Undawn Extreme Weather Guide (Map Events): Free Materials and Coupons for Everyone

Undawn Blood Moon

Every day on the global map of Undawn, various events take place in different regions, where you can earn over 1250 Coupons and a significant amount of raw materials. Essentially, you just need to visit the designated locations in the region where the event is happening and collect your resources. During the process, you may have to fight some mobs.

Extreme Weather Event Schedule

In certain regions of the Undawn map, starting from Redwood Forest and above, there are periodic “Extreme Weather” events. At the time of writing this guide (my character is level 57), there are known to be three such events: Blood Moon, Rust Rain, and Radiation Particle.


You can check the Extreme Weather event schedule using the map (M). In the top left corner, there is a widget that displays the weather and information about the Extreme Weather event.


If you click on the “More” icon in this widget, the schedule will open, where you can see the time and region for the upcoming Blood Moon, Rust Rain, and Radiation Particle events.

How to Obtain Rewards for Participating in Extreme Weather

You can obtain rewards for any of the “Extreme Weather” events by visiting specific zones on the regional map. The zones are generated after the event starts and exist for approximately 10-15 minutes. They are divided into three ranks:

  • Rank C (4): raw materials;
  • Rank B (2): unique seeds / unique fertilizers for them;
  • Rank A (1): mini-boss.



Initially, at the start of the event, all zones are hidden and appear on the map as a general icon with a question mark. The player who visits a zone first can observe it (a corresponding button will appear on the screen) and receive a small reward of 200-1000 silver for doing so. Afterward, the zone’s rank icon will start to appear on the global map for all players.


In the event schedule interface, you can see that each of the rewards has certain limits. Let’s consider each zone separately.

Rank A: Mini-Boss

The reward for defeating the mini-boss can be obtained once a week, and this counter is shared across all regions. Additionally, the mini-boss is shared among all players, so you must participate in its kill to receive the reward (exact conditions are currently unknown). After defeating the boss, it disappears and reappears only with the next event.


As a reward, players receive 1 Extreme Weather Kill Chest, which can be opened to obtain 1 Accessory Manual or 1 Protective Alloy (these items are needed for character development in the late game).

Rank B: Unique Plants

The number of items you can obtain per week from Rank B zones (unique seeds / unique fertilizers for them) is tied to a specific event. For example, once a week, you can obtain 5 Blood Moon Crystal Powder, 5 Rueful Cuckoo Seeds, and 5 Koller Ghost Plant Seeds.


To obtain the seeds, you must visit a Rank B zone during the “Rust Rain” or “Radiation Particle” events and simply gather the unique plants that appear there. These plants are marked with red stars on the mini-map.


To obtain unique fertilizers that are suitable only for the unique seeds from Extreme Weather events, you must visit a Rank B zone during the “Blood Moon” event and gather the unique red crystals that appear there.


Next, you can plant the collected unique seeds on your Farmland, just like any other seeds. The plants will grow in 4 hours of real-time, after which you can harvest them and exchange them for Coupons (simply select them in your inventory and choose the corresponding option in the context menu).


Each plant is worth 50 Coupons: 5 seed packs = 25 plants = 1250 Coupons.


Considering that there are 2 types of unique plants available, you can earn 2500 free Coupons every week. Using unique fertilizers increases the crop yield!

Rank C: Raw Materials

The number of raw materials packs you can obtain daily is shared across all events (20 packs). There are a total of 4 Rank C zones on the map.


In the C zones, there are 3 blue pickups. Around the vehicles, there is a small group of human mobs with firearms that are relatively easy to defeat. Afterward, you must approach each vehicle and collect 1 Raw Materials Pack from them. In total, you can obtain up to 12 Raw Materials Packs per event.


Each Raw Materials Pack contains 30 units of random “green” material and 15 units of random “blue” material. However, you will always receive the best materials available for gathering at your stage of the game. For example, in the level range of 50-60, you will always receive raw materials that are obtained in Koller Mines, regardless of which region the event takes place in.


Thus, every day you can obtain a total of 600 units of “green” rarity resources and 300 units of “blue” rarity resources completely for free. All you need to do is log into the game during the event and collect them from the C zones.

TOP SECRET: How to Gather Resources from 20 Trucks in One Go

This trick was shared with me by my friend Dejo, with whom we play in the same camp (Outlaws). As you already know, during one event on the map, only 12 trucks appear, and with a daily limit of 20 resource collection attempts, you would need to participate in the event twice to reach the cap.

However, you can teleport to Raven Shelter (in the Seinz Hills region), open the map (M), and switch to another District in the top right corner of the interface. After that, you can return to the event and collect resources from the same trucks again.

Seinz Hills, District switching

Districts in Undawn are somewhat like parallel servers. Each district has a user limit. This is done to avoid excessive load on the device, as is common in classic PC MMORPGs (I remind you that this is a mobile game). Thanks to this feature, you can gather resources from 20 trucks in one event, not two.


Participating in “Extreme Weather” events is highly profitable. It requires minimal effort or costs from you. You only need to check the event schedule and be present in the specified region at the specified time. This way, you can daily acquire a large number of raw materials without the need to manually gather them for hours, and earn up to 2500 Coupons per week.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have anything to add or if I missed mentioning something important in this guide. Your input will help not only the website but also tens of thousands of its readers. Good luck! 😉

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