Fluid Flax water system
The Most Realistic Water We’ll Never See in MMO Games

If you, dear reader, like me, spend a lot of time playing video games, you might have wondered about the future of gaming. Today, instead of silly guides, I've decided to show you something very ...

Throne and Liberty
What’s Known About Throne and Liberty

The highly anticipated global launch of THRONE AND LIBERTY has been scheduled for December 7th. On November 2, 2023, the official YouTube channel of Throne and Liberty published the TL presentation ...

What’s next in Undawn: Future Updates Preview

Every Undawn player is curious about what updates await the game in the future. The official release of the game for Western countries took place on June 14, 2023. However, few people know that there ...

RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Art
20 RAID: Shadow Legends Fan Arts: Popular Heroes from the Game

The fan arts published in this post are a small fantasy about what our favorite game heroes could look like. All the images were created using advanced artificial intelligence systems. However, I ...

Terraria Fan Art, Mourning Wood
12 Unique Terraria Fan Arts: Bosses and Characters from the Game

From time to time, we all love to immerse ourselves in the world of games. Today, I want to share with you a selection of Terraria fan arts, of which I am the author. I'm not an artist, as it may ...

TES V: Skyrim
Skyrim Facts You Didn’t Know: These 20 Facts Will Change Your Perception of the Game

Skyrim is an action-packed role-playing game set in the region of Skyrim, a land filled with danger and adventure. The game features an open world with a size of approximately 39 square kilometers, ...

RAID: Shadow Legends
Dungeons in RAID: Shadow Legends – A Quick Overview

There are 7 dungeons and 5 keeps in RAID: Shadow Legends. While all the dungeons are available at all times, the only keep, Arcane, is also available constantly. One of the others opens once a day in ...

Albion Online
What to do in Albion Online – TOP 10 most interesting activities

In Albion Online, there are not so many things to do as you might think. The game is indeed a roleplay sandbox, but in fact, the main pastime comes down to only a few activities. Even if you have ...

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