How To 100% Get Purple Stats in Equipment in Undawn: Effective Modification Guide

Purple Stats in Undawn

Not long ago, I talked about the compensation system for crafting failures in Undawn, which guarantees obtaining a “Gold” item on the 15th attempt. As it turns out, the game has another compensation system that ensures obtaining purple stats on the 100th attempt at modifying your character’s equipment. Tonight, I spent several hundred thousand gold to test this personally. The system indeed works, and I was able to confirm it on my third attempt.

Video proof (my experiment)

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How to 100% Get Purple Stat in Undawn (a failure compensation system)

100 Attempts = 1 Purple Stat (compensation system)

To guarantee getting 1 Purple Stat in your equipment, you must modify it 100 times. This will require 500 Coatings of the corresponding level and 50,000 Silver (each attempt costs 500 Silver).


Based on how the failure compensation system works in crafting (5% chance for a “legendary” item but guaranteed on the 15th attempt), I assume that the chance of obtaining purple stats during item modification is approximately 0.5% to 1%. If you don’t get purple stats within 99 attempts, you are guaranteed to get them on the 100th attempt, as I confirmed during my experiment.


As of now, I haven’t tested whether the compensation counter resets if you start modifying another item, and I haven’t seen compelling evidence to the contrary on YouTube. So, I recommend sticking to the proven method and spending all 100 attempts on modifying a specific item until you get purple stats.

How Much Does 1 Purple Stat Cost?

In the optimistic scenario, you can get a purple stat in your equipment for 50,000 to 100,000 gold. Let’s do some calculations.

So, if we modify a level 70 or 80 item, we need 500 Solid Solution Coatings. At the time of writing this guide (2 days before reaching level 90), you can purchase them from other players for 280-308 Gold each. Thus, 500 Solid Solution Coatings = 140-154k Gold.


However, instead of this, we can purchase the necessary unfinished goods and craft 500 Solid Solution Coatings. At the time of writing this guide, the average price of unfinished goods is 450 Gold. Crafting also requires 4 Ionic Membranes at 160 Gold each (although I’m sure you have plenty in your storage). This totals 2,440 Gold for 10 Solid Solution Coatings and 122,000 for 500 units.


You can further reduce costs in several ways:

  1. Buy normal and rare materials for crafting the required unfinished goods from other players.
  2. Purchase Basic Materials Packs for 200 Gold in the EscMarketReputation section. The cost per resource in this case will be 20 Gold.
  3. Buy Basic Materials Packs for 400 Gold in the StoreGoldGather Materials section if players are selling them for more than 40 Gold per unit.

Buying Basic Materials Packs is generally a cost-effective activity, but the downside is that you get random materials, so you’ll still need to buy some from other players in the Trade section.


Finally, if you’re extremely lucky (like I was in the first two attempts), you’ll get a purple stat much sooner than the failure compensation system kicks in, which will greatly boost your profit.

How Much Does a 2nd Purple Stat Cost?

Surely, you, like me, have a logical question: if the guarantee works for the first purple stat, does it also work for the second? At the moment, I have not tested this and have not seen convincing evidence.

However, if we assume that the guarantee will work for the second Purple Stat, it means you will need 500 Coatings, 200,000 Silver, and 50 Nanocrystalline Cores to guarantee its acquisition.


Currently, 1 Nanocrystalline Core on my server costs about 10-12k Gold. So, in total, you will spend around 150,000 + 12,000 * 50 = 750,000 Gold and 200,000 Silver to guarantee getting the 2nd purple stat.

As for the cost of a 3rd purple stat, I’m too afraid to imagine, so let’s stick to more realistic discussions without delving into unattainable fantasies… 😄

How to Earn a Lot of Gold by Selling Purple Stats

This section is crucial to read carefully to avoid making mistakes because, as you may have noticed, this scheme requires significant gold investments and is not suitable for all players.

Things to Understand

Most people are willing to pay the most for increased attack stats. Any defensive stats are always secondary for the majority of players, so the demand for them is significantly lower.


When it comes to selling Purple Stats, it’s best to use «epic» items for several reasons:

  • First, if someone wants to buy your Purple Stat, and it’s bundled with a “legendary” item they already have, it will be an unnecessary expense for them.
  • Second, if during a “phase” (the period between key levels when access to crafting more powerful weapons is unlocked: 50-59, 60-69, 70-79), you can’t sell a “legendary” item with a Purple Stat, you’ll have to transfer the Purple Stat to another higher-level item; otherwise, it will be much more challenging to sell (most players simply don’t check the low-level market). The legendary items from my experiment (a helmet and AK-47) were created as such on the second attempt by pure chance.

In addition, it’s best to create items with Purple Stats for sale at the end of a “phase” (in the last week before transitioning to the next “key” level – 80, 90, 100, etc.).


During this period, prices for materials in Undawn are extremely low. If at the beginning of the “phase,” unfinished goods can cost around 1200 Gold, their price can drop to as low as 300 Gold per unit towards the end of the “phase.” Consequently, you get the opportunity to create an item with a Purple Stat very cheaply, and then transfer this Purple Stat to a higher-level item at the beginning of the next “phase.”

How to Successfully Trade Purple Stats

I want to emphasize that everything described here is done at your own risk, and I cannot guarantee your success. Most of this information is theoretical for contemplation.

  1. Do not sell or dismantle “rare” and “epic” equipment items. Instead, use them to obtain and store Purple Stats.
  2. Use the cheapest possible weapons for selling Purple Stats (for example, the AK-47). Remember that you are selling the Purple Stat itself, not the item. Buyers don’t need extra costs. You don’t need to purposefully create cheap weapons. The assumption is that you acquire them from other players (sometimes epic AK-47s are sold for 2,000 Gold) at the beginning of the “phase” for resale 15 days into the “phase.”
  3. Farm Purple Stats during periods when prices for coatings and materials are at their lowest or farm Purple Stats on items from the previous level range (for example, 70-79 instead of 80-89). In this case, Purple Stats will be slightly worse, but still good enough to sell.
  4. Do not set excessively high prices on items (for example, 700k for 3.7% Damage) – nobody will buy them. Prices should be realistic and reasonable. If it costs 150k gold to guarantee obtaining a Purple Stat, selling it for 200-250k is already a significant profit for you.

And most importantly: if you obtain a Purple Stat along with “trash” stats, as in the case of my AK-47, under no circumstances spend Nanocrystalline Cores on further modifying such an item!


Each attempt will cost you 12-14k Gold, which is entirely unacceptable. It’s better to sell such an item at a lower price, break even, or even take a small loss, and then try again.

If you have any additional useful information on the topic of the post, feel free to share it in the comments. This will help thousands of other readers.

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