Undawn Charisma Guide: Everything You Need to Know


The charisma system in Undawn operates on the principle that the more “Appearances” you have in your Wardrobe, the higher your charisma will be. Increasing your charisma level grants access to a store where you can acquire unique titles, appearances, and character customization items. Let me walk you through the details I’ve gathered.

How to Check Your Current Charisma Level

Navigate to the Esc menu and select Wardrobe. Your current charisma level and points will be displayed in a special window next to your character.


How to Increase Your Charisma Level

To raise your charisma level, you need to add new Appearances to your Wardrobe, such as hairstyles and clothing items. Additionally, your charisma level increases when you acquire new vehicles. It’s worth noting that titles and avatars do not contribute to charisma points.


As of the time of writing this guide, there are six charisma levels:

  • Level 1 = 0 Charisma
  • Level 2 = 505 Charisma
  • Level 3 = 1005 Charisma
  • Level 4 = 2005 Charisma
  • Level 5 = 4005 Charisma
  • Level 6 = 6005 Charisma

Different appearances grant varying amounts of charisma points. While the point values are not specified in the item descriptions, they can be found in the Wardrobe section when highlighting an item that you don’t yet have in your collection. Appearances of “blue” quality typically add 5 Charisma points, “purple” quality adds 10-40 points, and “yellow” quality adds 50 points or more. However, there are several exceptions to this rule.

How to Obtain Appearances to Increase Charisma Level

If you have the option to make in-game purchases, you can simply acquire various outfits and vehicles from the in-game store. However, if you’re a free-to-play player (or make occasional purchases), there are several ways to steadily increase your Charisma through gameplay:

  1. Earn New Appearances by Completing Quests: Highlight items in the “Wardrobe” section to learn how to obtain them. For instance, some hairstyles can be obtained by completing easy side missions.
    You can also acquire new appearances by completing missions in the “Adventure Guide,” “Wilderness Anecdote,” and “Past Reflections” sections (accessible through EscStory).
  2. Acquire New Vehicles: Use the Mechanic Station to craft motorcycles and cars using blueprints available to you. Some blueprints can be obtained from the Reputation Shop, while others can be found in the Camp Contribution Shop.
  3. Purchase Appearances in the Reputation Shop: Increase your reputation level in different Undawn settlements by completing side missions there. Once you reach the required reputation level, you can purchase special appearances in the EscMarketReputation Shop section.
  4. Purchase appearances in the Store section: Some appearances are available in the StoreOutfit section for purchase using Gold.
    appearances in the Store section
  5. Exchange Exploration Points for Unique Appearances: While exploring the open world of Undawn, you’ll come across various crates containing Exploration Points. Exchange these points for useful items, including appearances, in the EscMarketExploration Shop.
  6. Participate in Events: Undawn holds one or more events each week. These events allow you to perform simple daily activities, earn special event points, and then exchange them in the event store for useful items, including appearances.

At the moment, these are all the ways I know of to obtain appearances through gameplay. The post will be updated if new methods are discovered. You can assist me by sharing valuable information in the comments.

Why Increase Your Charisma Level?

By increasing your character’s Charisma level, you can acquire unique outfits, hairstyles, and titles for silver in the EscMarketCharisma Shop. The most useful items in this shop include:

  • Beauty Card (Charisma level 2) – Use it to edit your character’s appearance.
  • Hairstyle Card (Charisma level 2) – Use it to change your character’s hairstyle (e.g., change hair color).


It’s worth noting that every player receives 1 Beauty Card for free during the early stages of the game. So, if you simply want to change your character’s appearance, check your inventory. You probably already have a Beauty Card there if you haven’t used it before.


There’s also a Charisma ranking in the game (EscLeaderboard). As far as I know, it doesn’t carry any practical benefits on its own.


If you have additional useful information on this topic, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments, friends! The website is read by a large number of Undawn players, and you have a real opportunity to help them with your advice.

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