Dragonheir: Silent Gods Best Artifacts (Rare, Epic, Legendary)

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Not long ago, I explained how to obtain artifacts in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Now I would like to share some insights into using these artifacts. I haven’t been playing Dragonheir for a long time, but I’ve already noticed some nuances that significantly impact your progress in the game, and they largely relate to artifacts.

Because each artifact in the game can only be purchased in a single instance, and its full development will cost you 6 thousand, 10 thousand, and more Essence of Creation (which is a lot), it is crucial to choose the right artifacts and equip them on the right heroes. Naturally, I haven’t tested all the artifacts available in the game, so most of my conclusions are theoretical and based on my subjective gaming experience. In the future, my opinion may change, and in that case, the post will be updated.

Best Rare Artifacts

Rare Artifacts are the weakest among those available. They are sold in the “Exchange” section for 50 Imprint Stone I. I have highlighted the 5 most useful rare artifacts from the list.

Luminary Order Gospel

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

This artifact increases the owner’s defense and maximum HP, as well as boosts the effectiveness of healing from it by 10-15%. Since healing in Dragonheir is always in demand, this artifact is a solid choice. It is best equipped on the starting healer, Heksandra. I do not recommend developing it beyond +8 in the early stages of the game, as there is little sense in doing so.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

It increases the defense and maximum HP of the owner. It also provides the owner with an additional 15-25% protection if there are allies nearby. This artifact is best suited for tanks taking damage in close combat. For example, I use it with the summon-hero Vasska, who summons skeletons and can self-heal. Therefore, there is always an ally (a summoned skeleton) nearby, and the bonus always works.

Horn of the Labyrinth Lord

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

It increases the owner’s attack and attack speed. With each auto-attack, it guarantees +3% attack for 3 seconds. The effect accumulates from 5 to 10 times (+15-30% attack). It is suitable for range damage dealers. For example, you can equip it on Sigrid, Adrie, or Gulal. This artifact is best for battles with bosses due to the cumulative effect.

Dancing Gyro

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

It increases the owner’s defense and attack and also increases their attack speed by 15-25%. To effectively use this artifact, pay attention to the Passive Skills of your heroes related to auto-attacks. For example, the aforementioned Vasska heals with each auto-attack every 0.5 seconds, i.e., 2 times per second. Does this hero need attack speed? Yes, absolutely!

Stone Cloak

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

It increases the owner’s defense and health. At the beginning of the battle, it applies a shield to the owner equal to 10-15% of their maximum HP for 15 seconds. Obviously, this artifact is created exclusively for the Grand Gladiator Arena. You can equip it on your melee heroes, who receive the main damage at the very beginning of the battle. In my modest experience, the outcome of battles in the Arena depends a lot on the “durability” of your tank heroes. I would not recommend developing this artifact beyond +8 in the early stages of the game.

Best Epic Artifacts

Epic artifacts are generally good, but their effective use is crucial. Each epic artifact costs 5 Imprint Stone II. I have selected 5 of the most useful artifacts in my opinion. Obvious artifacts like “Eyeball of the Giant” are not included in this list because their effectiveness is clear without my comments.

Spiritual Incense Burner

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases HP and Accuracy of the owner. Additionally, after using the ultimate skill, it restores 5-10% Ultimate Energy. In simple terms, this means that the hero can use their ultimate skill 10% faster. This is best suited for support heroes who can apply debuffs using ultimate skills. For example, the rare hero Adrie can reduce the Ultimate Energy of the target and apply a Recharging Speed Penalty with her ultimate skill. If you equip this hero with the Spiritual Incense Burner artifact, she can do this more often, reducing the frequency of bosses attacking your team with their formidable and ruthless skills.

Crown of the Unclean

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases Defense and Accuracy of the owner. When using the ultimate skill, it has a 50-75% chance to impose Defense Penalty I on one of the targets. Lowering the defense of enemies is always the best way to increase the damage dealt. Since the effect can only be applied to one of the targets hit by the skill, it is best to equip this artifact on heroes whose ultimate skill hits only one enemy or use it during battles with bosses who do not have minions.

When using this artifact, you are interested in ensuring that the hero’s ultimate skill has as little Complete Recharging Time as possible and/or somehow accelerates its recharge (for example, Sigrid). The hero should attack the enemy with the ultimate skill as often as possible.

Platinum Knight Shield

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases Defense and HP of the hero-owner, reducing the AOE damage (area of effect) they receive by 10-20%. This artifact is an excellent choice for your tanks in the Arena to increase their survivability. For the same reason, you can equip “fragile” heroes during the passage of a difficult dungeon.

Mirror of the Living

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases Defense and HP of the hero-owner. If the owner-hero heals allies with current health below 15-40% (depending on the level of artifact development), the healing power is increased by 30%. As I mentioned before, healing in Dragonheir is always in demand. Imagine that your healer heals for 10,000 health. With this artifact (under the specified conditions), they will heal for 13,000. This is a significant difference that can noticeably increase the survivability of your team.

Wine of Dragon Blood

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

The artifact increases the Attack and Attack Speed of the owner. When the owner applies the ultimate skill, there is a 50-100% chance to gain +20% Crit. Rate for 10 seconds. Personally, I equipped my Sigrid with this artifact and am completely satisfied with the result. The thing is, developing a high critical hit chance in Dragonheir: Silent Gods is not as easy as in similar games like RAID: Shadow Legends. Every extra percentage point here matters. For this reason, the Wine of Dragon Blood artifact is best suited for damage-dealing heroes with high attack speed.

Best Legendary Artifacts

Selecting specific legendary artifacts and claiming that they are “better than others” is even more challenging since almost all of them are good. The question is how you plan to use them. Each legendary artifact costs 1 Soul Imprint in the Exchange section. I have chosen 5 of them that impressed me the most (let’s call it that).

Rift Hourglass

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases HP and Accuracy of the hero-owner and also increases their Skill Haste by 50-100 units. Skill Haste is a parameter that accelerates the recharge of Battle and Ultimate Skills for heroes. In my view, increasing this parameter is critically important in almost all game modes because it means more frequent skill usage, resulting in more damage dealt and more frequent application of debuffs on bosses.

Dark Corpse Puppet

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases HP and Attack of the hero-owner. When receiving lethal damage for the first time, the hero does not die but instead gains Invisibility and Invincibility for 2.5-5 seconds. Obviously, this artifact is intended for battles in the Arena with other players’ teams. Based on my experience in this mode, I would equip it on a melee damage-dealing hero. It would be great if this hero could heal themselves or quickly eliminate enemies. With the full development of the artifact, the hero-owner will have a whole 5 additional seconds to wait for the recharge of their battle/ultimate skills and apply them.

Witch’s Remains

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

The artifact increases HP and Accuracy of the hero-owner. When the hero deals damage with their ultimate skill, they have a 35-60% chance to impose Defense Penalty II on all targets hit by the skill for 10 seconds. Reducing the defense of targets significantly increases the damage dealt to them. Therefore, the artifact will be useful both in Arena battles against other players and in PVE modes.

Iron Maiden of Blackened Visage

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

The artifact increases HP and Accuracy of the hero-owner. Every 35-25 seconds, the hero receives a shield equal to 12% of their maximum health for 10 seconds, and this effect starts working immediately at the start of the battle. When the shield is destroyed, the hero imposes Attack Penalty II on 1-2 enemies who dealt the most damage to the shield for 10 seconds. This artifact is suitable for both PVE battles and arena battles. The constantly replenishing shield will increase the hero’s survivability, and thanks to the passively imposed Attack Penalty II, enemies will deal less damage to the hero and the team. Best, in my opinion, to equip this artifact on melee tank heroes.

Berserker Mask

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, artifact

Increases HP and Skill Haste of the hero-owner. It also reduces the initial recharge time of their battle skill by 1.5-3 seconds. Regarding Skill Haste, I already mentioned – the more, the better. Initial Recharge Time is the time until the first use of the skill after the battle begins. A lower Initial Recharge Time than the opponent allows the hero to apply their battle skill first. This is especially useful in Arena battles. Of course, the hero whose battle skill you equip with this artifact should do something powerful and game-changing; otherwise, there will be little point in it.

How to Choose the Right Artifact for your Heroes

Before choosing an artifact, you should ask yourself the question “Why?” This is not about simply increasing damage/defense but about more complex things. Your goal is to create synergy between the artifact’s effects, the skills of the hero-owner, and their allies. A simple and understandable way to do this is to develop the hero’s strengths.

Let’s take the example of the free guaranteed epic hero Horrus. He is a melee tank that provokes enemies and effectively absorbs a large amount of damage. With his battle skill, Horrus can apply Attack Penalty II. With his passive skill, the hero has a 50-75% chance to apply a shield to himself when receiving damage.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods, Horrus

Knowing this, we can develop the hero’s strengths as follows:

  • Increase the strength of the shield that the hero applies to himself.
  • Speed up the recharge of the hero’s ultimate skill so that he provokes enemies more often.
  • Accelerate the recharge of the hero’s battle skill if we want him to apply Attack Penalty II to bosses more often (and we most likely want this!).
  • Increase the chance of applying Attack Penalty II by the hero with his Battle Skill.
  • Increase the hero’s survivability by, for example, reducing the AOE damage he receives.
  • And so on.

Now choosing artifacts for Horrus is much easier, isn’t it?

Use this approach to correctly choose artifacts for your heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. First, carefully study the hero and their skills, determine their strengths and advantages. Then go to the artifact shop (Exchange section), and think about how you can strengthen the hero’s skills with certain artifacts. You can also ask questions in the comments. I am not yet a Dragonheir expert, but I will try to help within the limits of my knowledge.

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