Blood Strike Best Weapons (Tier List)

Blood Strike AK-47

Despite starting to play Blood Strike relatively recently, I quickly reached the Legend rank in Battle Royale mode. Let me share with you my personal tier list of weapons, which I compiled based on my own gameplay experience and objective data obtained from in-game leaderboards.

How to Choose the Best Weapon

In most shooters, the basic principles of choosing effective weapons remain unchanged. It only needs to meet one requirement – to have the lowest TTK (time to kill). After all, the faster you defeat your opponent, the better, right?

Low TTK is achieved through several key parameters:

  • High single-shot damage (e.g., sniper and assault rifles);
  • High rate of fire (especially important at short distances);
  • High accuracy, including hipfire accuracy (most SMGs have high accuracy);
  • Large magazine capacity (important to knock out the opponent without reloading for 1 magazine).

Understanding these principles will greatly facilitate your choice of weapons in Blood Strike.

How This Tier List Was Compiled

To compile this tier list, I used objective data from leaderboards in the game. The thing is, you can always go to the Leaderboard section from the lobby and see which weapons the top players usually use and which builds for these weapons are most popular.


I also relied on my personal albeit limited, but still practical gameplay experience using various weapons in Blood Strike. I remind you that you can always leave your criticism in the comments to this publication.

TOP 5 Best Weapons

The weapons listed below are the best in the game. This list is based primarily on the preferences of the top players.

#1: AK-47 Assault Rifle


The most popular assault rifle in the game. It has one of the highest damage per shot among all ARs in the game and moderate accuracy. High rate of fire and the ability to equip a magazine for 40-60 rounds make the AK-47 effective at both short and medium distances.

#2: KAG-6 Assault Rifle


This weapon not only looks futuristic but also combines excellent accuracy, large magazine capacity (up to 60 rounds), and high rate of fire. KAG-6 is great for medium distances but is most effective up close to the opponent. Many top players use KAG-6 precisely because of the successful combination of all the listed parameters, and you can easily see this personally by opening the Leaderboard in the game.

#3: P90 SMG


This SMG is most effective at short distances. Despite its static magazine size (50 rounds) that cannot be increased with upgrades, high accuracy (including hipfire) and high fire rate make the P90 one of the best weapons in Blood Strike. Just try it out personally in Hot Zone mode, and you won’t have any questions.

#4: M700 Sniper Rifle


According to the Leaderboard, the M700 is the most popular sniper rifle in the game. It has high single-shot damage and can knock out an enemy player with one headshot. It can be equipped with a magazine for 10 rounds (by default 5).

#5: Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

There are only 2 default pistols in this game, so the beloved Desert Eagle is definitely the best. Its single-shot damage is so high that an enemy player can be knocked out with 1-2 hits. The only problem with this pistol is its very low rate of fire, so if you’re a bad shot, you’ll have little chance in close combat…

All Weapons Tier List

I divided all the weapons in the game into 4 tiers: S (best), A (outstanding), B (decent), C (the rest). This tier list is largely based on my personal gameplay experience, but I also took into account the preferences of top Blood Strike players.

  • S-tier (best): AK-47, KAG-6, P90, M700, Desert Eagle, SCAR
  • A-tier (outstanding): VSS, M4A1, INP9, Kala, MP155
  • B-tier (decent): AR97, Origin-12, Vector, URB
  • C-tier (the rest): Bow, Glock, RPG-7

I understand that not everyone will agree with this list, but as I said, it was compiled based on my gameplay experience (I only play Blood Strike on PC). I remind you that you can always compare the popularity of the listed weapons based on information from the Leaderboard in the game.

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