Undawn NPC Relationship Guide

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In Undawn, every player has the opportunity to develop relationships with specific NPCs by giving them food. As a reward for each level of relationship increased, players receive a small number of items to strengthen their characters.

an achievement

Please note that in the game, there is an achievement where you must build relationships with 10 different NPCs to the maximum level. As a reward, you will receive an Enhanced Syringe, which will permanently boost your character’s stats. This is why you should not ignore this mechanic.

NPCs with whom you can develop relationships

To view a list of all NPCs with whom you can develop relationships, open the Esc menu, go to “Settlement,” and navigate to the “Relationship” tab (represented by a heart icon).


There are a total of 6 levels of NPC relationships available in Undawn: Unfamiliar, Acquaintances, Familiar, Admired, Close, and Chemistry. The official in-game documentation claims that there are 7 levels of relationships, but I have only discovered 6 of them.


With each level of relationship increased with an NPC, you will receive small rewards. Among the most valuable items in these rewards are Silicon Carbide Particles and Talent Points.

How to increase your level of relationship with NPCs

To increase your level of relationship with NPCs, you must give them food. First, find out where a specific NPC resides. To do this, open the Esc menu, go to “Settlement,” navigate to the “Relationship” tab (heart icon), and select the desired NPC. The “Faction” column will indicate the settlement where you can find this NPC.


Next, approach the NPC and select the “Gift” option. A special interface will open through which you can give the NPC food from your inventory. Be attentive: each type of food increases the relationship differently (+10-30 points). However, you can only give 10 units of food per day, and this counter is shared among all NPCs.


Each NPC has several favorite types of food, marked with hearts in the list (they are also indicated in the character dossier under the “Settlement” section). Such food always increases the relationship with the NPC by 30 points. Therefore, you can gain up to 300 relationship points with any NPC daily.

Read a separate cooking guide in Undawn. This will help you cook food faster and more efficiently.

The official in-game documentation for Undawn notes that giving food to NPCs may randomly trigger a special mission, completing which will additionally increase the relationship with that character.

Where to find Sherry

It makes sense to start with Sherry since increasing your relationship with her will grant you the highest amount of Silicon Carbide Particles, which are very useful for character development. Personally, I didn’t find her right away.


Sherry lives in Ravens Shelter, located in the Seinz Hills region. Inside the building with a helipad on the rooftop, just behind Trey Jones (the character resembling Will Smith), there is a door leading to Raven’s Underground Base.


Inside, right in front of the entrance, you will find Sherry.


At this moment, this is all the information I’ve managed to gather about NPC relationships in Undawn. If you have any questions, observations, or anything else to add, feel free to write in the comments. This will not only help the website but also benefit tens of thousands of its readers.

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