Dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends – A Quick Overview

RAID: Shadow Legends

There are 7 dungeons and 5 keeps in RAID: Shadow Legends. While all the dungeons are available at all times, the only keep, Arcane, is also available constantly. One of the others opens once a day in turn. Let’s take a look at each dungeon and consider general strategies for completing them.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

RAID: Shadow Legends

Minotaur’s Labyrinth is required to farm Mastery Scrolls. Despite the fact that mastery scrolls can be purchased for gems, farming them in the dungeon is still the most profitable way. If you buy energy for gems and spend it on farming, you will save about 150 gems. Besides, you can level your champions at the same time and earn silver.

In the late game, players farm this dungeon using the only champion. Thus, they can take up to 4 additional champions into a battle, which leads to more effective experience distribution.

Dragon’s Lair

RAID: Shadow Legends

Dragon’s Lair is definitely the most important artifact dungeon in the game. This is where you can get the most sought-after artifact sets, such as Speed, Stalwart, and Lifesteal. Dragon’s Lair is pretty easy to farm. All you need to beat the boss is a 50% [Decrease ATK] debuff and a good poisoner on the team. In the late game, you can level food in this dungeon since one or two powerful champions with poisons are enough to kill the boss.

Ice Golem’s Peak

RAID: Shadow Legends

The Ice Golem isn’t a popular boss, despite the fact that, by defeating him, you can obtain artifacts from useful sets such as Retaliation, Resistance, and Reflex. This boss is also pretty easy and can be defeated with poisons and the [Decrease ATK] buff. In the late game, players level food there, but it’s a bit harder to do than in the Dragon’s Lair.

Fire Knight’s Castle

RAID: Shadow Legends

In the Fire Knight’s Castle, you can obtain the most powerful artifact sets (except those from the forge, of course): Savage, Shield, Regeneration, Frenzy, Immunity, and others. The mechanics of the Fire Knight are based on the fact that the boss protects himself with a shield. While the boss is behind the shield, he is immune to any debuffs and takes significantly less damage from any attacks.

After a certain number of hits, he lets down the shield, but when getting a turn, he raises it again. That’s why a key to victory in a battle with the Fire Knight is having champions with multi-hits, turn meter reduction skills, the [Decrease SPD] debuff, and team-up abilities.

One of the best champions to beat Fire Knight is Ronda, which could be obtained for free in winter 2022-2023. A complete guide to Ronda with masteries, damage coefficients, builds, and tests is already published on the website.

Spider’s Den

RAID: Shadow Legends

Spider’s Den is the only place where high-tier accessories can be obtained. To defeat the spider, you should have a champion with the massive [HP Burn] debuff on your team. Also, your team should have the [Decrease SPD] debuff and turn meter reduction skills.

The boss itself is pretty easy, but if you don’t have any burners, I can only sympathize with you. It will be difficult to defeat a 20+ level spider with standard attacks.

Iron Twins Fortress

RAID: Shadow Legends

In this dungeon, players can obtain Soul Coins and Soul Essences, which are necessary for champion awakening. The boss is difficult even for experienced players. To defeat him, you can use poisons and HP burning. But the main thing is that the [Decrease SPD] and [Decrease ATK] debuffs must be on the boss constantly. Otherwise, your team will die pretty quickly.

Sand Devil’s Necropolis

RAID: Shadow Legends

The Sand Devil is the most difficult boss in the game. When the developers were designing it, they apparently planned to actualize the [Sleep] debuff and the [Revive On Death] buff. But, as it usually happens, players quickly came up with much easier strategies to defeat it.

Thus, the high stages of the dungeons can be completed by using a bunch of Ninja (or Dreng) and Aniri. As for low stages, many champions can complete them solo. For example, you can level food on the 10-14 stages of the Sand Devil’s Necropolis using Scyl or Ma’Shalled.

Victory over the Sand Devil will provide one of three types of oil, each of which is required for artifact ascent. There is also a small chance to get the Ancient Shard.

Affinity Keeps

RAID: Shadow Legends

The keeps, regardless of affinity, are very simple to complete. Some bosses have special abilities that may be dangerous for a novice’s team. In the middle game, however, you can easily farm the keeps with the default high-damage champions. In the late game, there are few players who farm these dungeons at all, because affinity poisons can be obtained by opening the Demon Lord’s chests.

Interesting Things About Dungeons

  • Except for Iron Twins Fortress and Minotaur’s Labyrinth, all dungeons have a small chance of granting an ancient shard as a reward. Tests from different players show that this chance is equal to about 1-2%.
    Shards in droplists
  • The developers often enable “super raids“, meaning x2 reward for x2 energy or x2-x3 chances to get a certain artifact or accessory type.
    Super Raids

The Mysterious Dungeon Is Coming Soon…

For now, that’s all the dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends except one that hasn’t been opened yet. We don’t know what exactly there will be, but there are rumors that we will be able to farm some resources for accessory ascension there.

RAID: Shadow Legends

In any case, we will find out the truth very soon. So I have to wish you patience and good luck! Thanks for reading 😎.

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