How Affinities Work in RAID: Shadow Legends – Explanation

RAID: Shadow Legends

There are 4 different affinities in RAID: Magic, Spirit, Force and Void. Each champion and boss in the game has an affinity. Each affinity, except Void, is weaker than the previous but stronger than the next.

  • Magic (blue) is stronger than Spirit
  • Spirit (green) is stronger than Force
  • Force (red) is stronger than Magic
  • Void (purple) is neutral to other affinities

The developers draw these dependencies as follows.

RAID: Shadow Legends

When you attack with a stronger affinity:

  • There is a 30% chance that the hit will be a Strong Hit. This chance is calculated for each hit separately;
  • There is a 15% greater chance to deal a Critical Hit against targets with a weaker affinity.

When you attack with a weaker affinity:

  • Damage from the attack is reduced by 20%;
  • There is a 35% chance that the hit will be a Weak Hit. A Weak Hit cannot be a critical hit and cannot place any debuffs on the opponent;
  • The chance to deal a Critical Hit is reduced by 15%.

These features don’t work if both opponents have the same affinity or if one of them has void affinity. Damage and chances will be calculated in a default way.

Types of hits in RAID

Weak Hit (white). Cannot be critical. Damage is reduced by 30%. Cannot place any buffs or debuffs.

RAID: Shadow Legends

The damage of weak hits is reduced by 30%, including all bonuses, according to the official Plarium description. This means that if your character has a 50% [Increase ATK] buff, the final damage will be DMG * 1.5 (buff) * (1 – 0.3) (damage reducing).

The second thing that follows from Plarium’s description is that the damage will be reduced one more time: first by 20% from the affinity disadvantage and then by 30% if the hit is weak. So in fact, the formula for the final damage must be the following: DMG * 1.5 (ATK buff) * (1 – 0.2) (affinity) * (1 – 0.3) (weak hit).

And the third thing you need to know: it doesn’t make sense to have a 115% critical hit chance. When the champion attacks an enemy with a stronger affinity, there will ALWAYS be a 15% greater chance that the hit won’t be critical.

Normal Hit (red). Just hit without any affinity advantages or disadvantages.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Strong Hit (purple). Damage is increased by 30% (DMG (including bonuses) * 1.3 (strong hit)).

RAID: Shadow Legends

Critical Hit (yellow). The damage will be increased by the percentage the attacker has. For example, if your champion has a Critical DMG of 150%, the critical hit damage will be calculated in the following way: DMG * (1 + 1.5 (Crit. DMG)).

RAID: Shadow Legends

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  • Guillaume

    All this is quite innacurate. For example, there is no “affinity disadvantage” of 20%, where did you see this? Also when you apply a reduction damage of 30%, you should not divide by 1.3, as in your formulae for the weak hit, but multiply by 0.7. It’s different. Think of a damage reduction of 100%, you multiply by (1-100/100)=0 and it gives the correct result, which is 0 damage. With your idea you would divide by (1+100/100)=2, which is plain wrong.

    • Kianl
      Reply to Guillaume

      Hello. I double-checked. “20% from the affinity disadvantage” means that a hero with a “weak” affinity (e.g., Spirit) deals damage to a hero with a “strong” affinity (e.g., Magic). In this case, the damage itself will always be reduced by 20%. This information is taken from the official Plarium documentation.
      As for the calculations, it seems you are right. I’ve corrected it 👌.

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