Undawn Redemption and Creator Codes: How to Get and Use


There are two types of codes that you can enter in Undawn: redemption codes and creator codes.

  • Redemption Codes are regular promo codes that work for a limited time and allow you to receive one-time gifts.
  • Creator Codes are codes from Undawn content creators. They also guarantee a one-time gift during an event (the event may not always be available). You can only support one content creator by using their code.

How to Get Working Redemption Codes

The best source for redemption codes is the official Undawn Discord server. Working codes are periodically posted in the pinned section “undawn-codes.”

Undawn discord

How to Use Redemption Codes

  1. Go to the “Perks” section
  2. In the top tab (with a gift icon), open the Redemption Center
  3. Enter the code in the text field and click “Redeem


The gifts will be delivered instantly through in-game mail. These gifts could include unique outfits, silver, or useful items.


Working Redemption Codes

As of the last update of this post, the following Undawn redemption codes were working:

  • UNDAWN1019 (Europe/NA servers)
  • UNDAWN2023 (Europe/NA servers)
  • UndawnCreatorEu

It’s important to emphasize that the game developers are the only source of valid codes, and these codes have expiration dates. If something doesn’t work, please don’t get upset – I’m not to blame 😄.

How to Get a Working Creator Code

Undawn has a system to reward content creators that YouTube channel owners and creators on other popular platforms can join. Each content creator gets their unique code. You can use this code in the game to support them, and in return, you’ll receive a small gift. The choice of which content creator to support does not affect the value of the gift.

You can also find content creators on the official Undawn Discord server in the “creators” section. There, creators post their videos, which you can watch to decide who deserves your support.

Undawn discord

If you need a creator code right here and right now, you can find one within 10 seconds using Discord. Many content creators include their codes right in their Discord nicknames. So, all you need to do is simply enter “creator code” in the search field, choose any code you like, and enter it in the game.

Undawn discord

You can use the creator code in the “Perks” → Creator code section during an event (the section may be unavailable when the event is off).


If you have any questions or if you’d like to add something to this post, please don’t hesitate to write in the comments.

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