Palia Renown Guide: How to Earn and Use


Renown in Palia is one of the primary currencies that allows you to expand your housing space and accelerate your character’s development. Renown can be earned by leveling up your hero, improving relationships with NPCs, completing various quests, and achievements. Renown can be spent on purchasing Writs at the City Hall in Kilima Village, as well as at the Phoenix Shrine and Dragon Shrine to increase the experience bonus when using Focus and raise the maximum Focus capacity.

How to Earn Renown

  1. Complete NPC Quests: Renown is among the rewards for completing many quests. Open the quest panel (J) and check the quests you have accepted.
  2. Level Up Your Character: You will receive Renown for each character level you achieve. Character level is the sum of all your Skills levels (such as Fishing, Gardening, Mining, etc.). To level up your character, focus on developing your skills.
  3. Develop Relationships with Villagers: You can earn Renown by simply interacting with NPCs. Once a day in the game, you can talk to each NPC and choose the “Chat with NPC_name” option. This will improve your relationships with NPCs and sometimes reward you with 5 Renown.
    Additionally, when you reach certain relationship levels with NPCs, they will give you special quests that also grant Renown. You can check your relationship levels with NPCs in the “Relationships” panel (L).
  4. Complete Accomplishments: Palia offers a variety of achievements that can be viewed in the “Accomplishments” panel (U). Each achievement has multiple levels, and you will earn Renown upon reaching these levels. The game includes achievements for almost every activity, so you’ll easily find something you enjoy.

How to Spend Renown

There are several ways to spend Renown in Palia MMO. Let’s explore each of them individually.

Purchase Writs

With Writs, you can unlock additional cells on your land plot and expand your farm. Writs can be purchased at the City Hall in Kilima Village. Initially, Writs cost 20 Renown, but their price increases with each purchase.


Phoenix Shrine

You can spend 100 Renown to permanently increase the experience bonus from Focus. The more you enhance the experience bonus, the smaller the increment becomes.

  • Initially, you’ll receive a 5% bonus for every 100 Renown.
  • After reaching a 50% experience bonus, the increment decreases to 2.5% per 100 Renown.
  • After reaching a 75% experience bonus, the increment decreases further to 1% per 100 Renown.

The maximum experience bonus from Focus is 100%, and it requires a total of 4000 Renown to achieve.

The Phoenix Shrine is located in a cave near Phoenix Falls.


Inside, you’ll find a large phoenix statue. Simply approach it and press “Commune” (F).


100 Renown will be deducted from your account, and your experience bonus from Focus will be permanently increased.


You can check your current Focus experience bonus by hovering your cursor over the Focus bar in the “Inventory” section (hotkey “C“).


Dragon Shrine

Similarly, you can spend 100 Renown to increase your character’s maximum Focus capacity. You can check your current maximum Focus capacity in the “Inventory” section (hotkey “C“).

  • Initially, you’ll receive +50 maximum Focus capacity for 100 Renown.
  • After reaching 500 capacity, the increment decreases to +25 per 100 Renown.
  • After reaching 750 capacity, the increment decreases further to +10 per 100 Renown.

The maximum Focus capacity is 1000 units.


However, the Dragon Shrine is initially inaccessible. At a certain point in the game, you will receive a letter from NPC Chayne.


Only after meeting him, you will be able to interact with the Dragon Shrine, which can be found slightly to the east of your housing plot.


Contribute 100 Renown to the large Chinese dragon statue, and your character’s maximum Focus capacity will be permanently increased.

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