What’s next in Undawn: Future Updates Preview


Every Undawn player is curious about what updates await the game in the future. The official release of the game for Western countries took place on June 14, 2023. However, few people know that there is an earlier edition of Undawn for Eastern countries, particularly for China. Thanks to some YouTubers, we, residents of the West, have the opportunity to “peek into the future” of Undawn and find out what innovations await us. For example, I am subscribed to the Indonesian blogger Qorra, who regularly reviews high-level content from the Eastern edition of the game.

In this post, I will be sharing spoilers about upcoming Undawn updates. I emphasize that we cannot be certain that everything we see in the Eastern edition will be introduced to the Steam edition of the game in exactly the same way. We can only speculate and hope for the best. So, what does the future hold for Undawn?

Updated Expertise skills (LVL 90 or LVL 100)

Expertise perks are getting a revamp. Heavy weaponry will be strengthened and will gain new unique features and abilities that will significantly diversify the gameplay. I apologize for the quality of the screenshots (taken from video footage).

New perks

The unique ability of the M32 Grenade Launcher will allow you to launch a salvo of rockets from behind, dealing devastating area damage (video review).

M32 perk

The new unique ability, SH95 Gun Shield, will enable you to deploy a fairly large metal shield behind which you and your allies can take cover from enemy fire (video review).

SH95 perk

With the updated B39 Biotic Rifle, you’ll be able to remotely and instantly revive incapacitated allies (video review).

B39 perk

Fans of the M82 Sniper Rifle will appreciate its new feature, which will double its damage! When aiming through the optical scope, the weapon will accumulate a bonus (as far as I understand, the maximum bonus is 100%) over several seconds. The damage of the next shot will be increased by the accumulated percentage. In practice, this means that we will finally be able to eliminate enemies with a single shot (video review).

M82 perk

The M134 Heavy Machine Gun will receive a special skill, which, as I understand it, temporarily boosts the damage, rate of fire of this machine gun, and the character’s movement speed while holding this machine gun. In the video, you can see that after using this skill, a new yellow bar appears above the character’s health bar (what it signifies, I have yet to determine). The skill will have a cooldown of approximately 100 seconds (video review).

M134 Perk

The Auto Turret will receive a new appearance (possibly it will be tied to the Expertise skill of the M134 Heavy Machine Gun).

New Auto Turret

Snowy Region, Glider Flights, Class Update (LVL 100)

The region will be added to the game after players reach Level 100 (around mid-to-late autumn 2023). According to the preview from my Indonesian colleague, this will be a mountainous region with a cold climate.


Along with the introduction of this region, a new type of transport, gliders, will be added to the game. When used, players will first take off vertically using some kind of jet engines, and then they can activate the glider itself and cover quite large distances with it.


The game will introduce a new daily special operation called “Oil Rig Winter Bay,” where we will fight new bosses in the form of futuristic flying robot planes.


At Level 100, the main game classes (dependent on equipped heavy weapons) will also receive updates. Classes will get new talents and new active abilities. For example, players with grenade launchers will be able to launch a full artillery barrage over an area, and players with SH95 will gain the ability to deploy a ground shield. Below, I’ve included a video preview of these abilities.

YouTube video cover
Skill barunya keren banget sih - Undawn CN

From the update trailer, we also know that snowboards and ATVs will be added to the game, along with corresponding race tracks.


The game will also introduce an active skill that allows players to summon a wheeled drone.


The drone will approach enemies, hit them with electricity, and slow down their movement speed, which will be very useful in PVP modes.


There will also be 2 new ways to improve the character: something called “Tactical Training” and “Concentration.” Currently, nothing is known about “Tactical Training,” and only that “Concentration” will be somehow connected to class skills (Expertise).


Another new addition will be a large and fearsome new boss, briefly shown in the trailer.


I currently don’t have any specific information about it.


I will update the post as I discover new information about upcoming updates. You can help me with this by sharing sources (such as a link to a channel of some Chinese Undawn blogger). Also, feel free to share useful information on the topic in the comments.

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