How To Assimilate Clans in Revival: Recolonization

Revival: Recolonization

In the game map of Revival: Recolonization, there are numerous clans that can be assimilated by any faction. After assimilation by any faction, including the player’s faction, the clan’s territory, its town, and strategic resources will belong to that faction, but only as long as the clan remains loyal to it. For maximum progress in Revival: Recolonization, it is important to assimilate as many clans as possible, and it is worth starting this process from the earliest stages of the game.

Activate Auto Recon for your Recon Drone so that it autonomously scouts the game map, gradually clearing the fog of war. Your hero or scout will need to visit the clan settlement before you can trade with or develop relations with that clan through the diplomacy menu.

Peaceful Clan Assimilation

For peaceful assimilation of a clan, you must increase their loyalty to your faction and/or strive to decrease their loyalty to other factions. Highlight the clan settlement on the map and go to the Diplomacy menu.

Revival: Recolonization

The “loyalty to you” scale indicates how loyal the clan is to your faction. Vassalizing a clan requires 10 loyalty points, while assimilating it requires 50 points. Next to the scale is the current level of the clan’s loyalty and the loyalty gain for each turn.

Revival: Recolonization

In the Actions tab, you can see hints with actions that increase the clan’s loyalty to your faction.

Revival: Recolonization

In the Politics tab, on the contrary, you can see actions that will decrease the clan’s loyalty.

Revival: Recolonization

How to Increase Clan Loyalty

Clan loyalty changes gradually. There are several main ways to increase loyalty gain.

  • Oaths. This is the simplest method, which most often will not cost you anything. You can simply promise the clan to do something or refrain from doing something specific. Some oaths must be fulfilled within a certain number of turns, while others must be upheld throughout the game. If you break an oath, you will lose the loyalty bonus and receive a penalty instead.
    Revival: Recolonization
  • Gifts. You can give the clan a certain amount of gold, which varies depending on the stage of the game. For this, you will receive a loyalty gain bonus for 25 turns. After that, you can give gold to the clan again.
    Revival: Recolonization
  • Clan Incentives. You can spend special Prosperity currency to get an additional loyalty gain bonus for 30 turns. The more Prosperity you spend, the greater the bonus will be.
    Revival: Recolonization

Note that all loyalty factors, including oaths, are displayed on the right side of the diplomacy interface.

Revival: Recolonization

Some oaths from different clans, requiring actions to be performed, are convenient to fulfill simultaneously: for example, “Build military units,” “Build military units of certain types,” and “Build military units in a random town.”

When loyalty reaches 50 points, you can assimilate the clan. This does not require any additional expenses. After assimilating the clan, you can build a city on its territory.

How to Assimilate a Clan Belonging to Another Faction

If one of the factions beats you to assimilating a clan, you can still lure it to your side if the clan’s loyalty to your faction is 50 or more points higher than its loyalty to the faction it belongs to.

Revival: Recolonization

The maximum loyalty value is 100 points, so if further loyalty increase is not possible, you can, on the contrary, decrease the clan’s loyalty to the faction that owns it. To do this, in the Politics tab, there is a “Slander a fraction emissary” function, with which you lower the clan’s loyalty to the emissary in exchange for reputation points.

Revival: Recolonization

Note that by assimilating in this way, you get a ready-made city that was previously developed by your opponent.

Force Assimilation Method

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to assimilate a clan peacefully, you can force it to assimilate. To do this, you must attack the clan settlement or city and win. After that, select “Forced Assimilation” from the menu that appears.

Revival: Recolonization

However, keep in mind that you will receive penalties “Settlement Captured” (-20 loyalty for 100 turns) and “Attacked the settlement” (-20 loyalty for 20 turns). If the clan’s loyalty to the enemy faction exceeds its loyalty to yours by 50 or more points, the faction can assimilate that clan, and you will lose it.

Revival: Recolonization

Also, note that not all other clans will approve of such behavior, so you risk getting loyalty penalties with many other settlements.

But if the clan’s loyalty to your faction is high enough, the city can be given to you without a fight. In this case, you will see the message “Congratulations, associate! Your troops march into the town of ….“. In this case, you will not receive any penalties to the clan’s loyalty to you.

Congratulations, associate! Your troops march into the town of ...

Forced assimilation is also necessary because some clans require the player’s military expansion. To progress faster and assimilate as many clans as possible, it makes sense to pursue a balanced policy.

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