Guide to Supreme Elhain in RAID: Gorgeous Arena Lady-Killer

Supreme Elhain

Supreme Elhain is a legendary void version of the starting heroine Elhain, which was added to the 4th anniversary of RAID: Shadow Legends in early spring 2023. The heroine was available for fusion, so many players got her for free. In this guide to Supreme Elhain, you will learn about all the strengths and weaknesses of the heroine, as well as her unique mechanics. To get ahead, I would say that the heroine is primarily intended for arena battles. In PVE, she is not as effective but can also help in the early and mid-stages of the game.

Base Stats

Supreme Elhain

Supreme Elhain is a legendary “attack” type heroine with a void affinity. In the current version of the game, she has the following base parameters.

    🟥 HP – 13,875 (low)
    🟨 ATK – 1,509 (normal)
    🟩 DEF – 1,145 (awesome)
    🟩 SPD – 102 (good)
    🟨 C.RATE – 15% (standard)
    🟨 C.DMG – 63% (standard)
    🟩 RES – 40 (good)
    🟨 ACC – 0 (standard) (not required)

Skills & Damage Multipliers

Supreme Elhain has the following skills. A total of 11 legendary skill tomes are required for full skill development.

  • Exemplar of Strikes (2 * ATK * 2 hits). Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Each hit transfers a random debuff from this champion to the target. Based on ATK, up to +20% damage from 4 skill tomes. This skill requires accuracy to transfer debuffs to the target.
  • Let None Live (4 * ATK * (1 + 0.1 * Debuff Count)). Attacks all enemies. Damage increases by 10% for each debuff on each target. Resets the cooldown of the [Crack Shot] skill if this attack kills an enemy. Based on ATK, up to +20% damage and -1 turn cooldown reduction for the skill from 3 skill tomes.
  • Crack Shot (6 * ATK). Attacks 1 enemy. Will ignore [Ally Protection], [Strengthen], and [Shield] buffs. Grants an Extra Turn if this attack kills an enemy. Based on ATK, up to +20% damage and -2 turn cooldown reduction for the skill from 4 skill tomes.
  • Implacable (passive). Immune to [Decrease ATK] debuffs. Inflicts 20% more damage against targets whose ATK is lower than this Champion’s ATK.
  • Aura: Increases Ally ATK in all Battles by 30% (aura bonus is calculated from the base attack of the heroine (1509), not the total).

What you should understand about Supreme Elhain

  • The heroine doesn’t need accuracy. Accuracy is only required for her A1 (Exemplar of Strikes), so it’s not advisable to develop this stat. As a result, the heroine will hit harder, as you can focus on damage when selecting artifacts.
  • A1 skill deals high damage. The pure damage of the skill is 2 * 2 hits * 1.2 (tomes) * 1509 * 1.63 (crit) = 11`806. If you compare this damage to the damage of the base skills of other heroes, you’ll see that it is relatively higher. This means that in PVP, the heroine will be effective with team-ups and counterattacks.
  • Crack Shot skill ignores Nekhret’s buffs. Nekhret applies [Ally Protection], [Strengthen], and [Shield] buffs to an ally at the start of the battle. Usually, these buffs are applied to a damage dealer to protect them from attacks. Supreme Elhain’s skill completely ignores these buffs and easily kills such a protected damage dealer. If the opponent dies, the heroine gets an extra turn and can use her A2. If the damage from A2 kills an enemy, the cooldown of A3 is reset.
  • A2 damage (Let None Live) depends on the number of debuffs on individual targets. In other words, if two heroes have 3 debuffs each, they will each receive 4 * ATK * (1 + 0.1 * 3 (Debuff Count)) damage, rather than 4 * ATK * (1 + 0.1 * 6 (Debuff Count)), as it might seem.
  • The heroine cannot be affected by [Decrease ATK] debuff. This is a passive immunity that doesn’t require resistance.

Equipment Choosing

In this guide, Supreme Elhain is primarily considered a damage dealer for arena battles, so she should be equipped accordingly. The following artifact sets will suit the heroine well: Lethal, Savage, Cruel, Swift Parry, Stone Skin, Crit. Damage, Killstroke, Zeal. The best options for arena battles, in my opinion, are Stone Skill (4) or Swift Parry. These sets significantly increase the heroine’s survivability and can save your battle when things don’t go as planned, as often happens in Live Arena.

The best accessories for the heroine in order of effectiveness:

  • Reaction – protects until the heroine’s first turn in the round;
  • Refresh – gives a chance to reset the cooldown after using A3 and use it again, which is equivalent to an extra turn;
  • Revenge – gives a chance to counterattack when taking damage, which is useful in combination with Retribution mastery.

When choosing equipment, you should aim for the following parameters:

  • HP – 35-45k (a dead damage dealer deals no damage, don’t forget that);
  • ATK – the higher, the better, but not at the expense of critical damage, as it is more effective;
  • DEF – 2,000-2,500k (heroine’s survivability is important in both PVP and PVE);
  • SPD – 180+, the higher, the better;
  • Crit. Rate – 100%;
  • Crit. Damage – the higher, the better;
  • RES – this parameter is not worth developing;
  • ACC – this parameter is not worth developing.

An example of equipment and parameters for Supreme Elhain for arenas can be seen in the screenshot above.

Masteries for Supreme Elhain

Since the heroine doesn’t need accuracy, leveling up the “Support” branch is pointless and even harmful. Instead, opt for the standard set of masteries from the “Defense” branch, which will significantly increase the heroine’s survivability. Pay attention to the “Retribution” talent, which provides a decent chance for counterattack.

Masteries for Supreme Elhain

In the “Offense” branch, it is essential to take the following talents:

  • Deadly Precision (+5% C.RATE),
  • Keen Strike (+10% C.DMG),
  • Shield Breaker (+25% damage against targets with [Shield] buff),
  • Helmsmasher (50% chance to ignore 25% DEF of the target when attacking).

For PVP battles, these are critically important masteries that will facilitate artifact selection for the heroine and noticeably increase her damage.

Blessing for Supreme Elhain

The best options for PVP are: Lightning Cage, Polymorph, Cruelty, Soul Reap. Personally, I would prefer Lightning Cage or Polymorph.

Blessing for Supreme Elhain

Role in the Game & Effectiveness

Supreme Elhain’s primary purpose in RAID: Shadow Legends is arena battles. In PVE, the heroine is less effective. However, keep in mind that I’m saying this from the perspective of a level 100 player who has been in the game for three years. In early game and mid-game, the heroine will be useful for almost everyone and everywhere.

Supreme Elhain is NOT recommended to use in:

    ⛔ Dragon’s Lair (hard)
    ⛔ Ice Golem’s Peak
    ⛔ Fire Knight’s Castle (hard)
    ⛔ Hydra boss (5 / 10)
    ⛔ Iron Twins Fortress
    ⛔ Sand Devil’s Necropolis
    ⛔ Doom Tower (hard)
    ⛔ Spider’s Den
    ⛔ Arenas (defense)
    ⛔ Demon Lord clan boss

Supreme Elhain shows good results in:

    🟢 Arenas (offense) (9 / 10)
    🟢 Dragon’s Lair (normal) (8 / 10)
    🟢 Minotaur’s Labyrinth (9 / 10)
    🟢 Fire Knight’s Castle (normal) (6 / 10)

Brutal & Nightmare Campaign (4 / 10)


In the specified equipment, the heroine completes Brimstone Path 12-3 on Brutal difficulty in 19 seconds. Nightmare campaign cannot be completed with this equipment. This is a poor result.

Dragon’s Lair (normal) (8 / 10)

Tests were conducted on Dragon 25. In the first screenshot, the team is assembled so that Supreme Elhain is the primary damage dealer against the waves of enemies. In the second screenshot, she acts as an additional damage dealer, with Ma’Shalled as the main damage dealer.

The results are roughly comparable in terms of completion time and the damage dealt by Supreme Elhain. Keep in mind that she is not equipped with a Savage set, so her effectiveness is not fully revealed. The heroine is ineffective on hard mode.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth (9 / 10)

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

The heroine can level up talents for your heroes even in PVP equipment. Note that when the heroine receives the [Hex] debuff from the boss, she removes it using her basic skill, resulting in excellent survivability.

Fire Knight’s Castle (normal) (6 / 10)

Supreme Elhain can act as the primary damage dealer only with strong support heroes. If used in tandem with another powerful damage dealer like Ma’Shalled, the result is decent. However, if you try to use her as the main damage dealer, nothing good will come out of it on high floors.

These results may seem good for beginners, but not from the perspective of the late game. As for the hard mode, the heroine is entirely unsuitable.

Hydra clan boss (5 / 10)

Hydra boss

The heroine can be used against the Hydra as the primary damage dealer but only on normal and brutal difficulties. Despite the powerful damage bonus from the large number of debuffs on the boss’s heads, Supreme Elhain’s second skill does not deal enough damage to be taken into a serious team. The result you see in the screenshot is provided by powerful supports, not by Supreme Elhain herself.

Arenas (offense) (9 / 10)

Arenas (offense)

Supreme Elhain is not a universal damage dealer. She is a specific heroine that should be chosen as the primary damage dealer when the enemy team has heroes that apply [Shield], [Ally Protection], [Strengthen] buffs to their allies.

Arenas (offense)

Since the heroine completely ignores these buffs, she can easily kill enemies protected in this way.

Arenas (offense)

I have compiled a short list of PVP heroes against which Supreme Elhain shows excellent results:

  • Nekhret the Great (ignores [Shield], [Ally Protection], [Strengthen])
  • Mithrala Lifebane (ignores [Shield], [Strengthen])
  • Krisk the Ageless (ignores gigantic [Shield], [Ally Protection])
  • Valkyrie (ignores [Shield])
  • Marichka the Unbreakable (ignores [Shield], [Strengthen])
  • Any other heroes with [Shield], [Ally Protection], [Strengthen] buffs

You can see several examples of using Supreme Elhain in the screenshots.

The most undesirable opponents for Supreme Elhain: Rotos the Lost Groom, Ultimate Deathknight, Leorius the Proud, Scullcrown, Hephraak.

Faction Wars (10 / 10)

Faction Wars

Naturally, in the High Elves faction crypt, the heroine will show good results. In general, any good damage dealer will be effective here, so do not be surprised by such a high rating.

Summary of the heroine

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again that Supreme Elhain is a situational damage dealer for arenas. In PVE activities, she will be useful only in the early (up to a year) and mid-game (1-2 years) stages of the game. In the late game, Supreme Elhain does not have much value in PVE, and she can be easily replaced by many more useful heroes.

Whether to invest in Supreme Elhain depends on the situation on your account. Personally, I leveled her up exclusively for arena battles. With the introduction of the Live Arena feature in the game (in spring 2023), the heroine became even more useful, as in this mode almost every other team contains “tanky” supports like Krisk or Nekhret. If you are just starting to play RAID, and Supreme Elhain is one of your first “legends,” she will help you in progressing through content. However, if you are a more experienced player, leveling up this heroine makes sense only for arena battles.

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