How to Claim Great Tree in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Great Tree in Smalland

Great Trees in Smalland are special trees with a platform at their top for base building. You can identify these trees by the string of mushrooms that wrap around their trunks from bottom to top. Each of these trees also has a platform for a unique “elevator,” which is a gondola with a special NPC. In the current version of the game, Great Trees can only be found in the main game biome – the oak forest.

How to claim Great Tree

To be able to build your base on a Great Tree, a player must first climb to its top using the mushrooms that grow on its trunk. This is a unique challenge that requires patience and agility. The process takes about 5-10 minutes.

Great Tree in Smalland

Once at the top, you need to talk to the wooden Gnome Effigy and claim your rights to the Great Tree.

Gnome Effigy

Now you can build your home on the tree. There is more than enough space for this.

How to move your home to another Great Tree

One of the advantages of Great Trees is that you can move all your buildings between them without any effort. All you need to do is get to another Great Tree and talk to the Gnome Effigy at its base.

Gnome Effigy

You won’t have to climb the tree using the mushrooms again. At least that’s how it works now while the game is in early access. By talking to the Gnome Effigy, you can also make your Great Tree public. Then other players will be able to build their base on it as well.

How to climb up/down a Great Tree

There are several ways to do this.

  • Use the gondola. Each Great Tree has an “elevator” in the form of a gondola operated by the Tree Butler. He can take you up or down in a matter of seconds. To do this, select the appropriate option in the dialogue with this NPC.
  • Jump down while riding a mount. My tests have shown that none of the mounts take damage from falling from a height. This means you can mount a grasshopper, gecho, walf spider, or damselfly and simply jump off your Great Tree.
  • Restart the game. By placing a bed on the Great Tree, you can “teleport” to its top by restarting the game. Just exit to the main menu and load the world again. The character will appear next to the bed. If there is an active pet, it will also appear on the tree next to the character. This has not been tested in multiplayer.
  • Jump down with winged armor. There are two chest pieces with built-in wings in the game that allow you to glide instead of falling: Ironwing (unlocked after defeating Black Hornet) and Regal (craftable set available initially after meeting Drustana, but requires the player to have a Loom & Spindle to create).
    winged armor
    It is recommended to create one of these chest pieces as soon as possible. This will significantly simplify not only the process of “descending” from the Great Tree but also traveling around the world in general. Essentially, you’ll be able to fly from one end of the map to the other.

Where to find Great Trees (map)

There are currently 9 Great Trees in the game (at least, these are all the ones I’ve been able to find). On the map below, I’ve marked their locations for you. If you know the location of other Great Trees not on the map, please let me know in the comments.

Great Trees on a map

You can also find all the locations of Great Trees on the interactive Smalland map.

Advantages of Great Tree for the player

Every player in Smalland should aim to obtain a Great Tree for their use. This allows building your home in complete safety and on a perfectly flat surface.

base on the top of a Great Tree

If the player has a chest piece with built-in wings and a Grapple Gun, the height of the Great Tree, as mentioned above, allows the player to travel from one end of the map to the other in just a minute. This is not only very convenient but also extremely exciting.

Things to consider about the Great Tree

  • Weather will still damage your buildings, even if they are at the top of a Great Tree. You should build at least a minimal shelter if you don’t want your crafting stations to be destroyed.
  • Don’t pretend to be Spider-Man without having a chest piece with wings. The Grapple Gun is an amazing tool. And the temptation to jump off your Great Tree at full speed, relying on this tool like Spider-Man relies on his web, is very strong. But it is strongly discouraged.
    Once upon a time in Smalland, when I believed in myself...
    The game has a mechanic that leaves a player’s gravestone (their inventory after death) at the last safe point. This means that if you throw yourself onto a branch and then try to climb down from it and die in the process, your items will remain on that branch. Getting to them can be extremely difficult or impossible in principle. So before pretending to be Spider-Man, take the trouble to put your items in a chest.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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