8 Tips for Beginners in Revival: Recolonization

Revival: Recolonization

If you’ve never played games like Civilization, Revival: Recolonization might seem complex at first, but only in the beginning. After playing for several dozen hours, I’ve explored most of the game mechanics and gathered the most useful tips in this post to help you progress faster.

Actively Explore the Map

Your Emissary has the ability to launch a drone, as shown in the screenshot. The drone will exist autonomously for several turns, after which it will disappear, and you can summon it again after recharging, which also takes a few turns.

Revival: Recolonization

The drone is great for reconnaissance because it has a unique “Auto Recon” feature. Once activated, the drone will autonomously scout areas of the map hidden by fog of war.

Revival: Recolonization

You can also create special Scout units to explore the terrain. This unit has 8 move points, so it can move relatively quickly across the game map.

Revival: Recolonization

Exploring new lands is important because you need to assimilate or vassalize as many neutral clans as possible. Expansion, both peaceful and military, in Revival: Recolonization ensures maximum progress and greatly increases your chances of victory.

Assimilate as Many Clans as Possible

Assimilating and vassalizing neutral clans is a key game mechanic. After assimilating a clan, you gain the ability to build a city and extract strategic resources on its territory. Remember that from the very beginning of the game, you should strive to assimilate as many clans as possible and build as many cities as possible. Otherwise, you risk having your archers bombed by rocket bombers. The speed of your progress is crucial.

Revival: Recolonization

To assimilate a clan, you must have 50 reputation points with them. If the clan is already assimilated by another faction, the clan’s loyalty to you must be 50 points higher than its loyalty to the faction it belongs to. You can also forcibly assimilate a clan, but then you will receive a reputation penalty for several turns.

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Harvest and Accumulate Strategic Resources

Strategic resources in Revival: Recolonization are mainly needed for producing powerful units. Each neutral clan has one or several strategic resource deposits on its territory, such as Quartz or Uranium. After assimilating a clan, you can build an extraction building on a hex with a deposit, and it will start producing resources for you every turn.

Revival: Recolonization

Remember that if the climate of the hex with the deposit does not match the climate of your faction, you will receive half as many resources. Additionally, you can triple the speed of strategic resource extraction for several turns by installing a Low Gravity Flux capsule – your Emissary or a special Shaman unit can do this. You can also obtain strategic resources through trade with neutral clans and other factions.

Clear Ruins

Revival: Recolonization

You should actively clear ruins for two reasons. Firstly, by defeating automatons in ruins, you will receive Control Modules to develop your Edicts. Secondly, clearing ruins will grant you strategic resources. To do this, you need a special Worker unit. Typically, clearing ruins takes 3 turns.

Take Control of Automatons

Many newcomers to Revival: Recolonization are not even aware of this possibility. The thing is, you can take control of any automatons on the map at any distance, using Energy.

Revival: Recolonization

To do this, simply click on the yellow icon, as shown in the screenshot. In this case, the army of automatons will instantly and indefinitely come under your control. Maintaining such units will require Energy instead of gold.

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Adjust the Climate in Your Cities

As you already know, your faction has its default climate. If the climate of hexes in your cities does not match the climate of your faction, industrial buildings on these hexes will not produce resources, and the extraction of strategic resources will be halved.

Revival: Recolonization

By selecting a hex, you can see a hint about its climate, for example, “Needs to be cooled down.” To change the climate, you must install the corresponding capsule: Infrared Heat to increase the temperature or Cryogenic Busts to decrease it. Your hero (emissary) or a special Shaman unit can do this.

Actively Increase Population in Cities

Every building that produces resources in your city requires 1 citizen. Thus, the more citizens in your city, the more buildings you can construct and the more resources you will produce. The number of turns remaining until a new citizen appears is displayed in the city interface.

Revival: Recolonization

To accelerate population growth, you should maximize food production in the city. You can build buildings that produce food (for example, the Port District). However, the fastest way is to assign already available citizens to food production.

Actively Research Technologies in the Science Tree

It is especially important to research military technologies. Each new technology opens up new opportunities for the player. For example, you will be able to produce more powerful units, build unique buildings, improve districts in your cities, and even gain a wider range of diplomatic options.

Revival: Recolonization

To maximize the speed of researching new technologies, you need to increase the production of the special resource, Science. Based on my gaming experience, I strongly recommend focusing on researching technologies from the very start of the game. I’ll repeat: the speed of progress in this game is crucial.


These are currently the most useful tips for Revival: Recolonization that I can give you. The post may be updated in the future. You can contribute by sharing interesting or useful information in the comments. This will greatly help our readers.

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