9 Ways to Level Up Gathering Fast in Albion Online

Albion Online

Unfortunately, there is no way to level up gathering instantly. In any case, you will have to gather resources for a long time to achieve this goal. But still, you will be able to significantly speed up the process if you will follow these simple tips. So let’s talk about it.

Farm profitable spots

Some spots with resources are much better than other. For example, there is one of this kind of spots in the Fog Fen location, exactly above the outpost on the lower left corner of the map. Here you can find a lot of T4 trees, T4 hemp bushes, T4 skinning mobs and even the hotspot for fishing in the river. Actually, there are many similar spots in this location.

Albion Online

And there are many places like this in the game. If you find such a place, remember where it is. You can find more information about such places on the Internet. Perhaps I will make a map for you with such places if you need. Write comments.

Albion Online

You also can visit the large spots of resources. These spots are quite rare, but they are easy to find on the map by the corresponding icon. For example, in the Fiber Meadows, you will find many fiber bushes.

Albion Online

And when I say “many”, I mean they are everywhere in such places. And, of course, you’ll face serious competition, because there are rather a lot of other players looking to earn a silver or improve their gathering skills.

Use learning skills only for level up gathering

Learning points are very valuable in Albion Online because they can be used to quickly level up almost any skill, including gathering. A simple example: you must earn 513`333 points to improve any gathering skill, except fishing, from Tier 5 to Tier 6. But once you reach 20% of this amount, you can use 234 Learning Points to instantly level up the skill.

Albion Online

For this reason, if you want to improve your gathering fast, you shouldn’t spend the Learning Points on anything else. This will save you many, many hours.

Update your account to premium status

It’s obvious, but I can’t help but remind you of this opportunity. When Premium is active, you earn 50% more Fame and gathering yield, which means you will level up your gathering skills one and a half times faster.

Albion Online

You’ll have to spend many more hours on it without the Premium, so I recommend you buy it as soon as you can. Read our special guide to find out how to earn 9 million silvers on Premium quickly.

Gather resources only of the same level or below

The higher the deposit tier, the more fame and resources you will earn – that’s true. But as the resource deposit tier increases, gathering time also increases. And if your tool will be Tier 5, then the gathering process for Tier 6 resources will be so long that it won’t be profitable at all. Furthermore, you won’t be able to gather Tier 6 rare resources with Tier 5 tools.

Albion Online

That’s why you shouldn’t try to exceed your capabilities. In the same amount of time, you will be able to earn much more Tier 4-5 resources.

Look for rare resources

Rare resource nodes give significantly more fame per gathering. The trouble is that other players are hunting for rare nodes, too. So the best place to farm such nodes is Black zones.

Albion Online

You should dress your character very cheaply for this purpose. T4-T5 equipment is your choice. If you are afraid to farm in the Black zones, then try to do it in the Yellow zones. It’ll be safe, but you should know that the competition will be much higher there.

Gather big nodes of resources

Big resource nodes appear in the Yellow, Red, and Black zones from time to time. They contain many more resources than common nodes. For example, a T5 common node contains 5 gathering iterations, while a big T5 node contains as many as 30. In addition, big resource nodes are always rare. In my experience, big nodes spawn about 2 times per hour.

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Like the rare nodes from the tip above, the big nodes are better to gather in the Black zones. You can also try hunting them in the Yellow zones, but high level players gather a lot faster, so they will take up to 95% of everything you find.

Gather in the Red and Black zones

Once again: start learning gathering in the Black zones. If gangs of gankers kill you, just change the location. You should understand from the beginning that farming in the Black zones is always significantly more profitable than farming in the Yellow zones. Even in the T5 Black zone with T5 tools, you can earn about 400-500k silver per hour just by finding rare/big resource nodes, fishing, and killing mobs. With high-tier tools and fully upgraded gathering skills of the same tier, these numbers will be about 2 times higher.

Albion Online

If your aim is to level up your gathering skills as quickly as possible, just find only rare/big resource nodes in the Black zones. The main thing is not to be greedy. When you gather resources for 100-150k silver, come back to the city. Since the T5 locations are close to the city, it will take no more than 2 minutes, but it may save you a lot of time and money.

Use Tomes of Fame

Using Tomes of Fame is the only way to level up gathering instantly. But this method is very expensive. Even T4 tomes, which give just 1k of fame, cost around 100-150k. As for high-tier tomes, their prices are out of scope for adequacy at all.

Albion Online

So that’s why this method will suit you only if you are an inveterate donator. By the way, with a fish, the matter isn’t better. Of course, you can eat a fish to get fame for your Fishing skills, but it costs you many millions of silver. And if you don’t have these millions, I would recommend you forget it at once.

Gather resources on the Roads of Avalon

The Roads of Avalon are Black zones, and you can get there through the portals from the open world. On the map in these locations, you’ll notice special resource nodes. There you will find a strong mob. It’ll be very hard to kill it using T4-T5 equipment. But if you do this, you’ll be able to gather resources 100 times from this mob.

Albion Online

It’s a lot, and for this reason, some bloggers on YouTube praise such a method as almost the best. But I think it isn’t at all. Furthermore, this method is the worst method in the game for leveling up gathering quickly, in my opinion. Firstly, you need to gather in the Black zone, where you can die from gankers and lose all your stuff. Secondly, there is a lot of competition at such spots, and even simply finding a mob alive will be difficult. But the choice, of course, is only yours.

Now that’s all the ways to quickly level up gathering, which I know. If you have anything to add, write a comment. Thanks for reading. And Good Luck 😎!

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