How to Unlock / Level Up Weapon Quickly in Blood Strike

Blood Strike weapon upgrading

Initially, much of the weaponry in Blood Strike is locked. Additionally, all weapons in the game can be upgraded up to level 60 (pistols / RPG-7) or 70 (everything else). New levels unlock new accessories for weapon customization. There are several ways to quickly unlock or upgrade weapons in Blood Strike.

How to quickly unlock any weapon

Unlocking any weapon requires completing a specific task indicated in its description. For example, “kill 50 enemies with any SMG.”

game mode choosing button

Right above the “Play” button in the lobby, there is a game mode selection menu. Choose the Hot Zone mode. It’s a team deathmatch on small maps, and this mode is perfect for quickly completing the unlocking conditions for the weapon you need. The match lasts about 10 minutes, and the combat intensity is so high that you can easily get 20-30 frags.

3 Ways to Speed Up Weapon Leveling

Weapon leveling in Battle Royale mode takes quite a bit of time. There are several ways to speed up the process.

#1: Hot Zone Mode

In this mode, you can select any loadout and fight only with the weapon you need. Due to the highly intense matches, you will quickly unlock new accessories.

#2: Weapon Bonus EXP

These are special cards that double the weapon EXP earned in the match. You can get them for participating in various events and completing tasks in the game. To activate weapon bonus EXP, open the special menu by clicking the button next to the “Play” button in the lobby, as shown in the screenshots.

EXP card activation button

EXP card activation button

You can also check the “Auto-use” option, and then your double experience cards will always be activated automatically.

#3: Weapon EXP Cards

This type of card allows you to immediately add a certain amount of experience points to your weapon. You can also obtain them during events and by completing tasks in the game. To use Weapon EXP Cards, go to the “Weapon” section, select the desired weapon, and click on the “” icon next to the experience bar, as shown in the screenshot.

using weapon exp cards

weapon exp cards

These are currently all the existing ways to speed up leveling or unlocking weapons in Blood Strike. If you know of any other methods, you can share them in the comments, and they will be added to this post.

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