What to do in Albion Online – TOP 10 most interesting activities

Albion Online

In Albion Online, there are not so many things to do as you might think. The game is indeed a roleplay sandbox, but in fact, the main pastime comes down to only a few activities. Even if you have many friends in the game or you play with a guild, you will still have to deal with these things almost every day. Because otherwise, there is just nothing to do at all.

Play Arena

The Arena is the best PVP mode in Albion Online. You can play both unranked mode and ranked mode, which is called Crystal Arena. In battles in a simple Arena, IP (Item Power) over 700 points is reduced by 95%. In battles in the Crystal Arena, IP over 900 points is reduced by 80%. Such a system ensures a fair balance, leaving room for growth.

Albion Online

The main advantage of the Arena is that you can play it at any time. As a reward, you will receive bags with trophies, silver, and Tomes of Insight. The higher the league of the Crystal Arena you reach, the better the contents of the bags will be. So you can just play in the Arena to develop your weapon and armor skills and at the same time improve your own combat skills, which will be very useful in open world battles in the future.

Take part in a Faction Warfare

This occupation fits players who are fond of massive multiplayer battles. When other players start capturing outposts, you can join them too. Or you can initiate the Faction Warfare yourself by simply attacking some enemy outpost with a few allies. Faction Points are added to your account for capturing outposts themselves, for killing enemies, and periodically during any hostile actions against other factions when you are flagged.

Albion Online

By participating in the Faction Warfare, you will also increase your rank. The rank is displayed next to your nickname when you’re flagged. So you will get not only fun, but also glory and silver. It is quite a curiosity to take part in a massive battle with a hundred other players. At any rate, most players like it.

Hunt noobs in Yellow Zones

This is a very fun and very rewarding activity. In the Yellow Zones, the player doesn’t lose his inventory, as he doesn’t die, but is only knocked down. That’s why it’s a great field to practice in, where you can even earn some silver and faction reputation. Here it works the same way as it does with Faction Warfare. Silver and reputation will be added to your account for killing players and periodically during such activity.

Albion Online

The more dangerous a player you kill, the higher the immediate reward. But you should know that if you die many times, you’ll have to pay a lot of silver to repair your equipment. As a result, you’ll go to zero. So if you want to not only fight, but also earn silver in such method, you should use highly mobile weapons such as the Kingmaker sword, Claymore, bows, claws and others.

Gank other players in Red and Black zones

As you become more experienced in PVP, you will be able to start fighting other players in the Red and Black zones. This is more difficult and much more dangerous, for if you die, everything in your inventory will be lost. Besides, you’ll have to wear cheap equipment, at least initially, so ganking will be harder than in the Yellow zones. The risks are also increased by groups of gankers operating here and there.

Albion Online

If you want to constantly hunt players in the Red and Black zones, you should have a good income of silver and strong nerves. Because you’ll die more than a dozen times before you improve your skills enough to become a confident ganker.

Fight duels in Corrupted Dungeons

Corrupted Dungeons are solo dungeons where you can randomly join another player’s dungeon or vice versa. This is the best place to hone your fighting skills, because here you’ll always fight 1 on 1. The rules are the same as in the parent zone: if the color of the zone is yellow, you won’t lose your gear upon death, and if the color is red or black, you will.

Albion Online

This activity is also interesting because, after completing the dungeon and killing the final boss, you can open a chest with rewards. The rewards get better the more Infamy of Corrupted Dungeons you accumulate. You can always check your Infamy counter in the “Stats” tab by clicking on your avatar.

Albion Online

The trick to this system is that if you die in the dungeon, you’ll lose a fairly significant amount of Infamy. Therefore, if you want to improve your rewards, you’ll have to learn to defeat the opponents. You’ll also have to wear more expensive gear to enter higher-difficult dungeons, which entails additional risks. Anyway, now you have one more aim to achieve.

Improve your skills and become a master of something

The Destiny Board in Albion Online is very large. There are many directions for development. If you are fond of the economic side of the game, you can reach the highest level in any crafting or gathering skill and start earning big money. The higher your crafting skill, the higher the chance to create a high-rarity item that costs much more than a common one.

Albion Online

Regarding the gathering of resources, there is a similar situation. The higher your gathering skill, the higher the tier of current resource you can gather and the faster it will occur. So this is an additional goal for you. Wealth will give you the opportunity to wear more expensive equipment in the Red and Black zones, because you won’t be afraid to lose it. This, in turn, will allow you to participate more actively in PVP. Eventually, it all comes down to PVP, right? That’s why money is your way to becoming a Great Ganker. Or not, as is usually the case 😀 …

Develop your Island

Do you like farming? In Albion Online, you can buy your own island and grow different crops there. It requires Focus Points to generate a normal profit. The higher your skill at growing a particular crop, the fewer Focus Points will be required to water it.

Albion Online

Also, you can hire Laborers on your island. But first you must build houses for them and provide all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay: just beds, tables, and trophies of the same type. Then you’ll be able to send your Laborers out for resources by giving them special journals that you can fill out yourself by doing the same activity, or simply buy from the market.

Albion Online

After 22 hours, the Laborers will come back with the booty. But don’t expect a quick return on your investment because the chances of gathering high-rare resources are very low, and in most cases, your laborers will return with common trash.

Join a guild and play with your friends

It’s no secret that almost all endgame content in MMORPGs is always team-oriented. Albion Online is no exception. Moreover, since the game has a full loot system, it is most useful to play with a group. Having a group or guild opens a lot of activities for you, such as Group Dungeons, group ganking, boss raids, comfortable arena gameplay, a Guild Island and much more.

But the main advantage of having friends in the game is live communication. Any game will be better and funnier when you are not playing it alone.

Become a YouTube blogger and make money from you hobby

If you can explain difficult game mechanics in simple terms, if you can teach other players something useful in the game, try recording short Albion Online video guides. Popular YouTubers make quite good money from their work. All you need is a high-performance computer and a simple microphone. The screen recording feature is already present in Windows 10. You just press WIN + G and you’re ready to record.

Albion Online

As practice shows, even no cool intro or effects are needed. Only something interesting or useful for your viewers. For example, you can show them how to solo gank noobs in the black zone or how to escape when the victim of ganking is you. After reaching 1000 subscribers on your channel, you’ll be able to apply for monetization. But don’t forget to pay taxes – that’s the law.

Other ideas about what to do

I have a few more ideas for you if you still don’t know what to do.

  • Make the coolest build ever. Such a goal may seem unrealistic, but you are very wrong if you think that you have seen all the top builds in this game. Try to come up with something yourself, and you will be surprised at how many interesting things you didn’t notice before.
  • Become a great trader. It’s an eternal story. Money is power, and the market is money. Some players are earning millions of silver every day by this method. Of course, it’s hard and requires monitoring prices, making calculations, being online for a lot of time, and much more. But you can handle it, I’m sure.
  • Raise your ratings. This goal is intended for real winners. There are many different ratings in Albion Online: arena, faction PVP kills, fame, silver, and others. If you find it interesting, you should try some of them. But I must warn you that the competition there is very tough.

Unfortunately, that is all that I can offer you, dear reader. I honestly tried to come up with some other things to do in Albion Online. But the truth is that I don’t know what to do there myself. So I’ll just leave the fruits of my brainstorming here and wish you good luck in your endeavors, whatever they are 😉.

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