Albion Online: Ultimate Beginners Guide from Noob to John Rambo

Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox game. Its main feature is the absence of any instructions for the players. The player has only a few quests at the beginning of his journey, and then complete freedom. Do what you like and how you like. This is the main advantage of this MMORPG compared to others, but at the same time, it’s also the main drawback, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.

When a new player comes into the world of Albion, he has no idea what to do next at all. It’s filled with questions: where to go, how to earn silver, how to make an effective build, what sort of PVP can this game offer me? In this guide, I tried to answer all these questions. It will guide you from the beginning to the experienced player stage.

Here, we will consider only activities for solo players. Group activities require joining a guild or finding a party. The former requires voice communication, while the latter takes time to create a group and is therefore rarely profitable. That’s why I leave this for your own study. Let’s get started.

What is this game about?

Albion Online is a game about PVP and lots of grinding. It differs from the other MMORPGs in that it has a full loot system. If you die in the red or black zones, you will lose all your inventory, including equipped gear. Only silver doesn’t drop out. Of course, you can stay in the blue and yellow zones where your character won’t drop anything on death, but then what’s the point of playing this game at all, right?

So you should understand right away that in Albion Online, you will die and lose inventory many times. But don’t worry about it now. For this game, this is a normal state of things. I warn you, just so you know, that this game is all about fair PVP. But not in the open world… Just forget it. There’s not an ounce of justice there.

The choice of a gathering profession

Resource gathering is the main source of silver income for most players. Besides, it is closely attached to the faction that you choose. Therefore, as a first step, you should choose your main gathering profession, and then all the others.

There are 6 gathering professions for you to choose from:

  • Fisherman – you’ll fish in the water;
  • Fiber Harvester – you’ll harvest fibers from bushes;
  • Ore Miner – you’ll mine ores from ore veins;
  • Animal Skinner – you’ll kill animals and skin them;
  • Lumberjack – you’ll cut down trees;
  • Quarrier – you’ll mine stones.

Albion Online

Fiber harvesting, logging, and ore mining are no different from each other. You just go out into the open world, find an ore vein, a tree, or a bush, and get to work. As a result, you’ll receive about the same profit.

Albion Online

Quarrier is the worst profession, in my opinion, because if you check prices in the market in any city, you’ll see that stone is the cheapest resource. As for skinning, the only difference is that you must first kill an animal, and then skin it. It takes more time, which is why almost all sorts of raw hides and leather are significantly more expensive than other resources. And the fishing, as you understand, requires a presence of lots of water in locations near the capital of your faction. Therefore, you should choose your main gathering profession with this in mind.

I recommend you choose between fiber harvesting, ore mining, logging, and animal skinning.

Choosing a faction and teleporting to your new capital

When you have decided on the choice of the gathering profession, it’s time to join a suitable faction. The thing is, in one location you can find only 3 resource types (except for fish). One of these resources is the main one. The second is less common. And the third is the rarest in this location.

Albion Online

Therefore, if you have chosen ore mining as your profession, you should teleport to Fort Sterling because ore is the main resource in nearby locations. Lumberjacks should go to Lymhurst, fiber harvesters to Thetford, and animal skinners to Bridgewatch.

Albion Online

A Travel Planer NPC is present in any city. You can see how it looks in the picture above.

When you arrive in the city of the faction you have chosen, visit the Faction Enlistment NPC. It looks like a local faction banner on the map. With his help, you’ll be able to join the faction.

Albion Online

Faction membership provides many advantages. Now, when you enable a Faction Flag (use the NPC to do this), you’ll now get both Faction Standing and Faction Points as additional rewards for almost any activity in the open world.

Albion Online

While you are flagged, hostile players and players from other factions will be able to attack you. But don’t worry about it: as long as you stay in the blue / yellow zone, you won’t lose your inventory when you die. Your equipment will just lose some of its durability. You’ll be able to repair it in the city. I think you’ll manage to find a Repair Station on your own.

Albion Online

If you press SHIFT + F, you’ll see the faction warfare board. Here you can see how many faction points you have. You can buy different items from the faction NPC with your points, and then you can sell those items on the market for good money.

Albion Online

If you open the bottom tab, you’ll see your faction standing, stats, rank, and rank bonus. Don’t worry too much about your rank. Over time, it will gradually rise. But when you go out into the open world on the Royal Continent, make sure you’re flagged to earn points.

Buying equipment and a mount for riding: which build to choose?

Now, it’s time to buy equipment, a mount, and tools for gathering. Let’s begin with a mount. There are a few things you should know about the mounts in this game.

  • Carrying capacity. Not every mount increases it. If it does, the load capacity can be of two types. The first type is the “Courier” buff, and the second is the “Max Load” parameter among the mount’s stats. The difference between them is that the “Courier” buff increases your character’s load capacity even if he is outside of the mount’s range, while the “Max Load” parameter works only near the mount.
    Albion Online
  • Mount types. There are three main mount types in the game: common, armored, and battle. You should know that the summoning and saddling of battle mounts takes much longer than common and armored ones. Besides, you cannot use them while you’re flagged.
    Albion Online
  • The mount won’t save you from gankers. It often seems to novices that while they are on horseback, gankers will not catch up with them. You are greatly mistaken, my friends, if you think so. Gankers work in groups like real organized crime. They will easily dismount and kill you, rest assured. Just take my word for it and don’t go into the black or red zones while wearing your primary gear.
    Albion Online
  • Each mount has a “Journey Back” skill. This allows you to fast travel to the city once every 1 minute. It costs some silver but saves lots of time.
    Albion Online

As for the build, it doesn’t matter in the beginning. You can use any weapon and armor you want. Try as many types as you can to choose your personal combat style. I can’t write here a complete build-making guide, you know, so I’ll only give you a few tips from my experience.

  • Be as mobile as possible. Most fights in this game are won through mobility. High mobility allows you to make rapid attacks on other players and, more importantly, easily avoid almost any fight when necessary. “Mobility” means armor and weapon skills that allow you to make instant leaps, increase your running speed, or make you faster in any other way.
    Albion Online
  • Wear cloth armor to deal more damage in PVE. Robes in Albion Online provide the highest boost in attack power. For example, a Mage Robe will increase your attack by 50%.
    Albion Online
  • Test first, then use. If you came up with some kind of build, don’t hurry to buy expensive parts for it. First, test your T5-T6 weapons and armor in the Arena. There, the Item Power (IP) of each player is reduced by 95%, which provides you an opportunity for an objective test. If your build won’t start playing there, it won’t play anywhere.
    Albion Online
  • Use Cabbage Soup in PVE. Most players use food to increase DPS, and this is a really good boost in PVP. But in PVE, it is more beneficial to use food for Health Regeneration. With such food, your health will recover almost instantly after your character exits combat mode.
    Albion Online
  • Use Thetford Cape to increase DPS. In my opinion, this is the best cape for most builds because the “Chain Lightning” skill triggers every 15 seconds. Your DPS will have increased considerably in both PVP and PVE.
    Albion Online

You also need to buy tools to gather resources. I think, you will figure out how to do it without my instructions 😀. So let’s skip this boring stage and move on to the next one.

How to make money for beginners

You won’t be able to earn lots of silver in the beginning. That’s a fact. I’ll save your time if I tell you that all the “secret” ways to earn a lot of silver for novices will ultimately lead to a waste of time. You can try, of course, but I recommend you concentrate your attention on the right things.

The best way to make money for solo players is to gather resources. Later, I’ll teach you how to easily earn 1-2 million silver an hour. But first you’ll have to work a little. So, your first goal in Albion Online is to upgrade your gathering skills, and this will take some time. Therefore, you just go out to a location suitable for your gathering level and get to work.

Albion Online

During the gathering, you can do whatever you want: kill mobs, complete dungeons, fish, fight enemy players. This will bring you your first small income. Since the game is a sandbox, you can always focus on dungeons, for example, forgetting about everything else. But very soon you’ll see that it is disadvantageous because the loot in the chests is so random that sometimes you spend about 10-15 minutes to get 20-30k silver. However, from time to time, there is also a rich catch.

Albion Online

You should understand that your silver income is the level of your skills, and this applies to almost everything in this game, including crafting and even ganking. And since, in my experience, gathering is the easiest way to get rich , I recommend that you focus exactly on it.

Each new player in Albion Online gets 3 days of Premium Status for free. Premium Status increase your fame and resources income for 50%, which makes it an essential thing for normal gameplay. If you don’t plan to buy Premium with real money in the future, you should hurry up with earning. But it is unlikely that you will earn enough silver in 3 days. I recommend you improve your main gathering skill to Tier 5 during this time and go to the black zone. We’ll be back to it soon.

DO NOT enter Avalon Portals! If you do this, you will find yourself on the Road of Avalon, in the black zone. Other players will kill you at the earliest opportunity, and you will lose everything in your inventory. Such portals appear across the whole of Albion’s world. We will explore them later, but for now, it’s best to stay away.

How to quickly improve your gathering skills

The obvious way to make fast progress in gathering is to go out into the open world and gather, gather, gather everything you see. But there are also some “hotspots” on the map where the concentration of one particular resource is significantly higher. Some of them are located in the dangerous red and black zones, but some are available for beginners in the blue and yellow zones.

Albion Online

This is the best opportunity to improve your gathering skills as fast as possible. For instance, if you have chosen fiber harvesting as your main profession, you should visit the Dewleaf Fen location, where there is a Fiber Meadow with lots of hemp plants. As you can see in the picture, some guys work here day and night.

Albion Online

So join them and gather, gather, gather… You would be completely right in saying it’s boring. But there’s no way to improve gathering faster except by using learning points. Therefore, if you want to collect enough silver to buy Premium Status on time, get to work and don’t waste time.

As you may notice, there are a few rarity levels for each resource type: common (no backlight), uncommon (green backlight), rare (blue), and exceptional (violet). The spawning chance of a resource of each rarity can be found by opening the location map (hotkey “N“).

Albion Online

The higher the rarity of resources you gather, the more fame you will gain and the higher their price in the auction. Remember this, because very soon we will head to the black zone to hunt only high-rarity resources.

Spend your learning points only on learning gathering skills. This is the most efficient LP-investment for newbies. Never use your LPs to increase combat skills.

An important rule when gathering is that you should always gather resources of the same tier as your tool. If you try to gather T5 resources, for instance, using a T4 tool, the gathering speed in this case will be much slower, meaning you will spend significantly more time to get about an equivalent amount of fame and silver.

Your goal should be to complete the Tier 5 nod of a gathering skill you have chosen as primary. After that, you will be able to earn considerably more silver in the black zones.

Joining Faction Warfare

PVE is good, but the game is not about that. It’s important to learn to fight other players from the early stages of the game. You can engage in PVP on the Arenas, but you can also participate in Faction Warfare.

There are several outposts in each zone around your faction’s capital. Faction Warfare lies in capturing and defending these outposts. When an outpost is under attack, a special icon is displayed on the map. Thus, you always know where mass PVP is happening at the moment, so you can join at any time. The participation doesn’t require any registration except that the faction flagging must be activated.

Albion Online

During participation in faction PVP (including any mass PVP), each player periodically earns faction points and standing. As stated above, you can exchange faction points for expensive items and sell them on the market.

Albion Online

But you should know that if you die, your equipment will lose 10% of its durability. This means that you’ll have to spend some money to repair it. The higher the quality of your gear, the more expensive the repairs will be. So keep that in mind and try not to die often.

If you’re active enough, you’ll be able to earn several hundred thousand silver an hour. Besides, it’s quite interesting.

Introducing the Black Zones: the best ways to earn silver and survival tips

Before starting, you must complete a T5 node of your primary gathering skill. It allows you to use the T5 tool, which, in turn, enables you to gather T5 resources of any rarity. This is what we are going there for. Without the T5 tool, this makes no sense.

Ideally, you should complete the T5 nodes of all three professions to maximize your profit. This is what you should strive for. For instance, for Thetford, which I have chosen as my faction, these would be fiber harvesting, logging, and animal skinning. But for starting, only the primary tool will be enough.

So, what are the black zones? The black zones are on a separate continent. This is concentrated death, purgatory, and the shores of no hope at the same time. It’s called Outlands.

Here, PVP is always enabled for all players. Everyone can kill each other without any consequences. Dead players drop everything they have from their inventory, including equipped things, but excluding gold and silver. And you must be ready to die at any time, because organized gangs of gankers operate everywhere. And they will find you sooner or later.

Albion Online

Do you see the screenshot above? This is your future, and you can be completely sure that it will happen to you many times over.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to earn lots of silver there. Consider it like forex trading. Every trader loses his bets many times. But in total, a successful trader is always in positive territory. A similar principle applies to Albion Online: if you bring more into the city in total than you lose outside, then you are doing well.

The secret of making more than 1 million silver an hour is to gather resources in nearby T5 zones. Yes, that’s really so simple. The fact is that in the locations closest to the city, serious gangs of gankers appear the least often. Even while there, they almost always fight someone at the city gates. So you have enough time to make a short raid.

Since most players are afraid to gather there, you won’t face such fierce competition as in the yellow zones. But that doesn’t mean you’re safe. So let’s do everything right, step by step.

Buying equipment

First of all, you need to find the Realmgate to your faction’s portal in the Outlands. Realmage can be found in the Conqueror’s Hall in any major city on the Royal Continent. It looks like a big violet door on the map, so you’ll easily find it.

Albion Online

Via Realmgate, you’ll be able to teleport to the Outlands. And after that, it’ll be possible to teleport there using the NPC Travel Planner.

The faction’s portal in the Outlands is something like a small town. Here can be found the bank, the marketplace, the repair station, and other useful services. The town is round and is surrounded on all sides by roads leading to the black zones.

The first thing you need to do is put all the things from your inventory, except the gathering tools, into the bank. There, they will be safe. Then you need to visit the marketplace to buy cheap equipment for your first raid.

Albion Online

I recommend using the T4 Elder’s Crossbow and T4 magic armor as PVE equipment for the black zones. Don’t forget that magic armor significantly increases your DPS. T7 Pork Pie will increase your gathering yield by 15% for 30 minutes, but can be replaced by T8 Beef Stew if you need more damage. The total cost of such gear is about 30k.

Choosing zone

Everything is ready. But where to go?

The zone for profitable gathering resources must meet several requirements.

  1. The zone must have a high spawn rate of enchanted resources. Ideally, above 15%.
  2. At least one geometric half of the zone must be free of roads. Roads are the most dangerous for solo players as they are often controlled by gankers.
  3. The zone must be close to the portal-town or up to 2-3 zone further away.

Let’s consider the options together.

Since my faction is Thetford, my best option is Widemoor Shore. This location has a very high rate of enchanted resources and a large territory with no roads. This is my primary farming spot.

Albion Online

There is always a similar zone called Widemoor Delta on the other side of the portal-town. It is worse, but sometimes when gankers prevent me from gathering resources at the primary spot, I have another alternative.

Albion Online

I won’t enumerate all the zones where it is possible to do this silver farming. I’ll only say that if I was from Lymhurst, I would pay attention to the Hightree Glade zone, and if from Bridgewatch, to the Sandrift Shore. I hope you understand my logic, so let’s move on.

Safely leaving the city and an example of income

When you leave the city, you become protected for a little while from other players’ attacks by some shield-baff. But they still see you and can chase you. To avoid it, there is something like fountains near the gates. When you drink from any of them, you’ll gain a special buff that completely hides you from other players for 2 minutes. This short time will allow you to safely reach your destination.

Albion Online

So before setting out, drink from the fountain and then go fast to your target zone inland, away from the roads. Your goal here is to gather enchanted resources, beginning with blue (rare) quality. If you encounter competition, you can also start gathering uncommon (green) ones. Let’s try to do it and then see how many silver you will have earned.

Albion Online

It’s very simple: you just wander around the zone looking for resources to gather. If you find a resource of exceptional quality, it’s a jackpot. But don’t leave your horse and don’t let anyone near you. You can even fish somewhere on the hotspot, you know. It isn’t very profitable, but why not if you want?

Albion Online

As you see, I have the T6 tools, so I gather a little faster and a little more. If you have only one T5 tool, your result, of course, will be worse… In any case, here is mine. I had earned about 230k for about 15 minutes. Not bad, right?

This is the reason why I recommend you concentrate your efforts on mastering nearby T5 zones, forgetting about high-level spots for a while. Here, you’ll be able to earn up to 2 million (!) per hour by doing short raids. It’s a lot, believe me. Most players don’t even suspect that wealth is right under their nose.

Albion Online

A few times an hour, a large deposit of rare or exceptional resources spawns in the black zones. If you manage to gather it, you’ll earn lots of silver easily. It is marked on the map by a special icon. But be careful, because there will be others, and they can kill you.

Albion Online

I hope you’ll enjoy my way of earning silver because, in contrast to high-tier ones, it is significantly easier, faster, and sometimes even more profitable.

Buying and developing your own island

Now that you have a stable income source, it’s time to buy your own island. To do this requires a premium status for more than 7 days. Every major city has an Island Merchant NPC who can sell you an island and then help you to upgrade it for silver. You’ll recognize it by a specific icon with a palm tree on the map.

Albion Online

Many players are wondering if it makes sense to buy an island and what it will give them. Yes, it makes sense. The island in Albion Online is a passive source of silver income. On your own island, you can grow crops, hire laborers, and breed animals.

Albion Online

The most profitable and simplest occupation is farming. You just build a few farms on available plots of land by pressing the “H” key, and then you sow and harvest once a day. To buy seeds, visit the NPC on your island, but it will be more profitable to buy them on the market.

Albion Online

But there is one important thing you should know. To be profitable, farming requires spending focus points. Otherwise, you’ll have a low seed yield that significantly reduces your income, since seeds cost much more than crops themselves.

Albion Online

As long as you have Premium Status, you will receive these points passively in the amount of 10k daily. In the beginning, each seed will require as much as 1000 points to be watered. But don’t worry about it. The longer you farm, the higher the level of your farming skills and the fewer focus points will be required for watering.

Albion Online

Watering will allow you to get additional seeds that will increase your profit. For instance, currently on the market, one sack of corn seeds costs about 14k. That’s why both the gain and loss of seeds are essential.

Albion Online

Anyway, here is my passive daily income from 4 plots of land on my island, where I grow corn and potatoes. As you can see, a fully upgraded island will allow you to earn about 7-8 million a month, which is almost equal to a monthly premium status, in fact. I think it’s nice to have 7 million a month doing nothing. Isn’t it?

As for laborers, I can’t recommend you hire them and invest your silver in them. I tested this type of passive income and came to the conclusion that it isn’t beneficial for novices at all. It is rare that the daily profit significantly exceeds the daily costs. As experienced players say, the payback period of investment in laborers equals about 100 days. At the same time, you’ll have to spend millions of silver on building houses if you dare to try.

Albion OnlineRoads of Avalon

Roads of Avalon are black zones accessed through portals. The portals spawn at random throughout Albion’s world. Each portal has a capacity. When a player enters it, the capacity reduces for a while and then restores itself. If the capacity ends, the portal stops letting players in.

There are 3 types of portals by capacity:

  • Green – 2 players
  • Blue – 7 players
  • Yellow – 20 players.

As you may have guessed, the lower the portal’s capacity, the fewer players are inside, and the less your chances are to meet a group of gankers and be killed.

But the main question is, does it even make sense to wander there? If your goal is to farm silver, I think no. The way that I have shown you above will allow you to earn millions easily. So when you try to compare it with Roads of Avalon, you’ll feel an essential difference.

Albion Online

On the Roads of Avalon, there are various resources and foes. The tier the of location inherits the tier of the portal’s parent zone, but inside can be found mobs and nodes of any tier. Thus, in theory, you can meet the T7 mob in the T5 location, but very rarely. And of course, chances to meet mobs and resources of high-tier rise with the tier of the zone.

Albion Online

On the Avalon’s Roads you can find treasure chests. The only little problem is that they are protected by quite stronger mobs and bosses. It will be hard to defeat them using T4 equipment, especially if your build is ingenious as it often happens to beginners. To open the chest, you must kill all the mobs defending it, and there are no ways to skip this stage.

Albion Online

The chests can be of different quality, but you’ll never guess beforehand which quality is yours until you clear an area. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes. In rare cases, you can find an exceptional chest that contains expensive rewards. But mainly, you’ll find green or blue ones with very doubtful content.

Albion Online

Besides, you should not forget that other players also seek these chests. It will be easy for a solo ganker to kill you while you’re trying to kill some strong mob, losing lots of HP. You can find empty chests or be killed by someone after quite a long and boring battle. Just like me in the screenshot above (after 5 seconds I had to run away and after the next 10-15 I was killed by gankers and fully robbed). That’s what you’ll encounter there.

Albion Online

There, you can also find stronger resource mobs. Its location is marked by the icon of the corresponding resource on the map. If you kill such a mob, you’ll be able to gather its resources 100 times. But to do this, you’ll need a specific build with healing abilities, which makes it much harder for beginners. Besides, these mobs are almost always dead since a lot of experienced players hunt them with enviable persistence.

Yellow Zone ganking (+3 of my builds for you)

Now, you know how to level up your gathering skills, how to earn silver fast, how to join the Faction Warfare and how to develop your own island. But what about PVP? It’s time to step out from the shadows and declare himself.

The best places to declare yourself are the yellow zones. There, you won’t lose your equipment when you die. It’s the perfect opportunity to train your own combat skills and check the build in fierce open-world conditions.

How to make a build for open-world ganking

There are a few simple rules to remember if you want to make an effective gank-build.

  1. Mobility. That’s the most important parameter. Mobility determines how fast you can get closer to an enemy, how long and effectively you can chase it, and whether you will be able to escape if something goes wrong.
  2. Skills of avoidance attacks. These imply any skills that allow a player to evade an enemy’s focus and damage. For example, invisibility, shields, or jumps. Such abilities give you more control over the situation.
  3. Damage. Without damage, any of your builds won’t make sense. Your DPS (damage per second) must be high to kill an enemy player. But at the same time, you must be able to take a punch.

That’s all. Using these simple rules, you’ll easily make an effective build for ganking. But don’t forget to test low-tier cheap weapons in the Arena before buying a high-tier quality one. Not every equipment part is suitable for PVP. And not every weapon has enough damage for ganking.

Examples of my builds

Albion Online

To give you confidence that it really works, I’ll show you one of my builds that is available in three versions. In general, these are the same build but with different weapons. And it should be stressed at once that this build and the rules above are considered here only for open-world and corrupted dungeon (we’ll get back to it soon) fights.

So, here is the equipment that I use.

Armor and accessories

Assassin Shoes

Assassin Shoes

I have chosen these shoes because of the skill that increases movement speed by 80% for 5 seconds and cooldown rate by 33.33% during that time. Thus, you can not only run faster but also recover your skills faster at the same time, which is very useful in PVP.

Assassin Jacket

Assassin Jacket

An “Ambush” skill turns the player invisible for 8 seconds and increases the damage dealt for 4s after being revealed. It makes ganking easier and gives you a chance to escape when it’s necessary.

Hellion Hood

Hellion Hood

An amazing helmet that allows you to deal damage from auto attacks as much as 5s (!) while being hidden by a “cloud of silence”. Like the jacket, it’ll help you avoid enemy focus during a fight or escape from a chase.

Thetford Cape

Thetford Cape

The best cape for most builds, in my opinion. Every 15 seconds, your normal attack releases chain lightning, dealing good damage.


Kingmaker Sword

Kingmaker Sword

This sword fully lives up to its name. Its damage is so high that it’ll really make you a king in a battle. This sword is quite good for open-world ganking because it gives you very high movement speed thanks to buffs like “Iron Will” and “Heroic Charge”. With this sword, you’ll easily catch up with anyone and easily escape from almost any fight. The only problem is that the Kingmaker sword doesn’t provide skills to instantly reduce the distance to the target. It makes the attack phase a bit harder.

Whispering Bow

Whispering Bow

The best weapon for such a build. This bow is perfectly combined with the Assassin Jacket and Hellion Hood. It allows you to emerge from invisibility with increased damage, enable an “Undead Arrows” skill that improves your normal attacks, and then hide yourself in the cloud of silence provided by the helmet, which enables you to shoot the foe with impunity for as much as 5 seconds. It means death to 99% of your potential enemies. So if you have ever wanted to become a “shadow-archer-assassin”, that’s your chance!

Dual Swords

Dual Swords

This weapon is not the best, but quite good for this build. Dual swords give you very high mobility thanks to the same “Iron Will” buff, heroic charges, and a long enough leap with a low cooldown rate. You’ll be able to easily enter the battle and easily escape. But damage will be a little low, so you won’t manage to kill many experienced players. This weapon is more for fun than for efficiency.

I also use T8 Beef Stew to increase my damage and healing potions.

How does it work?

So how to gank someone? Since all the players use mounts, there are two main ways to catch them: to close distance to an enemy rapidly on foot or to expel a target outside the mount’s influence area using the “Scream” skill of Morgana Raven. Personally, I prefer to attack foes on foot.

Albion Online

First of all, you need to enable the faction flag. Then you just go to any yellow zone near the enemy faction city and begin to hunt. When you notice a flagged player, you should enable invisibility and hit him as soon as possible. After taking damage, the player won’t be able to use his mount to escape because the mount will disappear instantly.

The main thing to remember: do NOT use the skill from your shoes for increasing movement speed before your prey does it. Otherwise, it may escape from you when you attack. It’s really harder to catch an enemy without using shoes, but that’s your guarantee that it will be yours completely.

Albion Online

That’s all! Enjoy easy ganking. But don’t forget that repair of equipment costs money. Therefore, try not to die often. When you learn to easily kill enemies with this build in yellow zones, try it in black ones using T5-T6 gear. It seems to me that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Other PVP activities for solo players

In general, there are two other PVP activities for single players.

Corrupted Dungeons

These are solo dungeons where you can fight with other players one-by-one. To enter a corrupted dungeon, it’s necessary to find an orange dungeon gate on the map in T5-T8 yellow, red, or black zones. Once inside, you should kill mobs and then the boss. But during the fight, another player can randomly connect to your dungeon or you might be teleported to him. Then you’ll have to fight with him or try to drive him out by destroying special crystals that will appear in the area.

Albion Online

If you enter the dungeon in a yellow zone, the result of an encounter with an enemy will be the knockdown of one of you. If you die in a corrupted dungeon in a red or black zone, you will die and lose your inventory. But, in turn, if you manage to kill your enemy, then you will receive everything he had with him. Thus, you’ll be able to earn silver by fighting.

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Besides, you’ll gain infamy points by killing mobs and players in corrupted dungeons. You can check your infamy counter in your stats window. The more infamy points you collect, the better rewards you will find in corrupted chests after killing the boss. Also, the difficulty of the dungeon you entered influences the rewards you will get from chests. As experienced players say, to get the best rewards, you need to play on the “Slayer” difficulty with a high number of infamy points. But I personally haven’t checked it yet.

Ganking in the black zones

And, certainly, the second PVP activity for the late-game is ganking in the red and black zones. This is what you will come to sooner or later in Albion Online. If you have read my guide attentively, you already know how to catch your prey and what the consequences of losing are. So there, I will just repeat the main algorithm (in my opinion).

  1. Wander on foot. After dismounting, combat skills get a cooldown of 5 seconds. Therefore, if you want to gank someone, you have to hunt on foot.
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  2. Use invisibility for sneaking up. When you see an enemy HP bar at the border of the screen, enable your invisibility skill or drink the corresponding potion. Do NOT spend the acceleration skill from boots! If you do this, you won’t be able to chase your prey or escape from a losing fight.
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  3. Catch and kill your prey. As soon as the enemy appears in your range, attack it to cut off the opportunity of mounting a horse and escaping. That’s all. The rest depends on your build and personal combat mastery.
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But don’t forget that sometimes even the best hunter becomes prey. Think of losing calmly. For legends never die, right? 😉

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What’s next?

Whatever you want! Explore dungeons by joining an expedition; participate in group fights of guilds; improve your Crystal Arena rating; trade, kill, die; enjoy this world.

Albion Online

I hope my little guide will help you at least a bit on your journey. It’s not enough to become a super-pro-mostrous-killer, but it’s quite enough to not be a newbie in the world of Albion. So, on that happy note, I wish you good luck! And thanks for reading 😉.

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