How to Beat King Stag Beetle in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

King Stag Beetle

At the time of writing this guide, King Stag Beetle is the 4th and final available boss in the storyline of the game. Technically, there are two more bosses in Smalland, but quests to defeat them are not yet given in the early version of the game. The quest to defeat King Stag Beetle, like the previous one, is given by the NPC Nok immediately after the player defeats Black Hornet. As a reminder, King Stag Beetle lives in a large cave in the eastern part of the ruins. Its location on the map is marked with a special icon. You can left-click on the icon to make it appear on the compass when the map is closed.

King Stag Beetle on a map & the optimal route

Jumping ahead, I’ll say that King Stag Beetle is definitely the weakest boss in the game. You won’t need any special skills to defeat it. The boss has only one simple attack without preparation, which is as easy to dodge as the attacks of a regular mob. However, if you are a beginner, it still makes sense to prepare for the battle.

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How to Beat King Stag Beetle in Smalland (GUIDE)

Preparing for the Battle

Preparation is always the key to victory over any boss.

Equip your character with an Ironwing armor set

After defeating Black Hornet, the previous boss in Smalland, the NPC Nok offers the opportunity to craft a new armor set called Ironwing. Currently, this is the best armor in the game in terms of its stats. It will provide you with reliable protection against the boss’s attacks.

Ironwing armor set

Additionally, you’ll be able to use the built-in winglets (once belonging to Black Hornet) integrated into the cuirass to glide instead of falling, covering very large distances. This will significantly simplify traveling in the world. You can easily find all the crafting materials (mostly metal and chitin) in the vicinity of Black Hornet’s habitat.

Create iron weapons

You should also create iron weapons if you don’t have them yet. As a reminder, they are created using a Forge, which becomes available for construction after smelting the first iron ingot in a Furnace. The main challenge for the player on the way to iron weapons will be the Clay Mortal, which is required for building the Forge. It is created in the Windmill from 1 bug’s lymph and 2 clay.

iron weapons, forge, furnace

Clay, in turn, can be mined with a pickaxe in the ruins where King Stag Beetle resides.

Clay on a map

The deposits of this resource are located on vertical surfaces (rocks, walls) and look like small brown outgrowths. Since Clay is mainly used for constructing walls and foundations, you will need only 10 units of this resource to set up the Forge.


Additionally, you may need a Lubber Femur (1 piece) to craft a Lubber Mace (dropped by Lubbers, which live in the ruins) and Lizard Claw (5 pieces) to craft a Morningstar (dropped by Lizards, which also live in the ruins).

Study Weaknesses and Stock up on Potions

King Stag Beetle has a slight resistance to piercing damage, so any weapon with blunt or edged damage is suitable for battling it: sword, club, hammer, or scythe.

King Stag Beetle features

However, you can use any available weapon, since the boss doesn’t pose a significant threat to the player overall.


Before the fight, be sure to stock up on Health Elixirs and create at least 1 Stamina Tonic. This will allow you to quickly restore health in battle and increase your natural stamina regeneration as well as its maximum amount. Also, set up a bed near the cave to have an active respawn point in case of failure.

Battle with King Stag Beetle

While in most games each subsequent boss becomes stronger than the previous one, Smalland seems to have the opposite trend. King Stag Beetle, which is the last of the quest bosses in the early access version of the game, is significantly weaker than its predecessors. At the time of writing this guide, it has only 1 attack.

  • 1st attack: Grabs the player with its large pincers, dealing medium damage. This attack has no preparation, so it’s as easy to dodge as the attacks of any regular mob in the game. All you need to do is timely roll to the side.
    1st attack

After defeating the boss, don’t forget to take the Ancient Clover Seal and deliver it to The Elder.

Ancient Clover Seal

The Elder will ask you to open the chest mentioned at the beginning of the game, and you will find out what’s inside. After that, the storyline of the early access version of Smalland ends. The continuation will be added in future versions of the game.

The Chest

Additionally, as a reward for killing King Stag Beetle, you will receive the Damselfly Treat recipe, which allows you to tame damselflies and ride them.


Looking ahead, I note that damselflies have limited flight capabilities, so don’t have false expectations in this regard. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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