Best Strikers in Blood Strike (Fair Tier List)

Best Strikers in Blood Strike

At the time of compiling this tier list, there are 13 strikers in the game, each with 1 active and 1 passive skill. These skills are most significant towards the end of Battle Royal matches when teams are facing off in a tiny safe zone. However, as a novice, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on striker skills as they have little impact on your results. Much more important are teamwork and your personal shooting skills in this game.

How This Tier List Was Compiled

I’ve been playing Blood Strike for only a few weeks but quickly reached the “Legend” rank in Battle Royal Ranked. Nevertheless, the basis for compiling this tier list was mainly the preferences of top players from the Leaderboard.


My explanations of the features of the most popular strikers in the game will help you understand why most players prefer them.

TOP 5 Best Strikers

Based on the choices of the best Blood Strike players, I compiled a list of the most popular strikers. It should be emphasized that a striker’s presence on this list does not make it “better” or “worse” than others. Each individual skill is suitable for solving specific gameplay tasks.

#1: Zero


Zero is popular for its movement speed and ability to deflect bullets with its katana. At the beginning and middle of the match, Zero will be strong enough due to its mobility, but the usefulness of his abilities in the final stages is debatable.

#2: Volt


With its “Electromagnetic Pulse” skill, Volt can deal damage to players’ armor within a 40-meter radius, slowing them down by 15% and disabling sprinting for 6 seconds. During its effect, enemy players also won’t see teammates’ nametags and won’t be able to use skills. The passive skill provides Shield Recovery to Volt and significantly increases his mobility for 10 seconds when attacking or knocking down enemies.

Volt is most powerful towards the end of the match, when he can easily render the entire enemy team helpless for 6 seconds with its active skill. However, even in the beginning/middle of the match, Volt remains a formidable opponent.

#3: Kraken


The active skill “Vortex” allows Kraken to send crows towards enemies that obstruct the enemy’s vision. The passive ability speeds up the recharge of this skill by 5% for each kill/assist. Kraken is equally strong at any stage of the match since he can blind any opponent for several seconds. Note that the active skill “Vortex” (like most active skills) requires preparation, and you still need to learn how to use it properly.

#4: Ran


This striker’s passive skill speeds up shield recovery for itself and allies within a 30-meter radius by 30%. Ran’s active skill can deploy an Ice Wall with 1000 HP that exists for 25 seconds. The active skill is most beneficial in the final stage of the match when you can easily find yourself face to face with the enemy team in open terrain without sufficient cover. However, even in the beginning/middle of the game, Ran will be a useful ally. For example, she can cover a knocked-down teammate with her Ice Wall and get them back into action.

#5: Ethan


The “Protection Matrix” skill allows this striker to deploy a bulletproof barrier with 400 HP for 30 seconds. The barrier doesn’t allow enemy bullets (but allows any throwables) and Ethan and allies can freely shoot at enemies while inside the barrier. The passive skill significantly speeds up the sliding speed after a short charging period.

Ethan is strong in the final stages of Battle Royal matches for the same reason as Ran: even if you find yourself in open terrain against the enemy team, you can set up a bulletproof barrier at any moment, significantly increasing your chances of victory. Also, the “Protection Matrix” is excellent protection against snipers.

All Strikers Tier List

This tier list was compiled based on the preferences of the best Blood Strike players and my personal gaming experience. I divided all strikers into 4 classes: S (the best), A (outstanding), B (decent), C (the rest).

  • S-tier (the best): Zero, Volt, Kraken, Ran, Ethan, Blast
  • A-tier (outstanding): Spike, Nacho, Nova
  • B-tier (decent): Val, Hank
  • C-tier (the rest): E.M.T., Jet

Just a reminder that you may have your own opinion about any of the listed strikers and play them at your leisure. If you would like to share your viewpoint on any of the strikers, you can leave your feedback in the comments.

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