakened from the Joseon Dynasty in modern times. The game involves using various firearms to hunt and clear missions, while collecting gold to strengthen weapons and souls to upgrade abilities. The developers plan to add more scenarios, weapons, and interactive content during the 4-6 months of early access. There are no user reviews yet as the game was released on 22 Feb, 2023.

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At the moment, these are all the post-apocalyptic games from 2023 we know of. The post-apocalyptic genre offers a diverse range of games that cater to different play styles and preferences. From immersive open-world adventures to intense survival horror games, there is something for everyone. While some of these games may not have achieved mainstream popularity, they still deserve attention and recognition for their unique take on the genre.

One of the prominent trends in the post-apocalyptic genre is the emphasis on survival mechanics, where players must scavenge for resources, manage hunger and thirst levels, and avoid dangers such as hostile creatures or other survivors. Another trend is the inclusion of moral choices and consequences, where players must decide the fate of characters or groups, and face the consequences of their actions. Overall, the post-apocalyptic genre continues to evolve and provide players with memorable and engaging experiences.

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