How to Tame a Gecko in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Smalland: Survive the Wilds

To tame a Gecko, you must first defeat the Rhino Beetle in Skadi’s quest. Once you’ve obtained its horn, return to Skadi. Skadi will send you to Lissandra but will give you the recipe for Gecko Treat first.

How to Create a Gecko Treat

The Gecko Treat for taming a Gecko is made using a Cauldron. The following items are required for crafting:

  • Ant Head (2 pcs.) – drop well from Bull Ants;
  • Bee Head (2 pcs.) – drop from bees, which are quite common in the forest;
  • Petal (1 pc.) – drop from flowers, such as poppies;
  • Seed Oil (2 pcs.) – can be created using a Stonecutter.

Gecko Treat recipe

To craft Seed Oil, you will need Seeds, which drop in small quantities from ears, such as Rye, which are abundant on the shore on the way to the Rhino Beetle.

Where to find and how to tame geckos

Geckos can be found in large numbers on the southwestern shore, east of where the Rhino Beetle lives.

Geckos on a map

To tame a gecko, you must deal more than 50% damage to its health and have a Gecko Treat in your inventory (1 piece is required for taming). As soon as the gecko has less than 50% health left, the “Tame” option will appear when you approach it. You simply press “F,” and the gecko will instantly become your pet.

taming a gecko

This is how taming works for all creatures in Smalland. However, make sure you have released (the “Release” option in the interaction dialogue) your previous pet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tame the gecko. A player can only have 1 pet at a time.

How to heal a gecko

To heal a gecko, as with all other pets in the game, you must feed it. To do this, open your inventory, find any food with the label “Can feed creature,” and simply drop it on the ground (Ctrl + left click) in front of the gecko. After a few seconds, your pet will start eating and regaining its health. When the gecko fully regains its health, it will stop eating on its own.

gecko is eating

You can interrupt the feeding process by picking the food back up into your inventory or simply mounting the gecko and commanding it to move away from the food.

What geckos can do in Smalland

Every player should tame a gecko as soon as possible since geckos in this game are excellent fighters. They have a large health pool and deal a lot of damage, easily dealing with Green Beetles, for example.

A significant drawback of geckos is that they can’t jump and don’t run very fast. Therefore, you will mainly have to travel by land.

gecko screenshot

Like other pets, you can command the gecko to stay in place by selecting the “Stay” option in the interaction dialogue. You can cancel this command by choosing the “Follow” option. You can also call the gecko remotely using a Pet Whistle. The whistle will make the gecko follow you, even if you previously commanded it to stay in place.

If you “teleport” to the respawn point by exiting the menu and restarting the game, the gecko will also spawn next to you. The gecko can traverse steeper surfaces than the player character.

gecko on a tree

Like grasshoppers, the gecko does not take damage from falling from any height when you are riding it. This means you can simply jump off your Great Tree while riding the gecko without fearing death.

gecko bug on an evelator

If you want to take the gecko on an elevator ride, you will see it amusingly raise its legs above its head due to a minor inverse kinematics glitch.

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