Demon Lord Clan Boss Guide in RAID – Deal over 80 Million Damage

RAID: Shadow Legends

After the release of RAID: Shadow Legends, Demon Lord was the only clan boss, and it was a real problem to defeat him using just 1-2 keys. Players quickly came up with calculators and then unkillable teams, which are still popular today.

For the time being, champions in RAID are so powerful that we can take the Ultra-Nightmare Demon Lord for 1 key without the use of unkillable teams, counter-attack buffs, or calculators. That’s what I will teach you in this guide.

Fundamental Principles of My Strategy

Here are a few screenshots of the results you can reach using this strategy. They confirm that in the current realities of RAID, unkillable teams have analogues. Even though the result is not stable, if we’re talking about 1 key, such a team takes Ultra-Nightmare Demon Lord of any affinity for 2 keys anyway.

Despite the fact that I know someone else could have done it before me, I’d like to think I’m the first RAID player to take the Ultra-Nightmare clan boss for 1 key with a similar team 💪. Anyway, let me show you how I did what I did and what principles my team is built on.

The Best Defense is Offense

When you can give 300 speed to a champion but instead give 190 to avoid breaking the turn queue, this has legitimate consequences, right? That’s the problem of all defense-oriented teams, which were built by using clan boss calculators.

RAID: Shadow Legends

So when building a speed team like mine, keep in mind that the goal is not to extend the life of your team, but to deal as much damage as possible for each boss turn. Survivability is also important, but you can achieve it without relying solely on defensive buffs. 

No Speed Limit For Champions

As I said above, when players limit the speed of their champions, they often lose more than they gain. There is a big difference between the champion with 200 speed and the champion with 300 speed. So my “doctrine” is based on the most powerful acceleration of champions.

Working With What We Have

That’s the most pleasant part of my strategy for you, because it doesn’t require certain champions (like Seeker or Maneater) to get satisfying results. Using the principles in this guide, you will be able to build a good team from the champions that you already have. So, let’s begin.

How to Test Your Teams Without Wasting Keys

When your fight with the Demon Lord clan boss is close to the end, just close the client window using the cross icon. If you find yourself on the result screen, you will no longer be able to save a key.

RAID: Shadow Legends

In this case, a key will not be wasted, and you will be able to try again.

Explanation of Demon Lord’s Mechanics

In terms of mechanics, the Demon Lord is a pretty simple boss. His specifics can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

  1. The first AOE attack doesn’t place any debuffs on champions if the boss has void affinity.
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  2. The second AOE attack doesn’t place any debuffs on champions as well, but deals significantly more damage.
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  3. The third attack hits a single target. The attack places a stun for 1 turn, which cannot be resisted, and deals damage as a percentage of the target’s maximum HP.
    RAID: Shadow Legends

In general, that’s all. But there are nuances.

How The Demon Lord Chooses Which Champion Will Be Stunned

There are several factors that determine which hero from your team will be stunned by the clan boss. However, the sum of the factors is critical when the demon lord selects the target.

  • Lowest HP. This is the most significant factor. If a hero is below 70% health, he will be targeted.
  • The fewest active buffs. It’s quite a logical attempt to choose the least protected target.
  • Affinity. A weak affinity has a higher priority for being targeted.
  • Party leader. The party leader is also a higher priority to be targeted.
  • The biggest maximum HP. Since single-target hits deal damage as a percentage of the target’s maximum HP, it’s quite logical to choose the target with the highest maximum HP.

If I haven’t forgotten anything, that’s all.

How to Build a Speedy Team to Defeat the Demon Lord Clan Boss: Practical Tips

The main principles of building speed teams for beating the Demon Lord are maximum speed and maximum damage. Accordingly, we strive not to use protective buffs purposefully. The speed team survives off of debuffs on the boss, passive skills, some artifact sets, and masteries.

50% Decrease Attack Debuff (necessarily)

This debuff reduces the Demon Lord’s attack by 50%, so he will only deal half of the initial damage. This debuff must be on the boss constantly.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Leech Debuff (necessarily)

Champions recover their HP by 18% of the damage dealt to the target under the [Leech] debuff. Damage from the masteries “Warmaster” and “Giant Slayer” also restores HP. This debuff is the basis of the team’s survival. The boss must be constantly under [Leech].

RAID: Shadow Legends

Warmaster & Giant Slayer Masteries (necessarily)

RAID: Shadow Legends

These masteries deal fixed damage to the clan boss. This damage will be increased if the Demon Lord is under [Decrease DEF] or [Weaken] debuffs. Since we use the [Leech] debuff to heal our team, each hero, especially supports, must have one of these masteries. Otherwise, they just won’t survive. Besides, these masteries deal significant damage, so your results will be much worse without them.

[Decrease DEF] & [Weaken] Debuffs (necessarily)

RAID: Shadow Legends

The [Decrease DEF] debuff reduces the numerical value of the clan boss’s defense, which increases the damage taken a lot. [Weaken], in turn, simply increases the Demon Lord’s damage taken by 15% or 25%. Without these debuffs, your team will not deal a lot of damage, so they also must constantly be on the boss.

Increase Attack Buff (necessarily)

RAID: Shadow Legends

The [Increase ATK] buff is necessary for your damage dealers. Without it, they will deal significantly less damage. That’s why you should always have this buff on your clan boss team.

Turn Meter Fill & [Increase SPD] Buff

RAID: Shadow Legends

The [Increase SPD] buff can accelerate your team by 30%. The faster your team is, the more damage it deals for each turn of the Demon Lord. For the same reason, you should strive to include champions who can fill your team’s turn meter with their abilities.

Team Up

RAID: Shadow Legends

Team-up skills are one of the best ways to increase damage to the clan boss. There are not many champions in the game who have such skills. Almost each of them will be useful on your speed team.

[Increase C.DMG] Buff

RAID: Shadow Legends

This buff increases the critical damage of your champions, so it will help them deal more damage. But you shouldn’t use it instead of the [Increase ATK] debuff; it isn’t effective.

Protective Artifact Sets

RAID: Shadow Legends

We’re talking about the Guardian and Stalwart sets. The Guardian set works like an [Ally Protection] buff. The wearer will absorb 10% of damage dealt to allies. At least one of the champions in your team should be equipped with a Guardian set.

RAID: Shadow Legends

As for the Stalwart set, it decreases damage taken from enemy AoE attacks by as much as 30%. Because the Demon Lord has two AoE attacks, this set is considered the most useful for team survival.

Protective Passive Abilities

RAID: Shadow Legends

Some champions have unique passive skills that may significantly improve team survivability. Geomancer, for example, decreases damage taken by your team by 15% and deflects this damage onto targets under the [HP Burn] debuff placed by him. There is also Vogoth, who heals your team by 25% of his damage taken. Such abilities should be considered when building a team to beat the Demon Lord.

Retaliation Set

RAID: Shadow Legends

The wearer has a 35% chance of counterattacking when hit. This set is definitely underestimated. It is appropriate for champions with high A1 damage, such as Ninja, Fenax, Anax, and others. My ninja is equipped exactly with the Retaliation set.

In my humble opinion, this set is best for dealing damage to the Demon Lord. I’ve tested it many times and compared it with the Savage set, for example. The results always show that the counterattack is better. Even just mathematically, despite the fact that counterattack damage only equals 60% of normal attack damage, having a 35% chance to counterattack (with the chance to deal damage with Warmaster) is much better than ignoring 25% of the enemy’s defense. Perhaps a bit later, I will explain this in more detail…

Offensive Passive Skills

RAID: Shadow Legends

There are many passive skills in the game that can increase the team’s damage. Geomancer deflects some damage to enemies. Bad-el-Kazar increases the enemy’s damage taken by 20% if the enemy is under the [Poison] debuff. If Venus is on the team, Cupidus will counterattack whenever he is attacked. Such offensive abilities can significantly increase the damage dealt.


The most beneficial blessings are as follows.

  • Brimstone. Deal 250k damage to the Demon Lord. This blessing is most suitable for supporting champions.
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Cruelty. Decreases target defense. The blessing is suitable for damage dealers.
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Intimidating Presence / Commanding Presence. If your team has an aura, the aura will be strengthened.
    RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Phantom Touch. The champion will have a chance to deal additional damage when hitting the target.
    RAID: Shadow Legends

Poisons and HP burn debuffs

RAID: Shadow Legends

The clan boss will take fixed damage, which can be increased by [Decrease DEF] and [Weaken] debuffs.

Perfect Veil and Veil

RAID: Shadow Legends

These buffs decrease damage taken from AoE attacks, so they will be useful for increasing survivability.

Team Examples

Let’s consider a few team examples for the Demon Lord. I will show you how to combine everything written above to deal a lot of damage.

My Powerful 1-Key Team

To illustrate why I have chosen these specific heroes, I created the following infographic.

RAID: Shadow Legends

As you can see, there are almost all suitable buffs and debuffs on this team: decrease DEF, decrease ATK, leech, weaken, and so on. Let me show you the equipment and stats of these champions.

You may notice that there is no champion on this team who is immune to stun. I gave it up because a high-damage champion is more beneficial in this role.

Sniktraak is worth mentioning separately since this hero is completely imbalanced. I didn’t strive to include [Ally Protection] or [Shield] buffs in my team, so his main role was to place [Decrease ATK] and [Leech] debuffs on the Demon Lord. But it would be stupid to ignore such an opportunity. So I equipped Sniktraak with the Guardian artifact set, and now he shows brilliant results.

Example of a 3-Key Team (rare and epic champions only)

The team in this example was created to illustrate that you don’t require some special legendary champions to conveniently farm the Ultra-Nightmare Demon Lord. That’s why I used rare and epic champions only.

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends

Here is their equipment.

As you see, you can easily farm the Demon Lord using the principles in this guide without any unkillable teams.

I’m not claiming that the strategy in this guide is the best. To be honest, without Lanakis on the team, getting top reward for 2 keys will be difficult. But in my opinion, this strategy is the most simple to use since you don’t need to calculate speed or level certain champions like Maneater. The strategy will work with universal champions like Foli, Astralith, Mithrala, Arbiter, and others.

So for now, that’s all. I’m planning to update this guide because I often experiment with the clan boss teams. If you have any questions about speed strategy, please ask them in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and happy raiding 😎.

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