How to Defeat Rhino Beetle in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Rhino Beetle in Smalland

Rhino Beetle is the first boss in Smalland that the player must defeat. The quest for it is given by the NPC Skadi. The player must overcome the Rhino Beetle and bring Skadi its Horn. At first glance, the boss may seem difficult, but it’s not. Its mechanics are quite simple, so even a beginner can handle it.

Rhino Beetle in Smalland

Just in case, let me remind you that Rhino Beetle lives on the beach southwest of Skadi. Its location is marked on the map with a special icon. If you want to see this icon on the compass when the map is closed, you can click on it with the left mouse button.

Check out the Smalland beginner’s guide to learn more useful basic mechanics of the game.

Video guide to defeating Rhino Beetle

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How to 100% beat Rhino Beetle in Smalland (GUIDE)

Preparing for the battle

First and foremost, make sure you have a Flint Spear. Flint for creating such a weapon can be found right on the shore, not far from the Rhino Beetle itself. It is recommended to use a spear in battle, as it is the most convenient to use and deals decent damage. Your character’s armor should be no worse than stone (you can create good armor at Skadi or Kalev).

Spear, potions, armor, stamina

It also makes sense to create a Stamina Tonic, which will increase the maximum capacity of stamina and the speed of its regeneration. To quickly restore health in case of mistakes, create several Health Elixirs in advance and place them on the quick access panel. You can also stock up on Healing Patches, but keep in mind that they take much longer to apply than health elixirs.

Apothecary Table

To create these potions, you will need an Apothecary Table. Bark for its creation can be found there, on the shore, and Refine Wood is produced on the Stonecutter.

How to defeat Rhino Beetle

Drink the Stamina Tonic before the battle. If your home (spawn point) is far away, don’t forget to set up a bed on the shore so that you respawn at this location in case of anything. After that, you can immediately attack the boss.

Rhino Beetle itself has only 2 attacks:

  • 1st attack: It slightly rises above the ground and crashes down on the character with its full body weight, dealing significant damage. The attack happens with a delay, so you should wait a bit before dodging with a roll.
    Rhino Beetle in Smalland
  • 2nd attack: The beetle extends its horn forward and charges straight at the player, dealing significant damage. This attack also happens with a delay, so you must accurately time the moment when the beetle is almost next to you. Dodging this attack in time is much more difficult than the previous one.
    Rhino Beetle in Smalland

To defeat the boss, you should attack him after his 1st attack, when he becomes vulnerable for 2-3 seconds after a powerful strike on the ground and tries to recover. During this time, you can deal 3-4 spear hits to Rhino Beetle. However, I recommend not getting too carried away, so you have enough Stamina left for dodging his next attack.

Rhino Beetle in Smalland

The battle with Rhino Beetle takes about 2-4 minutes depending on your experience. After defeating the boss, don’t forget to pick up the Rhino Split Horn and deliver it to Skadi. As a reward, you will gain the ability to tame geckos, which also inhabit the beach. Skadi will send you to Lisandra in the swamp, where much more dangerous enemies await you…

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