Tips for beginners in Albion Online

Albion Online

Newcomers to Albion Online often find themselves in a difficult situation. Since the game is a sandbox MMORPG, no one tells them what to do. This article will help newbies avoid popular mistakes and progress faster.

It should be noted that all these tips are based only on my personal gaming experience. So, if you disagree with any of these tips, just tell us why you think so in the comments.

Choose a specific direction for your character progress

Progress in Albion Online is represented by a form of Destiny Tree. This is your character’s talent tree. And a big mistake for new players is to try to progress in all possible directions. This especially concerns gathering and crafting. It is difficult to progress in these directions. So, if you try to progress in skinning, farming, fishing, mining and crafting all the equipment at the same time, you won’t achieve anything.

Albion Online

It is necessary to develop each line of talent separately. Choose one or two areas that you like and start improving them. It is better to be a master at one thing than to be a noob at everything.

But in the future, it will be wise to level up few gatherer talents that need to gain all types of resources in one location. Your choice will depend on the locations around the city of the faction which you choose, because around each city there are different type of locations with different combinations of resource types.

Albion Online

So, when you level up, say, skinning to level 5, you can also level up the Lumberjack and Fiber Harvester talents to level 5. In this way, you’ll be able to gather all kinds of rare and epic resources from one location.

Albion Online

The high-level resources cost a lot. This will be a good opportunity to earn more silver. But you will still need to choose a primary resource type for yourself, because the gear for gathering only works for one specific resource.

Albion Online

With battle equipment, everything is more difficult there, because first you need to form your build, and then develop it. For this reason, equipment talent trees level up significantly faster than others. Don’t worry about that, because next I’ll show you how to level up gear talents very quickly.

Use Learning Points carefully

Learning Points are used to instantly upgrade skills after reaching the 20% points threshold. It makes your progress much faster. For this reason, it will be wise to use Learning Points to level up gathering and crafting.

Albion Online

For example, you need reach 140k points to upgrade the Fiber Harvester skill from level 4 to level 5 (expert). But if you have enough Learning Points, you may only reach 20% of those 140k, which is 28k. This will save you a lot of time because even getting 10k points takes hours. Compared to gathering skills, combat skills level up much faster.

Join a faction

Every city in Albion, with the exception of Caerleon, has its own faction. And each faction has its own territory, on which the outpost captured by it are located. Faction outposts do nothing and are not needed for anything. But neighboring factions can capture them from each other gaining faction points.

Albion Online

When you belong to a faction, you can also enable the Faction Flag. This mean that you will be flagged as an aggressive player toward other factions. You will be able to attack them, and they will be able to attack you. But this applies only to the Blue and Yellow zones. In the Red and Black zones, players will always be able to attack you.

Albion Online

What matters is that as long as you flagged for PVP with players from other factions, you will receive faction points and reputation for almost every activity in the game. The reputation gives you a rank boost, and the faction points can be spent on buying faction rewards.

Albion Online

Earning Faction Points is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money, as items from the faction store can be sold on the market.

Albion Online

That’s why you need to be flagged for faction PVP every time in this game.

Participate in the capture of outposts with your faction

Outpost rush is a great way to make a lot of money in a short time. Players in Albion Online almost constantly capture each other’s outposts. When this happens, you might see a special icon with two swords on the global map. This means that this outpost is under attack.

Albion Online

So just open the map from time to time, and when your faction will start taking over an enemy outpost, join them. Capturing an outpost in Albion is an easy matter. You just need to kill all the outpost guards and stay in the circle for a few seconds until the capture is complete.

Albion Online

In this way, you can earn about 200-400k silver per hour. But be careful in the Red zones, because the enemy faction may try to repel your attack. During such battles, you will lose all your inventory if you die.

Albion Online

So if you are new, do not participate in this. Just run away and hope they don’t catch up with you. Better yet, do not take part in the capture of outposts in the Red zones for some time at all.

After such deadly battles, or even during them, you can try to scavenge loot from the dead. But only do this if you know what you’re doing. It will be necessary to dress your character in cheap equipment in advance and be prepared for sudden death.

Play Arena every day

As you can see, hopefully this game is primarily about constant battles. So it would not be bad to be able to fight. The Arena is the best training ground for these purposes. There you won’t lose your equipment if you die.

Albion Online

Even you lose, you’ll receive some low-quality Tomes of Insight. But if you win, you’ll receive a Premium Victory Pouch and a Sealed Royal Sigil (limited to 3 per day). Sigils are needed for crafting, but you can easily sell it on the market. You also receive a Crystal Arena Chest when you move to a higher league, and Premium Victory Pouches will be of a higher quality. In this way, you will be able to level up your combat skills quickly.

Dress your character properly

It is really important to choose the right clothes for your character. The first thing you need to know is that high-tier low-quality equipment usually costs less than low-tier high-quality equipment, but it gives more stat boost.

Albion Online

Thus, when choosing equipment on the market make sure that you find the most profitable option.

Albion Online

The second is the type of gear. Let’s say you want to use the helmet and boots from the Purity set on the Arena, because the parts of this set give the best HP bonus. If we look at these parts on the market, we can see that they are really the best, but the prices are much higher than the prices on other cloth parts.

Albion Online

But if the unique skills of these parts do not matter, you can try to find low-tier equipment with higher upgrades.

Albion Online

Sometimes this may be more beneficial.

And the third thing you need to know necessarily is that when you going to the Red or Black zones, you need to put your basic equipment to the bank. While you are a beginner, your gear for raiding the Red and Black zones should be very cheap. Because if you die there, you will lose everything you have in your inventory. So things of the 4th tier for 10-15k are your choose.

Don’t be afraid to raid the Red and Black zones

First of all, you need to know that on the territory of the Red and Black zones operate real organized crime. And if you smile now, wait a little bit until they will catch you and take all your inventory. After that, you won’t laugh.

Albion Online

If you are a solo player, don’t be afraid to go there. You will die a lot, that’s a fact. But if you will prepare wisely for raids, you will succeed. I have some simple tips for you.

  1. Dress up your character as cheaply as you can.
  2. Don’t stray far from the exit points from the location.
  3. If you see any enemy players nearby, run away from the location.
  4. Take short walks to the Red and Black zones and return when you get 100-200k silver worth of loot.

And the main rule for you: never relax. Because when you relax, they will find you, they will dismount you, and you will die. Once again, don’t be afraid to die. Everyone in this game will die sooner or later and lose all their inventory. The art is that to always be in the black.

Develop your own island

Each player in Albion Online can purchase their own island. The island is a passive source of silver. There you can build houses, hire laborers, and send them to work. The laborers work for 22 hours and return to the houses with resources. The higher the tier of laborers, the higher the tier of resources they bring after work.

Albion Online

On your island, you can also grow plants and animals, including mounts. All this is a passive source of silver for you. Of course, at first you will earn small sums of money – about 100-300k per day.

Albion Online

But in the future, you will be able to expand your island and earn more and more. Players who have reached the maximum Farming level can earn up to 3 million silver every day. That’s why it is worth starting to develop your island as soon as possible.

Fill out journals

Even if you don’t have laborers, you can earn money by filling out the journals. For example, an empty Expert Gamekeeper’s Journal costs about 4-5k silver.

Albion Online

But when you fill out this journal by skinning level 5-7 animals, it will cost over 20k silver. So if you are an active grinder, you can earn about 30-50k extra silver every hour. This is not much, but great wealth exactly consists of such small pieces.

Open treasures chests

They sometimes appear in locations. After a few minutes, the treasure chest can be opened, but there is PVP zone around it. Treasures from the chest can be taken by several players at the same time, and you must take the loot first. Most likely, you will have to fight for it.

Albion Online

Anyway, the game is worth the candle, because in the Treasure Chest you can find very valuable things. Once I managed to get a tier 8 cape worth 600k in a tier 5 location. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture this moment. But I hope you take my word for it.

Carry a fishing rod with you

When you farm in locations with water, take a fishing rod. And if you see a fish near the shore, throw the bait rod and catch it. It’s simple but it’s useful because you may earn an additional 30-50k silver per hour this way.

Albion Online

This is not a bad income for newbies.

Grind more and grind faster

Many players don’t try to earn silver by just quickly grinding. They are constantly trying to find “secret methods” of earning millions. They spend hours doing this and forget that they can just gather resources and kill mobs.

Albion Online

Even if you are a beginner, you can earn about 150-250k silver per hour this way. Just find a good spot and grind, grind, grind. Don’t forget that at the same time you will earn Faction Points. Or you might play the Arena from time so that you don’t get bored.

Raid the Roads of Avalon

As you travel through the open world, you can find portals to the Roads of Avalon. The color of the portals indicates how many players can enter inside at the same time: green – 2, blue – 7, yellow – 20. When the portal’s capacity is full, it stops letting players in for a while.

Inside the portal, the Road of Avalon waits you. This is a Black zone, so if you die you will lose everything you have in the inventory. But if you don’t die, you will find Treasure Chests on the map. To take a treasure, you must first kill all the mobs which protect this treasure. Only then will you be able to open the chest.

Albion Online

But be very, very careful, because gankers don’t doze off. And if you think that they aren’t there, then you are very much wrong. They only think how to catch someone like you, believe me.

Use a calculator

Money is very important in this game. If you want to earn a lot of silver, a calculator is your best friend. Before doing anything, check the market prices and then use a calculator to calculate your profit. This applies to almost all activities in Albion Online. So remember a simple rule: first calculate, then do.

There are many special calculators on the web for calculating profits from different types of activities. They are free to use and you can earn more silver thanks to them.

Now that’s all. Don’t forget to write your opinion about these tips in the comments. Good luck! 😉

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