33 Best Games Where You Can Ride a Dragon or Become One

Dragon games

Who hasn’t dreamed of soaring atop a real dragon, battling hordes of enemies? This collection of games gathers all the best, most well-known, and up-to-date games where players can fly a dragon or even be a dragon. The collection includes both simple dragon games and popular MMORPGs with dragon-flight mechanics or similar creatures. This compilation is not a ranking of games in the broadest sense of the word. It includes many video games that you may not have even heard of. In compiling the list, similar compilations by other authors, as well as the Steam store, were carefully studied. Many unpopular games were included in the article to provide the reader with the widest possible selection. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of games where you can fly a dragon.

Games where you can ride a dragon have been popular for years and continue to be so today. These games usually offer a range of mechanics to make the dragon flight experience as immersive as possible. Players may have to control the dragon’s wings and body position to maintain altitude, avoid obstacles, or engage in aerial combat. Some games even offer the ability to breathe fire or other elemental attacks. Other mechanics may include upgrading the dragon’s abilities, customizing its appearance, and exploring vast open worlds. Such games often have stunning graphics and sound effects, which can further enhance the player’s experience.

Best games where you can ride a dragon

After collecting games for this rating, it was decided to divide it into several logical parts. Specifically, this section contains all the games about dragon flights that I considered the best in this genre. Most of them are extremely popular and/or have impressive graphics and interesting mechanics related to dragon flights. It is important to emphasize that I have not played most of these games, but during the process of compiling this list, I studied them in detail. This section contains the best of what I was able to find.

Century: Age of Ashes (2021)

Century: Age of Ashes

The game is a multiplayer simulator where players ride dragons and battle against each other. There are several game modes available, including PvE and PvP modes. In PvE, players team up to protect towers against waves of enemies, while in PvP, players engage in team deathmatch-style gameplay or compete to capture flags. There are unique dragon classes available, each with its own abilities, such as shielding or disorienting opponents. Players can also customize their dragon and rider with various cosmetic items as they gain experience playing the game. In-game purchases are purely cosmetic, ensuring that battles are won based on skill and teamwork alone.

Game page on Steam

Riders of Icarus (2016)

Riders of Icarus

Another free-to-play multiplayer game about dragons, Riders of Icarus takes players to a world where they can ride and fight on the back of dragons. As a Rider, players can explore a majestic world filled with hundreds of wild beasts to collect and train as mounts, each with unique special abilities. They can engage in aerial combat with other players, coordinating strategic attacks with magic or up-close melee combos. Players can also descend to the battlefield using ground mounts to conquer theatrical boss battles and acquire treasures and experience to upgrade their mounts and riders.

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Day of Dragons (2019)

Day of Dragons

In this multiplayer survival sandbox, you won’t be riding a dragon – you will become a dragon! Day of Dragons offers players the ability to play as several dragon species or even unlock the secrets to playing as a giant Elemental. As a hatchling, you must survive by eating, drinking, and growing to become an adult. With online Steam multiplayer, you can play with other people on a dedicated server, and some creatures are controlled by AI. The game includes a huge map with multiple biomes such as forests, deserts, and caves. Players can join clans and have special abilities like flying, breathing fire, and turning invisible. As your dragon grows over time, you can lay eggs that inherit stats from each parent or spawn with randomly assigned stats.

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ARK: Survival Evolved (2017)

ARK: Survival Evolved

In general, ARK is a game mostly about dinosaurs, but there are also dragons that you can fly on. You start off stranded on an island and have to survive by hunting, gathering resources, and building shelters. You can tame and breed over 100 different creatures, each with unique abilities, and build complex structures using different parts. You must manage hunger and thirst, and deal with changing weather and day/night cycles. You can form tribes with other players and explore the vast and varied environment to uncover the secrets of the ARK. The game also has a deep crafting system, and the ability to customize your character and items.

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PixARK (2019)


Players with less powerful computers can enjoy PixARK, a Minecraft-style voxel-based adaptation of the original game. It features over 100 creatures to tame, train, and ride. The voxel block building system, procedurally generated maps, and quests ensure a unique adventure with each playthrough. Gamers have the option to form tribes with friends or embark on a solo journey, constructing fortresses or navigating extensive cavern quests. Character creation tools and progression systems offer skill trees and customizable stats, while Creative Mode enables limitless construction possibilities.

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Citadel: Forged with Fire (2019)

Citadel: Forged with Fire

In Citadel: Forged with Fire, dragon riding is not the main activity. This RPG allows players to pursue their destiny in the magical world of Ignus, a 36 square kilometer landmass filled with diverse environments. Players can master a range of powerful spells, choosing from various mystic wands, staves, and enchanted weapons. Building castles involves using a flexible editor and enhancing fortresses with magical structures. Characters can be customized with a wide variety of clothing and weapon options, while loot generation ensures diverse item stats. Players can also take to the skies using wizardly prowess, taming airborne companions or using alchemy for unassisted flight.

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War (2017)

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

In the popular Tolkien-based RPG, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, players can also ride dragons, though this mechanic is not the main focus. The game features an open-world environment where players control the protagonist, Talion. Combat in Shadow of War involves melee and stealth tactics. Talion’s abilities are enhanced by Celebrimbor’s wraith, enabling magical feats. Players progress by completing missions and unlocking skills. The game includes a currency called mirian, used to purchase gear and followers, and offers five explorable areas. Side activities, such as purifying Haedir towers, finding artifacts, and solving puzzles, enrich the gameplay experience.

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World of Warcraft (2004)

World of Warcraft

Despite its age, World of Warcraft remains incredibly popular. Of course, flying on dragon mounts is not the main activity, but it is well-implemented. This MMORPG immerses players in the fantasy universe of Warcraft, where they control a character to explore the virtual world, fight various enemies, and complete non-player character quests. Initially, most quests are solo, but difficulty increases with player level, requiring group participation. The game offers various worlds, accommodating thousands of players each, with the ability to transfer characters between worlds. World types, such as PvE and PvP, have evolved, allowing players to toggle between modes in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

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More dragon flights games

In this subsection of the article, I have gathered games that seemed to me not the best, but still quite decent. In a word, I would characterize them as “average” in terms of overall quality. Some of them have not very good graphics, some have questionable game mechanics, and some are simply unpopular and criticized by players.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (2016)

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

As far as I understand, in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, you can mount not only dragons but almost any creature. However, I couldn’t determine if the game features full-fledged flights on fire-breathing lizards. What is known for sure is that in this open-world action RPG, players embark on an epic adventure with three AI companions, known as Pawns, who fight independently and develop skills based on player traits. Sharing Pawns online allows for rewards, tips, and strategy hints. Customization options are extensive, including nine different vocations, upgradable armor, and trainable Pawn companions.

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Dragon Forge (2022)

Dragon Forge

Dragon Forge promised a unique setting, but after its release, it received mixed reviews on Steam. This incremental base-building adventure game revolves around managing vast resources through foraging and crafting. Players control a dragon destined to become powerful and lift a curse by creating abundance. As dragons, players can attack, jump, fly, swim, and breathe fire, poison, and lightning while leveling up to become unstoppable.

Gathering resources like wood, stone, iron, and coal allows players to build and upgrade an expansive city, managed by Goblin Minions. Over 30 unique food recipes can be discovered and cooked to maintain energy levels and unlock bonuses. Exploring over 80 wild areas and various biomes, players can unlock unique resources, solve puzzles, complete quests, and uncover hidden treasures. Learning from over 100 ancient fables found in the Dragon Forge, players can develop virtues and ethics while admiring 200-year-old woodcut illustrations.

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Trove (2015)


Trove, a voxel-based RPG, allows players to tame dragons and ride them, despite not being the game’s primary focus. This action-packed MMO offers a variety of classes with unique abilities and gear. Adventurers explore countless realms with destructible environments, riding dragons or Meownts, and discovering realm-specific dungeons. Players can form groups to conquer dungeons, battling minions and bosses to obtain valuable armor, weapons, and loot. Trove features customizable, portable Cornerstones as homes for crafting, and collaborative Club World building with friends. The game also encourages the creation and submission of custom content, like dungeons, lairs, and costumes.

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On the Dragon Wings – Birth of a Hero (2022)

On the Dragon Wings - Birth of a Hero

On the Dragon Wings – Birth of a Hero, despite limited popularity and potentially shallow mechanics, offers sought-after dragon flight and combat. In this RPG, players choose to accompany Bruce or Ursula while flying and battling with dragons to protect their village and rescue their father. Players can level up various dragons, each with unique abilities, for diverse gameplay experiences. Set in an open-world environment with dynamic weather and lighting, the game encourages exploration. The full version will introduce multiplayer survival mode for competitive dragon-riding battles. According to Steam, the game continues to evolve and receive updates, making it worth paying attention to.

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School of Dragons (2014)

School of Dragons

School of Dragons is a game based on the popular animated film, which I personally enjoyed. This action-packed learning experience allows players to train, fly, and customize over 60 Dreamworks Dragons from the movies, such as Toothless, Light Fury, and Stormfly. Players can explore mysterious worlds, rescue and hatch dragons, and defend New Berk and the Hidden World. They can also engage in exciting battles against Grimmel and Stormheart. With over 30 flying courses, players can race their friends while hatching, collecting, and sending dragons on missions for treasure.

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The Falconeer (2020)

The Falconeer

The Falconeer is an air combat game where players soar through the skies on a majestic warbird, exploring a stunning oceanic world and engaging in epic aerial dogfights. Players take on the role of a Falconeer, a powerful airborne warrior in a world torn apart by generations of conflict. Through multiple campaigns, experience life from various perspectives and loyalties, uncovering the mystery of the Ursee, its people, and history. Complete perilous missions and side quests, wielding a lightning caster to protect ships from pirates, kraken, and other threats. The game offers rival factions to join, supporting them in missions that may alter the fate of both the player and their comrades. Players can upgrade their mount and gear, and immerse themselves in the world of The Falconeer with its award-winning soundtrack and incredible voice cast.

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Block Story (2015)

Block Story

Block Story might appear similar to Minecraft, but it’s a much simpler game that feels better suited for mobile devices. However, it does offer the ability to tame and fly on dragons. The game combines 3D block building, sandbox exploration, and RPG elements, with players completing quests and conquering biomes to become the strongest warrior. Along the way, players can build strongholds, fight various creatures and boss monsters, and mine resources to upgrade weaponry and equipment, while also creating artifacts to summon monsters – such as dragons.

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DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders (2019)

DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders is another game based on the popular animated movie franchise. The game features two main characters, Scribbler and Patch, who are on a mission to save the dragon sanctuary destroyed by villains. They explore new islands, fight fierce enemies, and discover Patch’s unique powers along the way. Players will also encounter favorite characters from the movie series such as Hiccup and Astrid. The game combines action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, as players unlock new abilities and battle boss dragons.

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Neverwinter (2013)


Neverwinter remains popular despite its age. Although players cannot fly on dragons in the game, they can fly on dragon wings. There are eight classic Dungeons & Dragons character classes to choose from and players can create groups of up to 25 characters. The game is based on a modified version of Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition rules, which include healing powers and action points. The game also features The Foundry, a system for creating user-generated stories and quests. The game has several currencies, including ZEN, which can be purchased with real money, Astral Diamonds, which players earn through daily quests and events, and gold, which is used to purchase consumables. The Foundry allows users to create a variety of content, from missions within the existing game world to new isolated worlds. The developers actively support user-generated content and provide ways for players to find these quests.

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The I Of The Dragon (2004)

The I Of The Dragon

Despite being released in 2004, it would be unfair not to mention The I Of The Dragon. After all, the game offers what many readers crave for – the ability to fly and battle atop dragons! In the game, you play as a young and inexperienced dragon tasked with saving the world of Nimoa from the evil daemon Skarborr. You can choose from three different dragons, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. Alongside aerial combat, you will also need to control other characters and complete important tasks in a war-torn world.

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Fire And Steel (2021)

Fire And Steel

Unlike many similar games, Fire and Steel will surprise you with the beauty of dragon flight and the quality of special effects. In the game, you play as Aiden, a dragon who survived the destruction of the Great Dragon Houses by humans and awakens to yet another slaughter. You will fight against ground forces armed with machine guns, tanks, rifles, and heavy artillery, and take to the skies to battle the Luftwaffe, RAF, and U.S. Air Force. No steel bird can stop you from exacting your revenge, and even mighty battleships of World War II will be reduced to ashes by your hellfire.

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Best games where you can ride dragons using mods

While compiling this collection, I remembered several great games where you can fly on dragons with user modifications. You may have heard about these games many times before, but I decided to include them in this collection anyway, just in case someone is not yet aware of this possibility. Please note that games in this section may not allow flying on dragons initially. To enable this feature, specific mods listed in the descriptions will need to be installed.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2016)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In the original Skyrim and its expansions, the ability to fly on dragons is either absent or implemented incompletely, which is strange considering the game is centered around dragons. Fortunately, this can be fixed with mods like Fully Flying Dragons and Flyable Dragons, which can be easily installed for free from the Nexusmods repository. These mods allow you not only to use dragons as a means of transportation, but also to engage in aerial combat and even breathe fire on your enemies. If the listed mods are unavailable when you read this article, you can easily find others, as there are plenty available. Simply use the search function on Nexusmods.

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Hogwarts Legacy (2023)

Hogwarts Legacy

Another fantastic game where you can fly on a dragon with the help of mods is Hogwarts Legacy. Use DragonOgryff and Black Dragon Mount mods to turn hippogriffs into real dragons and ride them. At the time of writing this article, the choice of dragon mods for Hogwarts Legacy is limited, but in the future, there will almost certainly be more of them available.

Game page on Steam

Minecraft (the eternal game)


In the original Minecraft, the only dragon lives in The End and few have seen it. However, with mods like Dragon Mounts: Legacy, you can breed and tame dragons, and of course, ride them. Despite Minecraft’s far-from-photorealistic graphics, dragon mods bring pleasant changes to the vanilla version without creating any significant imbalance. After all, the moment of victory over the Ender Dragon, when the player receives an egg, signifies that the game has been fully completed.

Official website

The simplest games about flying dragons

In this section of the collection, I’ve gathered all the games that didn’t quite fit into the categories above. Think of this section as a “miscellaneous” category. Indeed, all the games listed below in one way or another feature dragons that you can fly on or become. However, for one reason or another, each of these games has significant flaws, which I have tried to explain in the descriptions.

Dragon World (2018)

Dragon World

The game is not necessarily bad, but it is too simple in terms of graphics and mechanics to be considered a full-fledged modern PC game. Mostly, it resembles mobile casual games that offer flying on a dragon without setting any serious goals for the player. Dragon World offers multiple dragon skins and attacks such as fireball, fire breath, and melee, and features five game modes including explore, death-match, team death-match, Battle Royale, and Survival (cooperative). The player can engage in PVP game modes or play cooperative on three maps with day and night time options.

Game page on Steam

Dragon War (2021)

Dragon War

Dragon War looks cute, but as of writing this article, it only has one review on Steam, which is not a good sign for its popularity. Essentially, it is a battle royale where the player chooses a dragon and fights against other dragons. The current version includes a single battle mode with AI on a simple map with weather and day/night cycles. There are six dragons to choose from, each with unique abilities such as magic fireballs, and the goal is to find and eliminate all other dragons.

Game page on Steam

Elmarion: Dragon’s Princess (2020)

Elmarion: Dragon's Princess

Let’s be honest: Elmarion: Dragon’s Princess isn’t Skyrim, and its Steam reviews reflect that. However, the game still offers players the chance to fly around as a dragon, burning armies and exploring a vast 3D world. Players will embark on an adventure to solve an ancient artifact’s mystery and save the world of Dragons and people with the Princess. The game includes different dragons, each with ten unique skills, battles against large groups of troops, different missions to complete, items and outfits to customize your dragon, and an exciting story.

Game page on Steam

Dragonflight (2017)


The main downside of Dragonflight is its VR headset requirement, without which it cannot be played. However, the game’s biggest advantage is that it’s free. It is a VR experience that allows players to fly on a dragon through destructible environments, battle enemy dragons in the sky, and explore ancient castles and wizard towers. From mountainous landscapes to fiery arrows, players can immerse themselves in the experience of riding a dragon, making the game feel incredibly lifelike.

Game page on Steam

DragonRideVR (2020)


The same can be said for DragonRideVR, which is not very popular due to the requirement of a VR headset. However, the game offers the opportunity to explore 10 different fantasy worlds, including the deep sea. Players can ride a dragon in various modes, such as flying, walking, swimming, and diving. The game also features stationary panoramic views, sword-swinging to musical beats, popping balloons and breaking targets, and finding lost dragon eggs. Customization options include controls and songs, and players can compete on global leaderboards in 5 different ride types.

Game page on Steam

Divinity: Dragon Commander (2013)

Divinity: Dragon Commander

Despite the fact that Divinity: Dragon Commander is a very interesting game, and it receives warm feedback from almost everyone who has played it, I didn’t dare include it in the higher sections. Personally, I have not played it myself, so I cannot say exactly how the dragon flights are implemented and what part of the gameplay is devoted to them. Try not to be angry with me and just assume that I am biased.

In the game, you take on the role of the Dragon Commander, whose mission is to reunite a broken empire and become the new emperor. The game seamlessly blends real-time strategy gameplay with turn-based campaigning, where you must efficiently rule your empire, build invincible armies, and lead them to victory. You can also turn into a dragon during real-time strategy mode to support your troops in combat using your formidable dragon powers.

Game page on Steam

Panzer Dragoon: Remake (2020)

Panzer Dragoon: Remake

Despite positive reviews on Steam, Panzer Dragoon: Remake appears to be a throwback to early years of gaming. Essentially, players fly as a dragon and attack enemies from all sides. The game features seven levels, each with different environments such as blue ocean cities and subterranean ruins. Players must battle the Prototype Dragon and various other enemies, including giant dragonflies, man-sized wasps, sandworms, and flying battleships.

Game page on Steam

Dragon flight games that coming soon

Finally, in this section of the compilation, I have decided to publish games about flying on dragons that have already been announced but have not yet been released. After all, fans of this narrow genre are sure to be interested in learning about upcoming releases. If you know of any other interesting dragon games that should be included in the collection, feel free to share them in the comments. You will be doing a service not only to the website but also to tens of thousands of its readers.

Guild of Dragons

Guild of Dragons

Judging by the graphics and the developer’s preliminary description, Guild of Dragons promises to be an interesting settlement-building game with dragon taming, exploration, and conquest. As a dragon mage, players will raise and tame their dragons, explore, farm, craft, and fight in first-person perspective, while building in a top-down view. The game features a huge variety of buildings and production chains, different merchants to trade with, and quests to complete. Your decisions will have consequences, and you’ll have to survive the harsh winter by relying on your stored food or trading. As the only remaining Color Wielder, you are the last hope to build a beautiful and magical world where dragons and people can thrive again.

Game page on Steam

Defenders Dragons Riders

Defenders Dragons Riders

Defenders Dragons Riders is set to be another free online game where players battle on dragons. In this third-person action and fantasy title, players choose from over 150 warriors to engage in single or multiplayer matches. Set in the magical world of Entelos, participants join one of two factions: the Dark Alliance or the free kingdoms. The ultimate objective is to conquer and control Towers of Magic Power, where fragments of arcane energy are hidden. As a warrior, players will collaborate with their companions to secure these fortresses, wielding the power to determine the war’s outcome.

Game page on Steam

Glyde The Dragon

Glyde The Dragon

At first glance, Glyde The Dragon reveals itself as a casual game. This engaging adventure follows Glyde and Wing as they uncover the source of corruption plaguing their world. Players traverse various landscapes, from lush forests to desolate deserts, healing the land and collecting crystals. Glyde features an action-packed combat system, challenging players to learn and master over 60 elemental abilities. Strategy and timing are vital in battles against undead armies and corrupted creatures. Along the journey, players complete quests, assist other dragons, and discover hidden secrets.

Game page on Steam

Dragon Skies VR

Dragon Skies VR

Dragon Skies VR, an upcoming RPG with dragon riding, will delight VR headset owners. This story-based game places players in the role of their kingdom’s sole dragon rider, flying through treacherous valleys and caves while battling rebel airship pilots. Featuring a rich story, living characters, a powerful spell crafting system, and consequential decisions, Dragon Skies VR offers an immersive experience. Players can fly freely on their dragon’s back, using a spell-casting gun and steerpathic wand to perform aerial maneuvers. The game includes over ten missions, each with unique challenges and storylines, and a detailed world with lore to uncover. Crafting new spells and improving the dragon’s abilities is possible using collected Soul Seeds.

Game page on Steam

Dragon Dash Division

Dragon Dash Division

Dragon Dash Division boasts impressive graphics, but according to the developers’ description, the game appears quite simple and unlikely to gain widespread popularity. This single-player flight racing game takes players through a jungle course, where they control a dragon to fly as quickly as possible. By avoiding obstacles and collecting mushrooms, players can achieve faster lap times. Enhancements for the dragon can be earned after clearing the map, such as increased speed, boost effect, and mobility. The fastest records are displayed on a ranking page, showcasing top performers.

Game page on Steam


At the moment, these are all the games where you can fly a dragon that I managed to find. In the future, the compilation will be updated. You can contribute to this by informing about new games in the genre in the comments. You can also leave your feedback on the collection as a whole. This will help me create higher quality compilations for you in the future. Thank you for reading!

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