How to Install Land of Empires: Immortal on PC

Land of Empires

Land of Empires: Immortal is a popular mobile online strategy game that doesn’t have a separate PC client. But we can still play this game on PC using emulators. These are desktop programs that simulate the Android OS on your computer.

One of the best such emulators is BlueStacks. It’s a free application that gives access to the Google Play Store, so users can install any game in the same way as on a smartphone. Let’s see how easy it is to install Land of Empires on PC using the BlueStacks emulator.

How to Install a Free Emulator Along With the Game

  1. Visit the Land of Empires game page on the official BlueStacks website, then download the client.
    Download Land of Empires using BlueStacks
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions. It will take about 2 minutes.
  3. After the first launch of the program, you should sign in with your Google account. It works in the same way as on a smartphone, because games are installed from the Play Store, and this cannot be done without authorization. If you do not trust BlueStacks, you can always create a new Google account, especially for playing games.

How to Install Land of Empires from the Google Play Store

  1. Click on the Play Store icon on the BlueStacks desktop.
    BlueStacks play store
  2. Enter “Land of Empires” into the search field and then install the game from its page, just like on mobile devices.
    Land of Empires in Play Store
  3. Return to the BlueStacks desktop and launch the game. That’s all! You can play 😉.
    Land of Empires on BlueStacks

How to Configure BlueStacks for a Better Gaming Experience

Now we should properly configure BlueStacks to improve the performance and graphics quality.

  1. Open “Settings“.
  2. Visit the “Performance” tab. Make sure to give the program as much RAM and CPU cores as possible. This will significantly increase FPS in a game.
    Also, select “Performance Mode” as “High Performance” and limit FPS to 60. If you have a 60Hz monitor, you won’t physically see more than 60 frames per second. So it doesn’t make sense to specify more, and the video card will work in vain.
  3. In the “Display” tab, select the resolution of your display and the highest DPI. This will make the image in games more clear.
  4. In the “Graphics” tab, select “Performance” in the “Graphics Engine Mode” section if your video card is weak. This will increase FPS.
    You can also select another Graphics Renderer. In separate games, this may significantly change the image.

Useful Functions That Will Help You

  • You can enable fullscreen mode by pressing F11.
    fullscreen mode
  • You can lock the mouse cursor inside the window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F8.
    lock the mouse cursor inside the window
  • You can edit in-game controls.
    edit in-game controls
  • You can install APK-files.
    install APK-files

Land of Empires Screenshots on BlueStacks

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