Skyrim, Wings mod
13 Best Games Where You Have Wings and Can Fly

Flying is always great. Personally, I am surprised by the fact that there are so few good games where you have wings. One day, one of the users asked the developers of Smalland: Survive the Wilds why ...

Best Western Games on PC
20 Best Western Games on PC for Wild West Lovers

If you're a fan of the Wild West theme, you'll appreciate the games compiled in this list. The collection includes both classic Westerns featuring cowboys and lawmen, as well as fantastical action ...

Pirate Games for PC
45 Best Pirate Games on PC in 2023

Video games about pirates offer players the chance to feel like true sea wolves, becoming captains of sailboats or even entire fleets. This collection gathers all the very best pirate games for PC ...

Digital Card Online Games
25 Best Online Trading Card Games for PC 2023

Collectible card games (CCGs) are a quite popular genre, but don't expect any groundbreaking innovations in it. Players assemble a deck of cards, typically with a large variety to choose from, and ...

open world games where u can build your own base
TOP 55 Best Open World Base Building Games in 2023

Survival games set in an open world, where players can build their own bases, are one of the most popular trends in modern game development. In the vast majority of cases, such games are based on ...

Best MOBA Games for PC
TOP 20 Best MOBA Games for PC in 2023

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) - these are online games where the primary gameplay is focused on player battles. The boundaries of the "MOBA" concept are very blurred. Classic MOBA games are ...

Best Multiplayer Tank Games for PC
12 Best Multiplayer Tank Games for PC 2023

Despite the popularity of the genre, there aren't too many truly good online tank games available at the moment. To compile this selection, I've visited a great number of websites. Games like ...

44 Best Farming Games for PC 2023: A Huge Collection

A farm simulator is a popular genre of computer games that originated long before the boom of the gaming industry and remains relevant to this day. New farming games are released almost every month: ...

best fishing games for PC
21 best fishing games for PC 2023: Ultimate Collection

Fishing in virtual waters is a favorite hobby of millions of gamers worldwide. The meditative and relaxing games of this genre are well-suited for relaxation after a hard day's work. This collection ...

Warmaiden digital art
35 Best Rare Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends

Most rare heroes in RAID are either useless or suitable only for the earliest stages of the game. However, among them, there are genuinely useful champions that you can use even in the late game. I ...

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