You can send an email to the administrator’s address: admin@kianl.com.


When sending me an email, please consider the following:

  1. I may not respond for several days as I often forget to check my email. Additionally, I receive a lot of spam, so I might accidentally miss something.
  2. I DO NOT post reviews / articles on a paid basis.
  3. I DO NOT write reviews / articles on request.
  4. I DO NOT publish reviews / articles with links to other websites.
  5. I can publish a review of your game or guide if it meets the following criteria: it is substantial enough (at least 4000 characters without spaces), HELPFUL TO THE READERS, unique, well-structured, honest, up-to-date, includes an adequate number of relevant screenshots, and, of course, does not violate anyone’s rights and freedoms. You can use any of my guides on this website as a template for formatting your post. If you are interested in publication, simply send the formatted text with screenshots and formatting in a Word file to my email.
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