How to Beat Giant Albino Spider in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Giant Albino Spider in Smalland

Giant Albino Spider is the second boss after Rhino Beetle that the player will encounter. Lisandra, who lives in the swamps, will ask you to defeat this boss. Skadi will send the player to Lisandra after defeating the Rhino Beetle. Like the previous one, the boss may seem big and scary to a beginner, but in fact, it is even weaker than Rhino Beetle (if, of course, you prepare properly).

Optimal rout to the boss

Remember that the boss lives in a cave southwest of Lisandra. Getting to it through the swamps, teeming with spiders, can be problematic for a beginner, so an optimal route is marked for you on the map. Be careful: along the way, you may encounter a frog and an aggressive dragonfly!

Video guide to defeating Giant Albino Spider

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How to beat Giant Albino Spider in Smalland (Guide)

Preparing for the battle

First, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need Poison Antidote and Poison Resistance Brew. Both potions are created at the Apothecary Table. To get the recipe for Poison Antidote, you must choose the “Is that a baby spider in your arms?” dialogue option with Lisandra.

Equipment and potions

Second, you should collect a full set of the new Silkweave armor, which is mainly made of Silk. This resource can be obtained in the swamps by killing the resident spiders or harvesting from their cocoons using Flint Shears. In the cave near Lisandra, there are many cocoons and weak spiders that you can farm. To avoid running back and forth, place a bed nearby, collect all available resources, then exit to the menu and restart the game. You will appear at your bed, and the resources will be replenished, and you can collect them again. The trick only works in single-player mode.


Third, you should know that the Giant Albino Spider has a slight resistance to Piece Damage and strong resistance to poison. This means that it is better not to take a bow and spear into battle. In my opinion, the ideal weapon for defeating the Giant Albino Spider is the Chitin Axe or at least a Flint Sword.

And, of course, take a few Health Elixirs and Stamina Tonics with you to be able to heal in battle and recover stamina faster.

Battle tactics for Giant Albino Spider

With Poison Resistance Brew and several health elixirs, defeating the boss should be relatively easy. Be sure to use them before the fight. Also, don’t forget to place a bed somewhere nearby, just in case the Giant Albino Spider manages to defeat you.

In terms of combat mechanics, the boss is pretty simple. Like the previous one, it has only 2 attacks.

  • 1st attack: Bites the character in close combat. There is no preparation for this attack. You need to dodge it using roll (Ctrl key) just like from the attacks of regular spiders.
    1st attack
  • 2nd attack: Rears up on its hind legs and then tries to pounce on the character with the full weight of its body. After landing, it spends about 2 more seconds trying to bite or tear the character apart. This attack has a pretty long preparation, so you’ll have time to perform three rolls. It’s best to dodge in the direction of the boss itself.
    2nd attack
    Since it’s trying to jump forward, you’ll become unreachable for its attack if you end up behind it. However, you can also roll sideways, performing 2-3 rolls.
    2nd attack

Also, both of the boss’s attacks poison the character, causing them to periodically lose health.

In my opinion, the best way to deal damage to the Giant Albino Spider is simply to jump towards it and hit it with a “strong” attack (right mouse button) right in the air when it tries to approach you.

jump on the boss!

Also, when the boss lands after its second attack, it becomes vulnerable for a few seconds. This time is enough for you to run up to it and hit it several times with an axe/sword.

Attack boss from the sides while it's vulnerable

The battle will last about 3-4 minutes. After defeating the Giant Albino Spider, don’t forget to collect the Albino Spider Eye and deliver it to Lisandra.

Albino Spider Eye (quest item)

As a reward, you will receive the recipe for Wolf Spider Treat, which allows you to tame Wolf Spiders and ride them. Lisandra will send you to Nok, who lives slightly to the north, and there, new adventures await you…

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