How to Get More Heroes in The Last Spell: A Quick Guide

The Last Spell

In each round of The Last Spell, the player starts with 3 heroes. The number of heroes can be increased during the game or even before it begins. There are only 2 ways to increase the number of heroes in The Last Spell, and their total number cannot exceed 6 people.

Use Omens

Omens can be chosen before launching each chapter of The Last Spell’s campaign. Each campaign chapter has a certain capacity for Omens slots, and each Omen, in turn, requires a certain number of these slots. The starting number of heroes can be increased using the “Omen of the Wanderer“.

The Last Spell

In this case, the player will initially have more heroes (in this specific case – 1 more). However, it is important to note that this Omen does not increase the overall hero capacity.

Build the Inn

The Inn, like the Omen of the Wanderer, becomes available as you progress through the game. Building it in the city will increase the number of your hero squad up to the maximum.

The Last Spell

The Inn construction costs 110 gold, after which it can be upgraded several times for gold. One additional hero slot is granted to the player immediately after building the Inn, and the rest can be obtained with each subsequent upgrade of the Inn for gold.

The Last Spell

By opening the Inn, you will find 5 heroes that can be hired for gold. Note that the more expensive the hero, the higher their level. This means that they will not lag behind in development compared to the heroes who were in your squad initially, even if they were bought in the middle or at the end of the game. To hire a hero, click “Recruit“.

The Last Spell

If you don’t like the current heroes, you can change the list of available heroes for hire for 25 gold by clicking the “Reroll Roster” button. As a side note, you should not pay attention to the heroes’ appearance, as you can always change it according to your preferences. How to do this is described in the guide to hero customization in The Last Spell.

The Inn also allows you to hire a mage if your mage was killed. Remember that mages are responsible for casting spells in the center of the map throughout the game. It is them that the player must protect by building fortifications and destroying hordes of monsters that attack the city every night.

Tips for newcomers to hire heroes

  • Pay attention to the starting characteristics of heroes: Health, Mana, AP, Move Points, Critical, Accuracy, Resistance Reduction, Damage, Armor, Block, Resistance, Dodge. This is extremely important, as your choice will affect the hero’s effectiveness in the role you assign them. For example, if you want to create a sniper-rifleman, buying heroes with increased armor and lowered attack will be an ineffective solution.
    The Last Spell
  • In addition, each hero has 3 perks that can contain both positive and negative effects. For example, someone may have a blocked pants slot, but the hero will be excellent at dodging attacks. Always check the perks to choose the most effective hero for your tasks.
    The Last Spell
  • Build the Inn as soon as possible, as each additional hero significantly eases the defense of the city against monsters. At the same time, try to add variety to your squad, using not only archers and snipers but also mages and tanks. When possible, arm your heroes with additional weapon sets that can be switched for free during the game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments. Other The Last Spell players will be happy to help you understand the intricacies of the game.

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