How to make money fast in Albion Online

Albion Online

It should be immediately said that in this article we will consider the best ways to make money in Albion Online only for newbies. Money making tips for more experienced players will be published separately. Some of the methods in this guide require Premium, but not all. Some methods will even be dangerous. But I’m sure everyone will find the most suitable method for themselves. Let’s get started.

Faction warfare

This is the easiest way to make money for novices. All you need to do is join any faction and capture the outposts of neighboring factions along with allies. It isn’t an event or anything like that. It’s just a spontaneous movement of the players, and you can join it at almost any time.

Albion Online

In each Blue, Yellow, and Red locations, there are outposts which can be taken by any faction. To do this, it’s necessary to kill some guardian mobs and a small boss there and then stay in the circle for a few seconds until the capturing is finished.

Albion Online

If a battle with another faction starts at the location where you capture the outposts, you will gain many more faction points periodically. You don’t even have to take part in the battle. It’ll be enough just to be in the location where it’s going on. Don’t forget to enable the faction flag on the faction NPCs in your capital.

Albion Online

By this way, you can earn a lot of faction points. In turn, these points can be used to purchase tradable items from the faction NPC and then sell these items on the market. Such a method provides about 200-300K silver hourly without any preparations or investments. The downside is that you can’t do this all the time. So it’ll be a good solution for novices to take part in the Faction Warfare while the daily bonuses for faction points are available.

Gathering and fishing in the red and black zones

This is the most profitable method of making money in the early stages of the game. But this method comes with risks. New players, for the most part, are afraid of going to the Red and Black zones. But you should understand at once that Albion Online is a game about constant dying. Look at it this way: your silver income simply increases the cost of gear, which you can afford to lose in the battle. This is the reality of Albion, and I would recommend that you come to terms with it. The Red and Black zones are one of the best sources of income, so equip cheap T4 gear and start learning how to survive.

Albion Online

I have some simple tips for your survival.

  1. Stay off the roads.
  2. Don’t leave your horse.
  3. Don’t be greedy and return to the city every 100-150k silver.
  4. If, when you dismount, you see a red exclamation point on your character and your weapon skills are on cooldown, it means that some player is very close to you. In this case, you must mount your horse immediately and run away.
  5. Don’t get upset when the gankers kill you. It’s inevitable. Just draw the right conclusions and change the nature of your actions.

Albion Online

As for the method itself, it requires some preparation in order to maximize your profit. You need to have Premium and T5 gathering tools for all types of resources that can be gathered in locations near the city of your faction. For example, my faction is Thetford, so the locations near its capital are swamps. There are a lot of fiber bushes, trees, animals for skinning, and fishing spots. The main resource type is fiber, of course. That’s why I’m developing specific harvesting, logging, fishing, and skinning skills.

Albion Online

And that’s why I recommend you set yourself a clear goal: develop the necessary skills to T5. This will allow you to gather all the rare and epic resource nodes in the T5 Black zones near the city. Such a method provides you with a silver income of about 500-800k hourly in the first few days of your playing. Right now, this is the best method that I have come up with for new players.

Collecting faction points and conqueror points in the Red and Black zones

When you enable the Faction Flag, you will receive faction points for any activities in the Blue, Yellow, and Red zones. With these points, you can buy special items from the faction NPC, as I already wrote about above. The items can be sold on the market, so this is also a good source of silver.

Albion Online

But when you do anything in the Black zones, you will earn Favor. This is the currency of the Conqueror’s Challenge, which can be spent on Siphoned Energy, and then you can sell these items on the market for additional income.

Albion Online

Besides, you can earn the Grand Conqueror’s Chest every week if you collect 20k Might. You can see an example of rewards from such a chest in the screenshot above.

Farming on your own island

You must have Premium for this method. When you have your own island, you can build Farms and plant different crops there. Each crop is grown for 22 hours, so you will receive a harvest every day. Each Farm plot will bring you about 30-40k silver profit daily, provided that you have spent focus points on watering it.

Albion Online

It may not seem like much, but if you have 4-5 farm plots, your profit will be around 150-250k silver per day. That’s almost enough to buy a monthly Premium. That’s almost enough to buy a month’s Premium if you farm for 30 days. The main thing is that this income is completely passive. You just visit your island once a day, harvest the grown plants, and replant the seeds. The whole operation takes about 5 minutes, so this method is one of the best in terms of the amount of your effort.

Faction trade missions

You can earn good silver by completing trade contracts, but I must say right away that I don’t recommend it for beginners at all. First of all, you need to invest some money for this, because in order to get a contract you need to have special faction items (Vinehearts for Thetford, for example).

Albion Online

Then, when you have taken the contract, you must travel to the target Red zone and give away the cargo to the NPC. During your journey, you can be killed by gangs of gankers, so you will not only not earn, but even lose your investment and your gear.

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But the funny thing is that this is only the half the trouble. When you give away the cargo to the NPC, he’ll give you his cargo, and you must return to the city on foot with this cargo. That is, you cannot use your mount’s “Journey Back” skill. And this means that during your journey back, you can be killed by gangs of gankers again.

If you are not afraid of risks, you can earn over a million silver hourly in this way. But you should understand that such a method doesn’t improve any of your character’s skills. You just go back and forth. That’s all.

Filling out journals for laborers

This method is rather additional than basic, since the journals themselves are not very expensive. You can take them with you when you go resource gathering. At the time of gathering, the relevant journals will be filled. Then you can sell them on the market for about 4 times more than they were bought.

Albion Online

This provides about 150-200k additional silver hourly. But you also take on extra risks because you have to carry the journals with you, and if you die in the Red or Black zone, you’ll lose them along with everything else.

Concentrate your efforts on developing one gathering skill

This is the main thing that most players perceive as the easiest way to earn a lot of silver. And partly this is true. But it will be some time before you can gather at least T6 resources. Before you start, you should know that your profit from T6 resources will be around 500-700k per hour, or 600-800k per hour using laborer journals.

Albion Online

It’s not as profitable as gathering in the T5 Black zones near the portal. It takes longer to get there and there are more gankers. So I don’t see much point in doing this, unless you are going to reach T8. The main problem is that there is a lot of competition in those locations. If you come to the T6-T7 locations during prime time, you risk not seeing the resources at all.

A Summary of the Tips and Ineffective Practices

Let’s sum up. So what do you need to do to earn silver as fast as possible as a new player?

  1. Join a faction and take part in the Faction Warfare.
  2. Level up your gathering skills to T5 as soon as possible to gather all types of resources in the T5 Black zones near your faction’s portal.
  3. When gathering, take with you the journals of the type of resources you are gathering to get additional profit.
  4. Start developing your farming skills to earn passive income every day. Expand your island.
  5. Don’t waste your time on the following ineffective methods.

Methods that are ineffective include Solo Dungeons, Corrupted Dungeons, Expeditions of some sort, noob-ganking, faction transporting, and all that. All these won’t bring the desired result.

You can try, of course, and maybe you’ll do better. But I have big doubts about this, because as I saw, the loot in the Dungeons is very scarce, Expeditions take a long time, and faction transporting doesn’t develop any of your skills. If you know of any other ways to earn silver for novices, please leave a comment.

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