SurrounDead Weapons and Weapon System: The Detailed Guide


SurrounDead has a lot of weapons that are well-implemented, has appealing models, and are quite interesting to use in the game. In this SurrounDead weapon guide, you will learn about all the nuances of the game’s weapon system. This information will be most useful for beginners who are just getting acquainted with the world of SurrounDead.

Video guide to SurrounDead weapons

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SurrounDead Weapon System Guide: Types, Quality, Best Guns

How to get to the shooting range

There is a special shooting range in the game where you can test any of the available weapons. To get to the shooting range, click “Play” in the main menu and select the “Shooting Range” game mode.


At the shooting range, you will find crates with all the in-game items, targets to shoot at, and a platform filled with zombies for you to practice shooting.


There is also a partially damaged car at the range; apparently, in case you want to take a ride.

Types of weapons in SurrounDead

Weapons in the game can be divided into several categories by quality, condition, and method of use. Based on the method of use, weapons in the game are divided into:

  • Melee (knives, axes, katanas, etc.);
  • Firearms (pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, etc.);
  • Throwing (Molotov cocktails, grenades, etc.).

Interestingly, each of these types of weapons is equipped in its own separate slot: firearms can be equipped in the primary and secondary weapon slots (pistols have a separate slot), melee weapons – only in the melee weapon slot, and throwing weapons – only in the throwing weapon slot.


Weapons can also have 2 states: normal and damaged. Damaged weapons generally look the same as normal ones, but they are wrapped with duct tape and have a darker icon background in the inventory. If you hover over it with the cursor, you will see a note that the weapon is damaged. Damaged weapons differ from their normal versions by having reduced damage and a chance of jamming during use. For example, you may aim, try to shoot, but nothing happens. In other words, such weapons fire intermittently and are not reliable.


In terms of rarity, SurrounDead weapons are divided into common and legendary. While common weapons have a light gray background, the background of legendary weapons is bright yellow.


Overall, legendary weapons are much more powerful than common ones, but they have one significant problem: the player cannot craft ammunition for all the legendary weapons. They can only be found in raids into dangerous radioactive zones like Creek Prison and Airfield or obtained by clearing infestation points, which are not difficult to find on the map and are also radioactive.

Weapon system in SurrounDead: attachments, reloading, ammunition

In SurrounDead, you can’t just “reload” weapons like in Counter-Strike. First, you need to load a specific magazine suitable for a particular type of weapon, then load the magazine into the weapon itself, and only then can you shoot. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Right-click on the firearm and select “Inspect.”
  2. Drag the magazine from the appearing window into your inventory.
  3. Drag the appropriate ammunition onto the magazine icon to load it.
  4. Drag the magazine back into the magazine slot in the weapon window.

If you have multiple magazines for one weapon, you can simply load additional magazines in your inventory and then press the “R” key while holding the weapon for automatic reloading.

In the same “Inspect” window, you can install additional attachments to your weapon, such as a suppressor, reflex or sniper scope, foregrip, and others, depending on the type of weapon. The best attachments can be found in the most dangerous points of the world, which are usually radioactive.


As for ammunition, almost all types of weapons use different kinds of bullets. Due to this, the already small inventory quickly gets cluttered with ammunition that might not be needed at the moment, but is still too valuable to throw away. That’s why it is highly recommended to use an Ammo Container for storing ammunition – a special box that can only hold bullets.


This is very convenient, but remember that if your weapon is loaded directly without a magazine (like a shotgun or some rifles), the ammunition for it must be in your inventory. You won’t be able to load such a weapon if the ammunition is in the container. At least, not in the current (1.3.7) version of the game.

Which weapon is better to use in SurrounDead

This depends on the goals a player sets for themselves, the level of difficulty, and the current stage of character development. In general, the most advantageous and convenient types of weapons are those that do not require magazines for reloading, such as the R700 rifle, Winchester .45 revolver, and Benelli M4 shotgun. The advantages of such weapons lie in the fact that they can be reloaded without restrictions during combat, without having to drag ammunition into a magazine in the inventory. Moreover, such weapons will not clutter your inventory with additional magazines, which you will definitely carry with you in the case of regular automatic weapons like the AK-47.


As for melee weapons, higher damage does not always mean the weapon is better. In this case, the best choice will be a weapon with the highest attack speed. The fact is that if you defend yourself from zombies by swinging, for example, a sledgehammer, they will almost certainly manage to injure you in the breaks between the rather slow blows. For this reason, I recommend using something light and one-handed: hatchets, police batons, machetes, etc.


Speaking of weapon power, legendary weapons will always be better than regular ones. They deal significantly more damage, have better characteristics, and look much more impressive. However, as I mentioned, finding ammunition for them on high difficulty levels is an extremely challenging and slow task, which makes these weapons almost useless. You wouldn’t carry a massive sniper rifle across the entire map just to make 5 shots and then stash it back in the trunk of your car, right?


Therefore, unfortunately, some legendary weapons (especially sniper rifles) in SurrounDead are currently considered junk. They only make sense if you play with the maximum loot multiplier. But then the survival aspect of the game is lost since you will find almost EVERYTHING you need in EACH chest. Players should only hunt for legendary weapons that use standard ammunition, such as 7.62, 5.56, and 9mm.

Should you use silencers?

Absolutely. The game features a stealth system that allows players to silently kill zombies in close combat from behind by sneaking up on them. The fact is that zombies in the game have a certain angle and range of vision, as well as hearing. By equipping your rifle with a silencer, you can safely shoot zombies from a distance without fearing that they will chase you. They will simply stand and obediently take damage.

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