How to Earn Gold in Palia Quickly and Easily


Gold is the primary currency in Palia MMO, used for purchasing blueprints, expanding inventory, and many other useful items. Players often experience a shortage of Gold from the very beginning of the game. That’s why I decided to write this short guide to help you learn how to earn Gold quickly at different stages of the game.

Proper Item Selling

The main source of Gold in the game is selling various items (which you’ll need to gather first, of course). There are two ways to sell items in Palia.

  1. Place the items you want to sell in the Shipping Bin (a large chest next to the mailbox) on your land plot. Every 30 minutes, items from this chest are automatically sold, and Gold is credited to your in-game account.
  2. You can also sell items in the village by interacting with the cash registers of various shops. However, not every shop accepts every item. It’s best to sell your items at the General Store, as they buy almost everything.

Best Gold Farming Spots

Overall, all methods of Gold farming in Palia, from fishing to farming, are more or less decent. But there are specific spots where gathering items for sale is a bit easier and more convenient. I’ll list these places in this section as I discover them.

Gold Farming Method #1: Sundrop Lilies and Emerald Carpet Moss

This method is suitable for all players. Head to the coast, a little west of Remembrance Garden. Here, you’ll find plenty of Sundrop Lilies and Emerald Carpet Moss. All you need to do is gather them. I’ve marked the target area on the map for you. The plants spawn in random locations, so you’ll need to keep running around this area to find them.


You’ll also find Clay Deposits on the shore that can be gathered with a pickaxe. Of course, you’re free to hunt Chapaas and catch insects along the way. The approximate yield of this method is 1000 Gold / 10 minutes.


Gold Farming Method #2: Sernuk Hunting

Sernuks are like local deer. They’re quite abundant around Whispering Banks to the east of the village. To one-shot these mobs, you’ll need a Standard Bow and Standard Arrows. You can purchase the crafting recipes for these items from NPC Hassian after reaching level 2 in the “Hunting” skill.


I’ve marked the area with the highest concentration of Sernuks on the map. However, be aware that this location is quite competitive, as everyone in Palia hunts for Gold.


Gold Farming Method #3 (currently the best): Oysters and Crabs

Head to Bahari Bay through the transition point east of the village. In the Coral Shores location, you’ll find plenty of Shells, Unopened Oysters, and Corals lying on the ground.


You simply need to gather them. I’ve marked the area on the map for you. Remember that Unopened Oysters can be opened, and inside, you might find Pearls, which are worth 70 Gold.


Keep in mind that this spot is highly competitive. That’s why I recommend bringing Standard Smoke Bombs with you (refer to method #1 in this section to learn how to craft them). With these, you can catch crabs and snails, which are abundant on Coral Shores.


The approximate yield of this farming method is 1500-2000 Gold / 10 minutes.


For now, these are the best Gold farming methods that I’ve discovered. However, I’m continuing to play Palia, so I’ll likely find other more profitable methods soon. Once that happens, I’ll update the post. Good luck!

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