The Simplest Autoclicker for RAID: Shadow Legends on PC

RAID: Shadow Legends

The use of autoclickers in RAID: Shadow Legends is not prohibited. This practice has been present in the game almost from the first day after its release. Players have raised the subject of helpful software many times. As we understood from the words of the Plarium developers, if a program doesn’t interfere with the work of the game client, that is, isn’t a cheat, it can be used.

Anyway, I have to warn you that you’re only using such programs at your own risk. And, despite the fact that I can’t think of a single case where a player was banned for using such software, you should still be careful. That’s why today I will show you the safest way to autofarm in RAID, which will not affect the game client at all.

Installing an Emulator

As you may know, there are programs that allow one to play mobile games on a PC. These programs are known as emulators. They run like a regular desktop application and simulate Android or iOS systems. The most convenient and simple of such programs is BlueStacks. That emulator is completely free to use, and its installation and configuration don’t require special skills. In any case, I will help you make it work.

  1. Visit the official BlueStacks website and download the program. As I said above, it’s free.
  2. Install the emulator on your PC like any other program. Just run the installer and follow the instructions: specify a directory, change the language, and so on.
  3. After installing, you will need to sign in with your Google account to get access to Play Store. This works exactly the same way as on smartphones. But if you don’t trust BlueStacks, you can create a new Google account to play games.
  4. And here is the BlueStacks desktop. Here, you can install almost any Android game and play it. Games can be installed through Game Center, BlueStacks X, or Google Play. It’s all the same, so I will show you the most familiar way using the Google Play Store.
    BlueStacks desktop
  5. Launch the Play Store and search for the game by its name: RAID: Shadow Legends.
    RAID in Play Store
  6. Install the game and run it. Does it work? 😉 Well, let us configure an autoclicker for RAID.

Setting Up an Autoclicker for Farming Dungeons

To make the autoclicker work, we will use a macro. We will record a click on the “Replay” button in the game and make it cycle. Don’t worry, it’s very easy.

  1. Launch the game and complete the passage of any dungeon you need. Stop at the battle results screen and open the Macro Manager by clicking on the corresponding icon in the side panel.
    Macro Manager
  2. Now, you should do the following: 1) Click “Record“; 2) Then click “Replay” in the game; 3) Stop recording at once. Look at the pictures.
    Record a macro
    Stop recording
  3. That’s all! Now we have a macro. Let’s rename it to “RAID Autofarm“.
    Macro for autoclicker
  4. Then open the “Setting” of the macro and change the “Repeat execution” option to the “Infinitely until stopped” mod. Have fun! 😀
    Macro Setting

Now you can launch any dungeon in RAID and run the macro.

Launching the macro

It will repeat until you turn it off manually or until the energy on your account runs out.

Macro in work

Of course, you can change those settings as you wish. And, of course, similar macros will work not only in RAID but also in any game you will be playing.

Improvement of Performance and Graphics Quality

Now that you know the basics, let’s configure our emulator.

  1. Open the menu and select “Settings“.
  2. On the “Performance” tab, make sure you have selected the maximum number of CPU cores, maximum RAM, and 60 FPS.
    It doesn’t make sense to set a higher frame rate if you have a 60Hz monitor. Such a monitor can only show 60 frames per second, so you will not physically see more frames, but your video card will be producing extra ones. I think you don’t want this.
  3. On the “Display” tab, you can select the screen resolution and DPI. The higher these values, the smoother and more detailed the image in games, but the greater the load on your video card.
    I have an RX 580, so I don’t care about those options. But if you have an average or weak computer, you have to lower the resolution and DPI. This will give you a performance boost.
  4. Lastly, make sure that you switch the “Graphic Engine Mode” to “Performance.” You can also change the graphics renderer if some game ever requires it.

For now, that’s all! Hope you’re enjoying this RAID autofarm method. If you’re having questions, please write a comment below. I’ll try to help you as I can. Thanks for reading and happy raiding! 😎

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