How to Take Screenshots in SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

In SpaceBourne 2, you can take screenshots in two ways: using the Steam overlay and using the in-game photo mode. In this short guide, I’ll explain how to take a screenshot in SpaceBourne 2, where to find the created screenshots, and how to improve their quality.

How to Take a Screenshot Using the Steam Overlay

First and foremost, make sure the Steam overlay is enabled. To do this, open the Steam settings and ensure that the “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” box is checked under the “In-Game” section.

Steam settings

Below you can also see the hotkey for taking screenshots (F12 by default) and a button that opens the folder with screenshots.

SpaceBourne 2

So, to take a screenshot, you just need to press F12 while playing the game. You will hear the characteristic sound of a camera and see a message that the screenshot has been saved.

Where Are the Game’s Steam Screenshots Stored

Steam stores screenshots in a special folder located at Steam_Directoryuserdata1012560821760remote (for example, in my case, this is the folder D:GamesSteamuserdata1012560821760remote). Inside the “remote” folder, you will find other folders with numbers in the name. A separate such folder is created for each game, and inside each such folder is another folder “screenshots“, which contains the screenshots themselves. For example, on my computer, the full path to the folder with SpaceBourne 2 screenshots looks like this: D:GamesSteamuserdata1012560821760remote1646850screenshots.

SpaceBourne 2 screenshot folder

A little life hack for you: sort the folders by the modification date to quickly find the folder with the screenshot you took last.

How to Take a Screenshot Using the Built-in Photo Mode

Photo mode in SpaceBourne 2 is still buggy, so be prepared for its odd behavior. To launch photo mode, press the “9” key on the keyboard (or assign your own in the settings).

SpaceBourne 2

The photo mode interface has several tabs with various options, and not all of them work. You can set up the camera position, depth of field, color parameters of the image, post-processing effects. Press “Capture screenshot” to save the screenshot.

Where Are Photo Mode Screenshots Stored

SpaceBourne 2 stores screenshots from photo mode in a folder located at C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalSB2SavedScreenshotsWindowsNoEditor. The AppData folder is hidden in the Windows explorer by default. To quickly get to it, press “Win + R” and type “%AppData%” (without quotes, but with percent signs) in the window that appears.

How to Take Beautiful Screenshots

  • Use the rule of thirds. Mentally divide the screen into 3 parts vertically and horizontally. Adjust the camera so that the main character of the screenshot is right where the seam passes. The principle of the golden ratio will make the screenshot more cinematic and appealing.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Tilt the camera using the “View Roll” option. This will give the image a little bit of dynamism.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Enable Depth of Field. This will blur the background and create focus on the main character. It will also help hide imperfections in the rendering of distant objects, which may, for example, lack shadows.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Increase contrast, brightness, and saturation. Making colors brighter and more contrasting will make the image more colorful and attractive.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Add Post-Process Effects. Vignette will make the image more cinematic, and if you add a photo filter with a slight intensity to the screenshot, you can get an unexpectedly beautiful result.
    SpaceBourne 2
  • Try different angles. Don’t look for the “perfect angle” right away. Just spin the camera around the character and keep taking new and new screenshots. After that, you will have a large selection of images.
    SpaceBourne 2

If you have any more questions about how to take a screenshot in SpaceBourne 2, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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