Undawn Golden Desert Climb Challenge Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Climb challenges in the Golden Desert are not the easiest content, especially for newcomers to Undawn. In this brief guide, I will tell you how to easily complete any climb challenge and provide some helpful materials to assist you in doing so.

Map of Climb Challenges in Golden Desert (20 locations)

Use this map to locate all climb challenges. There are 20 marked locations on it.

Undawn, Climb Challenges map

Just a reminder, the starting point of a climb challenge looks like what’s shown in the screenshot below, and its icon is displayed on the mini-map.


How to Start a Climb Challenge

To initiate a climb challenge, you must be part of a team. However, this doesn’t mean you have to invite someone else. You can do it solo: just click “Create Team” in the team management interface on the left.


Afterward, you can immediately launch any climb challenge.

How to Easily Complete Any Climb Challenge

The essence of climb challenges is that you need to ascend high up on specially designated objects and reach a specific point to complete the mission. The difficulty lies in the fact that during the process, you’re likely to make mistakes and fall, after which you’ll have to start over.

However, you can significantly speed up your progress by using the Extension Ladder and Safety Rope, which can be crafted through the character’s crafting menu (press the “O” key). You can only set up one Extension Ladder and Safety Rope at a time. To set up each subsequent one, you’ll need to dismantle the previous one.


To set them up, select Extension Ladder or Safety Rope in your inventory and click “Use” in the context menu.


Place Extension Ladder and Safety Rope in challenging spots and / or shorten your path to the goal using these tools. The screenshots below provide a straightforward example. You can start climbing from the bottom, jumping from object to object…


Or simply set up an Extension Ladder and find yourself right next to the finish point.


Much easier, isn’t it? 😉

Completing All Climb Challenges (Video)

If you still encounter difficulties while attempting climb challenges in Undawn, check out the video from the “Mobile Game” channel attached below.

YouTube video cover
Undawn Climb Challenge 20/20 Golden Desert

In this video, the author demonstrates the completion of all 20 climb challenges, along with their locations on the map.

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