Revival: Recolonization
8 Tips for Beginners in Revival: Recolonization

If you've never played games like Civilization, Revival: Recolonization might seem complex at first, but only in the beginning. After playing for several dozen hours, I've explored most of the game ...

Revival: Recolonization
Energy in Revival: Recolonization: How to Obtain and What to Spend On

Novices often overlook the importance of generating and accumulating Energy, but in practice, it's the most crucial resource. Energy exponentially expands your strategic possibilities in Revival: ...

Revival: Recolonization
How To Assimilate Clans in Revival: Recolonization

In the game map of Revival: Recolonization, there are numerous clans that can be assimilated by any faction. After assimilation by any faction, including the player's faction, the clan's territory, ...

Blood Strike profile
How to Set a Title for Your Character in Blood Strike

While participating in matches in Blood Strike, you may notice that many players have ranking titles above their heads, such as "5 Glock Germany." How to Obtain a Title Such titles are awarded for ...

Best Strikers in Blood Strike
Best Strikers in Blood Strike (Fair Tier List)

At the time of compiling this tier list, there are 13 strikers in the game, each with 1 active and 1 passive skill. These skills are most significant towards the end of Battle Royal matches when ...

Blood Strike weapon upgrading
How to Unlock / Level Up Weapon Quickly in Blood Strike

Initially, much of the weaponry in Blood Strike is locked. Additionally, all weapons in the game can be upgraded up to level 60 (pistols / RPG-7) or 70 (everything else). New levels unlock new ...

Blood Strike AK-47
Blood Strike Best Weapons (Tier List)

Despite starting to play Blood Strike relatively recently, I quickly reached the Legend rank in Battle Royale mode. Let me share with you my personal tier list of weapons, which I compiled based on ...

Blood Strike Desert Eagle
Blood Strike Weapon Modification Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Weapons in Blood Strike can be modified using various components that gradually unlock as you level up the gun. However, if you've never played battle royal shooters like COD: Warzone, understanding ...

Blood Strike
Blood Strike Guide and Tips for Beginners

Blood Strike is a battle royal in the style of COD: Warzone and Apex Legends. If you've already played mobile Warzone or Warzone on PC, then you won't see anything new here. In this short guide I ...

How to Complete Aurich Island Strongholds in Undawn

Strongholds on Aurich Island differ from those in other regions. There are a total of 2 strongholds on the island: Sunken Dolan Town and Infested Sewage Treatment Plant. The process of completing ...

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