Porcini Mushrooms in Undawn: Best Location, Map and Route, Recipes

Porcini Mushrooms in Undawn

Porcini mushrooms cannot be grown in your homestead. The only place you can get them is in the Mt. Ollie, which becomes available starting from character level 100. Porcini mushrooms are extremely important, as they are needed to cook almost all key dishes in the range from levels 100 to 110.

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Porcini Mushrooms - Spawn Point Map, Gathering Route, Recipes | UNDAWN

Best Location & Map

The location where it is most convenient to collect porcini mushrooms is located east of Elros’s Energy Lab in the Mt. Ollie region. Below you can see a map on which the spawn points of the mushrooms themselves are plotted.

Porcini Mushrooms in Undawn

Please note that the actual number of mushrooms that appear at the same time is significantly lower than the number of possible spawn points. For myself, I came up with a counterclockwise looping route, which you also see on the map.

Porcini Mushrooms in Undawn

In this way, in just 15 minutes you can collect from 50 to 100 porcini mushrooms, and possibly even more.

How to Double Your Harvesting Speed

During collection, it is very important to have the Military Compressed Rations buff, which is applied to the character when using the consumable of the same name.

Military Compressed Rations

This consumable can be obtained by completing the daily quest Attack on Radiation Island.

Attack on Radiation Island

While the character is affected by this buff, you will receive twice as many items during gatherings / harvesting in wilderness. This will greatly speed up the process, since you can get 2-4 porcini mushrooms at a time instead of 1-2.

What Are Porcini Mushrooms For?

The fact is that at the moment porcini mushrooms are required to prepare almost all the best food, not counting food for damage. All recipes are below:

  • Damage to zombies;
    Damage to zombies
  • Damage to humans;
    Damage to humans
  • Damage resistance;
    Damage resistance
  • Armor.

If the first two types of food are needed exclusively in PVE, then damage resistance and armor work great even in training matches; therefore, they are required to be used if you do not want to give an advantage to your opponents.

Japanese Seerfish Feast

Porcini mushrooms are also used to prepare Japanese Seerfish Feast, which, as you know, can be sold for gold to other players in the Trade section or used to strengthen your character for 30 minutes before Camp Competitions / Elite Eliminator events. Let me remind you that the buff from feast stacks with the buffs from regular food.

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