Blood Strike Guide and Tips for Beginners

Blood Strike

Blood Strike is a battle royal in the style of COD: Warzone and Apex Legends. If you’ve already played mobile Warzone or Warzone on PC, then you won’t see anything new here. In this short guide I will explain to you the basic mechanics of Blood Strike to make it easier for newbies to get started with the game. It doesn’t matter whether you play on a PC or on a mobile device – all the information here is relevant in both cases.

Guide Map

Check out the game guides that have already been published on the site. Perhaps you will find answers to your questions in them.

Who Are Strikers

In Blood Strike you don’t have a single character, like in most battle royal games. Instead, you choose one of the available heroes before the match begins. These heroes are called Strikers. I note that in your squad, which can consist of 2-4 people, there can only be 1 unique striker. You cannot choose two identical strikers.

Blood Strike

Each striker has an active and passive skill that is worth using in battle. You can get acquainted with the strikers and their skills in the “Strikers” section in the game lobby. Some strikers are only available temporarily, but you can unlock them using in-game currency.


The game has quite a lot of different weapons for every taste. Weapons can be modified in the lobby (for example, installing a custom sight or stock), and then obtained in-game from airdrops or by purchasing in the Shop using in-game currency, which can be found or earned during the match (more on this later).

Blood Strike

You can configure your Loadouts under Weapon → Loadout. After this, you will be able to receive any desired weapon from this list during the match in the configuration of your choice. To select a Loadout as priority, click on the star icon next to its name, as shown in the screenshot.

Blood Strike


This is what Loadout is for in Blood Strike. This is your upgraded weapon, which is configured the way you want.

Unlocking Weapons

Some weapons are not initially available to new players, and newbies may have a logical question: how to unlock them? To do this, you need to complete special missions, which are indicated in the description of the locked weapon.

Blood Strike

For example, to unlock the P90 you must get 50 kills in matches using any SMG. After this, the weapon will be unlocked and you can add it to your Loadouts list to upgrade and use in the game.

Weapon upgrades and customization

In the Weapons section, you may notice that the weapons available to you have Levels. At the time of writing this Blood Strike guide, the maximum weapon level in the game is 70.

Blood Strike

Using weapons in battle, you earn weapon experience, which increases its level. As its level increases, more and more accessories for customizing weapons become available to you in the “Modify” section.

Blood Strike

Installing various accessories changes the characteristics of the weapon. For example, you can improve Accuracy or Recoil Control by installing the appropriate components.

Blood Strike

When choosing components, the screen displays the tips that I have highlighted for you in the screenshot. Be sure to pay attention to them. This will give you an understanding of what weapon parameters should be developed to achieve your goals. At the end, don’t forget to click “Apply” and save the package to one of the slots in your Loadouts.

Gameplay Guide: Key Mechanics (Battle Royal Mode)

Now let’s move directly to the gameplay of Blood Strike. Here I will not go deeply into the details of all existing game mechanics (separate detailed guides will be published about them on the site), but I will explain to you what the essence of this game is and how to play it.

Safe Zone

The so-called “safe zone” is the basic mechanics of all battle royal games. Initially, the entire map is available to players. However, over time, the safe zone narrows, forcing players to face each other in battles. If you stay outside the safe zone, you will quickly die.

Blood Strike

The best strategy is to play from the edge of the safe zone. This approach ensures that no one will pass you behind.

Squad Deployment

Your squad can consist of 2-4 people. You can invite friends to play together, or get random allies. At the start of the match, a random player from the squad becomes the captain and can guide the entire group during the deployment.

Blood Strike

However, this does not mean that you should strictly follow the “captain” during the match. When playing with random players, this is rather harmful. Think for yourself and just stick close to the team. This will increase your chances of survival.

Search for weapons and ammunition

The most important thing is to have a weapon in your hands. Initially, each player only has a pistol. You can find random weapons in boxes that are located on the map.

Blood Strike

Please note that the color of a weapon does not directly affect its quality / power. Color (or rarity if you prefer) indicates the quality of the components that are installed on this weapon. The higher this so-called “rarity”, the more accessories are installed on the weapon, and the higher their level.

At the moment I know of the following rarity levels:

  • Normal (gray)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (yellow)
  • Loadout (red)

Let me emphasize that high “rarity” does not make a weapon “better.” It may have, for example, higher recoil due to the lack of a handguard or lower ADS speed due to the presence of an optical sight. Think about what you are choosing and why.

Earnings Cash and Shop Mechanics

You may also notice that the player has a cash account in the upper left part of the interface. This is an in-game currency that can only be earned or spent during matches. Initially, all players have 0 cash in their account.

Blood Strike

You can earn cash in several ways:

  • Kill other players
  • Found directly on the ground or in boxes
  • Complete missions

You can spend cash in special Shops, which are located along the map. For example, for 5000 cash you can get any weapon from your loadout, and for another 1500 cash you can completely replenish your supply of ammunition.

Blood Strike

For 10,000 cash you can call a loadout drop or vehicle (car) to any point on the map. For 4000 cash you can use UAV, which will highlight opponents on the map for a short time.

Blood Strike

If you die during the match, you will lose a significant part of the accumulated cash.

Redeployment for Cash

I decided to highlight this mechanic separately because most players completely ignore it. When your character is killed in battle, after a certain time (depending on the stage of the match) he can land again, but only if at least 1 member of your squad is alive.

If you open the Airdrop menu (hotkey “T” on PC) during a match, you can instantly redeploy any dead ally for 5000 cash.

Blood Strike

If you are killed during a match, you can also click Request Redeploy to remind your allies about this option. By clicking on the button that appears on their screen, your allies will be able to instantly revive you.

Blood Strike

Dear Blood Strike players, please remember that if you are the last survivor of your squad and you have cash, you must immediately pay for the landing of an ally. Never be stingy to spend cash on this. It is not so much the “quality” of the players themselves that is important, but the number of living players on the map. After all, if your entire squad dies, the game is over. Closer to the end of the match, every second becomes important. Agree, it will be very disappointing if you lose with 20 thousand cash in your pocket, simply because you refused to help your teammates.

YouTube video cover
The Importance of Redeployment in BLOOD STRIKE

Watch my video about how important redeployment is in Blood Strike.

Missions During the Match

There are currently 3 types of missions available to earn Cash during a match.

  • “Hunt” missions highlight the location of a specific player nearby on the map, and your task is to kill him. This is the most difficult and highest paying mission.
    Blood Strike
  • Missions of the “Capture” type involve capturing a certain point on the map. To do this, you just have to be near the specified point for some time. This is also a rather risky mission.
    Blood Strike
  • «Search» type missions guarantee you 3600 cash for finding 3 boxes that will appear nearby and will be marked on the map. This is the safest mission.
    Blood Strike

The best strategy for winning Blood Strike is to quickly level up your striker. For this reason, you need a lot of cash to purchase EVO energy, and completing missions is one of the best ways to earn it. Personally, I prefer “Hunt” type missions as they give information about the movement of nearby enemies.

EVO Energy and striker leveling during the match

If you open your inventory, you will see that your striker has 6 levels of development. All players start with level 1 and can increase it up to the maximum during the match. Each new level strengthens your striker, increasing his armor or opening up additional opportunities when using skills.

Blood Strike

To increase the level you need a certain amount of Evo energy, which is displayed on the bottom panel next to the health bar. You can earn Evo Energy in several ways: found on the ground in the form of glowing cubes, received as a reward for completing missions, or simply bought in the shop for cash. You also gain Evo Energy by killing enemy players or even just damaging them.

Blood Strike

If you want to increase your chances of winning Blood Strike, you should level up your striker as much as possible during the match.

YouTube video cover
Evo Energy & Striker Leveling Guide | BLOOD STRIKE

I published a video about this on my YouTube channel, which clearly shows how Evo energy works. If you have any questions, you can read it.

Sounds of footsteps and gunshots

Please note that the game has a mechanic for detecting enemies by sound. If an enemy player is approaching you, you will see an indicator on the screen. If it is yellow, it means the player is somewhere nearby, if it is red, the player is very close to you.

Blood Strike

A similar indicator appears on the screen when enemy players start shooting.

Blood Strike

The color will also indicate distance: yellow means far, red means very close.

Tips for Beginners (Battle Royale Mode)

Despite starting to play Blood Strike relatively recently, I quickly reached the “Legend” rank in the Battle Royale team mode. Let me share with you some tips that will help you improve your performance and quickly increase your rating. At first glance, it may seem that shooting skills determine the outcome of the match, but in reality, many more things matter: from how you move around the map to the amount of cash in your account. So, here are my tips for beginners in Blood Strike.

Find a Team

In Battle Royale mode, you can play in a team of 4 players. If you start the game alone, you will get 3 random allies. More often than not, such random players do not interact well with each other and instead of moving as an organized group, they scatter all over the map.

To avoid this, find a team using the in-game chat or create one yourself. Your goal is to move around the map together because numerical superiority is more important than the individual skills of each player in the squad.

Actively Level Up Your Striker During the Match

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 6 levels available. Each new level increases your Striker’s armor stockpile or enhances its skills. Your goal is to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible.

Max Level

Keep in mind that your armor stockpile significantly affects your survivability during shootouts. Do not ignore the opportunity to gain an advantage – look for Evo Energy, buy it in the shop, and actively earn it in battles.

Learn Striker Skills and Learn How to Use Them

Spike Skills

Each Striker has an active and passive skill that is important to use during the match. For example, my favorite Striker, Spike, remains invisible to any scanning methods (e.g., UAV) and can silently move thanks to his active skill “Assassination State.” This helps to evade pursuit or, conversely, unexpectedly attack enemies who are unaware of your approach.

Practice and Upgrade Weapons in Hot Zone Mode

Hot Zone

Hot Zone is a deathmatch mode with fast respawns, which is great for improving your shooting skills. Additionally, this mode is very convenient for upgrading weapons since you can choose any Loadout and use it throughout the match. This will help you unlock all the necessary accessories faster.

Redeploy Allies


Accumulate cash actively during the match and be sure to redeploy allies when necessary. I’ll remind you once again that you can do this through a special interface accessed by the hotkey “T.” This is especially important towards the end of the match when players’ respawn times are about 2-3 minutes. During this time, you can easily get killed yourself, and then the game is over. So, if you have the opportunity, make sure to redeploy as many teammates as possible.

Choose and Customize Effective Weapons

Choosing the most effective weapon is not difficult – just see what the best players are using. To do this, open the Leaderboard in the lobby and go to the Battle Royale → Tier Points section. For example, currently, most top players use AK-47, KAG-6, and P90, which is not surprising since all three weapons have high accuracy, high rate of fire, and large magazine capacity.


In the Leaderboard → Ace Shooter section, you can view and copy builds of the best players for any weapon you need. Screenshots show how to do this.


Copy Scheme

Complete Missions During the Match

Thanks to missions, you can quickly earn cash and Evo Energy. Personally, I prefer missions like “Hunt,” but as a beginner, you can start with missions like “Search,” where you need to find 3 supply crates. The crates may contain cash and Evo Energy, so this is a very useful and relatively safe mission.


Do not ignore missions. You need a lot of cash because you can buy Evo Energy, redeployment of allies, ammunition, revival kits, and any weapons from your loadout for it. The more cash you have, the better.

Play from the Edge of the Safe Zone

This is quite an obvious thing. If you are still an unsure player, try to play from the edge of the safe zone. This way, you eliminate the possibility of being attacked from behind, significantly increasing your chances of winning. Of course, this does not mean that you should spend the entire match at the very border – no, just do not go to the center, where you can be attacked at any moment and from any direction.

Use UAV for Reconnaissance

You can request UAV through the “Airdrops” panel (hotkey T on the computer) for 4000 cash. This will briefly highlight the location of enemies on the map. This feature is most useful towards the end of the match. With its help, you can quickly find your “prey” or, conversely, avoid unwanted encounters if you are outnumbered.

Use Tactical Advantages

Shooting from heights

Finally, I cannot fail to mention the basic rules of moving around the terrain.

  • Avoid open spaces. Try not to casually run through those areas of the map that are easily shot through. In this game, it is enough to get just a few bullets to die. In any situation, try to move along cover (rocks, trees, buildings, etc.) so that in case of an attack, you can quickly get out of the line of fire.
  • Occupy heights. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a building, hill, or rock – you should be higher than the enemy. This is a fundamental thing that even schoolchildren seem to know. Height is your protection, your visibility, and one of your decisive advantages in shootouts.
  • Camouflage yourself. In dynamic shooters like Blood Strike, players’ vision sharply reacts to movement. So, if you quietly sit behind some bush, most players won’t notice you even up close. This is useful at the end of the match if your allies are dead, and you need to wait for their respawn. If you don’t have cash, just hide and don’t make noise. This is the best thing you can do in such a situation.

And, of course, stick together with the team. Even if all your allies and you are mediocre shooters, together you have a much better chance of winning shootouts.


For now, these are all the core Blood Strike mechanics you need to know about. You can also ask questions in the comments to this post, and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Happy hunting, strikers!

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