Energy in Revival: Recolonization: How to Obtain and What to Spend On

Revival: Recolonization

Novices often overlook the importance of generating and accumulating Energy, but in practice, it’s the most crucial resource. Energy exponentially expands your strategic possibilities in Revival: Recolonization, and in this short guide, I’ll tell you all the essentials about it.

How to Obtain Energy

There are several ways to increase energy generation:

  1. Method #1: You can assign citizens to energy production through the town interface. This is the simplest method.
    each citizen produces 10 energy
  2. Method #2: You can construct Nexus buildings in your cities. Each Nexus will increase energy generation by 10 units (or 15 units if built on the corresponding tile). The ability to construct Nexus buildings becomes available after researching the corresponding technology in the Science Tree.
  3. Method #3: You can plant Totem Trees (a special unit, Shaman, can do this). The tile where the Totem Tree is located, along with its surrounding tiles, will generate energy. Moreover, it’s advantageous to build Nexus buildings on such tiles, as they will generate more energy.
    Totem Tree

What to Spend Energy on and Why It’s Important

Energy serves three main purposes, two of which are crucial for fast progress in Revival: Recolonization. Having large reserves of energy allows you not only to turn the tide of individual battles but also to gain significant strategic advantages.

Taking Control of Automatons

If you have enough energy, you can take control of any Automatons on the global map. To do this, simply press the “Take Control” button located above each Automaton’s head (see screenshot).

Taking Control of Automatons

Afterward, the group of units will instantly come under your control and become part of your army. However, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of energy each turn for maintenance. The best part is that you can do this from any distance, meaning you can take control of Automatons in the enemy faction’s territory at the other end of the game map and attack them in the same turn.

Climate Changing

As you may have noticed, each faction is tied to its own climate. For example, any buildings in your cities won’t produce resources if the climate of the tiles they’re built on doesn’t match your faction’s climate.

Climate Changing

Your hero or the special unit Shaman can change the climate. Both are capable of placing capsules that alter the climate on tiles. This requires quite a bit of energy. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on energy generation from the very beginning of the game.

Other Useful Things on the Global Map

Your main hero and the special unit Shaman can not only change the climate but also place other useful capsules on the global map. Here’s a complete list of capsules in the game and their purposes.

  • Cryogenic Burst – cools cells (climate changing).
  • Infrared Heat – changes the cell climate to a warmer one.
  • Low Gravity Flux – units in the capsule’s area of effect do not have a penalty to movement on the terrain. The production of strategic resources in the capsule’s coverage area increases by 3 times. The capsule is valid for a limited number of moves.
  • High Gravity Flux – reduces the movement capabilities of enemy units in the area of effect. The production of strategic resources in the capsule’s coverage area is reduced by 3 times. The capsule is valid for a limited number of moves.
  • Rain – creates Swamps in the selected hexes where possible. Turns Low Growth into High Growth. Puts out fires. Removes radiation and ashes from hexes.
  • Acid Rain – creates Acid Swamps in the selected hexes where possible. Turns High Growth into Low Growth, and destroys Low Growth. Puts out fires. Removes radiation from hexes. Damages armor of all units in the affected hexes at the moment when the capsule is activated. Damages town districts by 50% of their max durability.
  • Ultrasonic Boom – destroys Rocks and Glaciers in selected hexes. Smoothens Rough Terrain.
  • Spore Cloud – creates Low Growth in the selected hexes where possible.
  • Irradiate – irradiates the selected hexes. Radiation damages unprotected armies, while healing zombies and certain kinds of mutants.
  • Thunderbolt – when the capsule is placed, lightning will strike all of the opposing faction’s armies present in a selected hex.
  • Earthquake – destroys mountains, glaciers, ruins (uninhabited), and anomalies in the selected hexes. Creates rough terrain where possible. When used on a coastline hex, submerges it. Destroys zombie layers.
  • Mind Control – grants temporary control over someone else’s armies which were in selected hexes when the capsule was placed, if they don’t include and Emissary or a Shaman. Zombie or Automaton armies cannot be controlled.
  • Infestation – creates a temporary radioactive crack in the ground in the selected hex, spawning living dead.
  • Artificial Volcano – creates mountains in selected hexes where possible. Sets the adjacent hexes on fire and damages armies in them. Destroys zombie lairs.

Edicts Screen

All capsules can be upgraded to level 3 in the Edicts menu (F5). To do this, you’ll need Control Modules, which can be obtained by winning battles against Automatons.

Tactical Opportunities in Battles

All the capsules listed above can also be used in tactical battles. They have similar effects. For example, you can take control of an enemy unit for a certain number of turns or even stun opponents with Earthquake.

Thus, having a sufficient energy reserve gives you almost complete control over the battlefield. You can force enemies to move, slow them down, deprive them of turns, or even compel them to attack each other. And this is definitely one of the most interesting mechanics of Revival: Recolonization.

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