Undawn Tactical Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Undawn Tactic Guide

Tactical Training is a new way to enhance your character, added in the Western version of Undawn with the “Island of Mist” update on October 19, 2023. With tactical training, players can choose enhancements for their group of 4 people: PVP or PVE. At the moment, I haven’t fully explored this mechanic, so the information is presented as “as I understand it.”

How to activate the Tactic

To choose a Tactic, go to EscSkillsTactic.

Undawn tactics

Before you can use a tactic, you need to activate it. To do this, you will need 5 Battle Tactics Text, which you can purchase in the StoreGold section or obtain by completing daily tasks.

Undawn tactics

Click on “Activate Tactic,” and the Tactic will become available for use.

How to enable and use the Tactic

First, you must select a Default Tactic. To do this, click the “Default Setting” button. The selected tactic will be used by default in all battles. For clear reasons, I recommend choosing the PVP tactic “Raging Seas” as the default (or its level 100 alternative).

Undawn tactics

To use an activated tactic in battle, you must be in a group of 4 people. When entering any game mode, the effect of the tactic with the highest rating among the group will be applied to all four players. The effect lasts for 30 minutes. You will see a notification in the middle of the screen.

Undawn tactics

While in battle (e.g., in Training Match or The Lost City), you cannot change the default tactic, but you can switch tactics:

  1. Go to EscSkillsTactic.
  2. Select the current active tactic and click the “Go Release” button.
  3. Choose the tactic you want to activate for that specific battle.

Undawn tactics

After such a switch, the default tactic will not change.

How Many Tactics are Available in the Game

Currently, there are 4 tactics available in the game: 2 of them unlock at level 90, and the other 2 unlock at level 100.
However, if you are in a group and select an active tactic and press the “Go Release” button, you will see 4 more hidden tactics in the list. It seems that they will become available much later.

available tactics

The full list of known tactics at the moment is as follows:

  • Raging Seas (PVP, Lv. 90)
  • Balanced (PVE, Lv. 90)
  • Durability (PVE, Lv. 100)
  • Support (PVP, Lv. 100)
  • Destruction (unknown, presumably Lv. 110)
  • Ripper (unknown, presumably Lv. 110)
  • Defend! (unknown, presumably Lv. 120)
  • Harmony (unknown, presumably Lv. 120)

How to develop the Tactic

Tactics have levels and ratings, which are displayed at the top of the interface.

Undawn tactics

The interface of the tactic itself consists of 4 positions connected by several “Essentials.” If you click on the icon of any of the positions, you will see a list of current and future bonuses provided by the Tactic.

Undawn tactics

Essentials provide additional bonuses to your team, such as +1% Weakness Damage Resistance, +4 Damage, and others. Essentials can be learned in any sequence. Each learning requires 2 Tactics Records and 20 Tactic Samples. You can obtain these resources through gameplay, by completing tasks in the Schedule section, or purchase them for RC in the Store.

Undawn tactics

Please note that each learned node increases the rating of the Tactic (and the rating of your character) by the number of points indicated in the header of that node.

Undawn tactics

You can also upgrade the Tactic to obtain stronger bonuses. To upgrade the Tactic, you need Battle Tactic Text (e.g., 15 of them to go from level 1 to level 2). Additionally, you must first learn all available Essentials (nodes with bonuses) at the current level of the tactic.

How the Tactics works

The effect of the tactic is automatically activated in the corresponding game modes when the character is part of a 4-player group. If the group consists of more than 4 players (Camp Competition, Radiation Island, and other modes), the tactic’s effect will not be activated.

According to official in-game reference materials, the tactic’s effect works in the following 4-player modes:

  • Daily XP events (PVE),
  • Hard and Nightmare Weekly Special Ops (PVE),
  • Astral Tower (PVE),
  • Training Matches (PVP),
  • Air Drop / Supplies / Fuel Battles (PVE),
  • Wilderness Whirlwind (PVE),
  • Foggy Battle (PvPvE),
  • Raven Invitational (PVP),
  • Elite Eliminator (PVP).

Players will be affected by the Tactic with the highest rating available in the team. The rating of the tactic depends on its level and the number of learned “Essentials.”

Undawn tactics

Depending on the position in the group, players receive corresponding bonuses. The captain (position #1) gets the most powerful bonus, and the other 3 players get a weaker one (-1%).

Undawn tactics

However, you can change the positions of players in your group. To do this, select the active tactic, press “Go Release,” and drag the player’s avatar to the desired position.

position management

How Essentials Work

In addition to their main effect, each tactic includes 10 Essentials. Essentials are small nodes that can be unlocked in any order.


My initial tests have shown that Essentials affect the player independently of the selected tactic or the presence of a group of 4 people. They work similarly to passive skills: ALL learned Essentials from ALL tactics affect the player simultaneously, regardless of which tactic is active at the moment.

Undawn tactics

This means that if, for example, you’ve leveled up 2 Essentials for +5 Damage from the “Raging Seas” tactic and 2 Essentials for +4 Damage from the “Balanced” tactic, your character gains +18 Damage in ALL modes.

In simple terms, we will need to develop ALL available tactics and do so evenly in order to unlock as many Essentials as possible, which will passively strengthen the character in all modes.


Develop and use Tactics in Undawn as actively as possible. At first glance, 3.5% damage may seem trivial, but the sum of such details is the difference between victory and defeat. Additionally, developing Tactics increases your character’s rating.

Undawn tactics

If you have additional information on this topic or some questions about Tactics in Undawn, feel free to leave comments under this post.

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