12 Unique Terraria Fan Arts: Bosses and Characters from the Game

Terraria Fan Art, Mourning Wood

From time to time, we all love to immerse ourselves in the world of games. Today, I want to share with you a selection of Terraria fan arts, of which I am the author. I’m not an artist, as it may seem, and these arts were not hand-drawn. Using the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence, I created these fan arts through prompt engineering. But don’t be deceived, thinking that this is such an easy task. Some of the arts required quite a bit of time.

Most often, my work went through 4 stages: first, I generated a creature similar to a creature from the game, then I separately generated the environment, created a composition using Adobe Photoshop, and finally, I merged everything with the help of AI. Some images turned out to be quite controversial, but some, like this wonderful tree from the picture above, turned out to be pretty good. So, I present to you a selection of Terraria fantasy fan art.

Eye of Cthulhu

Eye of Cthulhu, Terraria fan art

The art depicts the boss Eye of Cthulhu from the game Terraria. Honestly, I never liked it, so I didn’t bother too much.

Moon Lord

Moon Lord, Terraria fan art

You’ll recognize this guy right away – it’s Moon Lord from Terraria, only much more detailed and slightly transformed.

Just a Terraria Character…

Terraria Character, Terraria fan art

Oh, this little fantasy simply depicts a Terraria character in a somewhat surrealistic style. It was based on a screenshot from the game, so it accurately conveys the atmosphere.

Brain of Cthulhu

Brain of Cthulhu, Terraria fan art

When the Brains of Cthulhu attack the elven forests, it looks something like the picture above. Out of all the Terraria fan arts I’ve made, this one somehow amuses me the most… There’s something odd about this quirky combination of colors and shapes.


Deerclops, Terraria fan art

This is my attempt to depict Deerclops from Terraria. The creature in the picture only remotely resembles the amusing boss from the game.

Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh, Terraria fan art

In my opinion, the Wall of Flesh boss turned out to be the worst. To be honest, I was inspired by the concept of another artist who drew their art by hand. But no matter how I tried to make the neural network generate a Wall of Flesh for me, it couldn’t create anything similar. It probably just doesn’t understand the concept of a wall of flesh with teeth and eyes…

King Slime

King Slime, Terraria fan art

And this is a somewhat strangely looking King Slime in a dreamy-fantasy style. I created it by feeding a screenshot from the game into the neural network. It turned out a little strange, but some resemblances to the original are still there.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee, Terraria fan art

Every player is probably familiar with the Queen Bee boss. I had to generate this Terraria fan art in an “oil painting” artistic style, as the neural network outright refused to understand why a bee would have a 20-barreled machine gun in its rear…

Ice Queen

Ice Queen, Terraria fan art

Making Ice Queen look like the boss from the game while giving her feminine features also proved to be difficult. After about 15 minutes, I ended up with what you see above. I don’t particularly like cool colors, so I’m not too happy with the result…


Ogre, Terraria fan art

The Ogre from Terraria turned out to be quite beautiful, but also not without flaws. Cold colors personally depress me.


Skeletron, Terraria fan art

The portrait of Skeletron was created based on a screenshot from Terraria, so there’s absolutely no “cinematic” effect. But here he is depicted in a more detailed form, and we kind of dream: “What if the graphics in Terraria were not pixelated?..”

Mourning Wood

Mourning Wood, Terraria fan art

This Terraria fan art depicts the boss Mourning Wood, and it is my pride within this selection. Out of all the images I’ve generated, Mourning Wood turned out to be the most beautiful and colorful to my taste. Perhaps this is related to the fact that purple hues are associated with magic and look “expensive”, while the absence of the need for “precise” shapes gives the neural network room for creativity, allowing it to create such beautiful arts.


Friends! Despite the fact that I created these arts using artificial intelligence, it’s still quite challenging and time-consuming. For instance, I tried hard to depict Duke Fishron, but instead of a menacing shark, I ended up with very funny mutants, and the neural network just couldn’t understand why a fish would have the fangs of a saber-toothed tiger sticking out of its mouth?

Duke Fishron, funny attempt))

Therefore, I would like to know your opinion about these Terraria fan arts in the comments to this post. Terraria is a pixel game, and making a beautiful detailed fan art from it using AI is not easy. But there are many other games that I wouldn’t mind tackling as well. So I want to ask you just one thing: did you find it at least a bit interesting? 🤨

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