How to Tame a Wolf Spider in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Wolf Spider

The ability to tame Wolf Spiders becomes available after defeating the Giant Albino Spider, the second boss in Smalland, which the player will encounter. To complete this quest, you must bring Lisandra the quest item Albino Spider Eye. As a reward, you will receive the recipe for Wolf Spider Treat.

How to craft Wolf Spider Treat

Wolf Spider Treat can be brewed in a Cauldron. The following resources are required for crafting:

  • Grasshopper leg (1 pc.) Drops from regular green grasshoppers.
  • Spider Eye (2 pcs.) Drops from spiders, which are abundant in the swamps.
  • Insect Wings (3 pcs.) Drops from all flying insects, including Wasp, Bee, Mosquito, and others.
  • Petal (1 pc.) Can be obtained from any flowers using an axe: for example, from poppies, which are abundant in the oak forest (main game biome).
  • Seed Oil (2 pcs.) Produced from Seeds on a Stonecutter. Seeds can be obtained from many plants: for example, from poppies and rye.

Wolf Spider Treat

Where to find and how to tame a Wolf Spider

Wolf Spiders are abundant in the swamps around Lisandra. However, you can also encounter a few closer to the oak forest, right at its border with the swamps.

Wolf Spider

Be careful, as Wolf Spiders poison the player with venom upon biting. The spiders themselves have poison resistance, but are slightly vulnerable to Edged Damage. To tame a Wolf Spider, you must fight it and leave it with less than 50% health, and also have a Wolf Spider Treat (1 piece needed for taming) in your inventory.

Wolf Spider taming

After losing half of its health, it will “recognize you as the leader.” You must approach it and choose the “Tame” option in the interaction dialogue, simply pressing the “F” key. The spider will immediately calm down and become your pet.

Wolf Spider pet

It should be noted that this is how any taming in the game works. If the “Tame” option does not appear after the Wolf Spider has lost half of its health, it means you have another active pet. The game mechanic allows the player to have only one active pet at a time, so before taming a new one, you must release the previous one (the “Release” option in the interaction dialogue with the creature).

How to heal a Wolf Spider

All pets in Smalland, including Wolf Spiders, can be fed to help them recover lost health faster. For this, you can use any edible items marked “Can feed creature.” Simply drop the food on the ground (Ctrl + left click) in front of the spider, and it will start eating it in a few seconds (make sure the pet’s “Stay” option is inactive, otherwise it will not be able to approach the food and will stand still).

Wolf Spider feeding

The quality of the food determines the amount of health that Wolf Spider will recover per each unit. You can drop an entire stack of food on the ground. The pet will eat until it has fully recovered its health, and then it will stop.

What wolf spiders can do in Smalland

There isn’t much benefit to them. You can ride them, and they will help the player in battle. However, despite the fact that spiders are decent fighters and poison their victims with venom, they will only get in your way in battle (as pets generally do). The thing is, the game mechanics allow the player to deal damage to their pet when striking. So, in the heat of battle, there is a great chance that you will accidentally kill your own wolf spider with some axe. This problem is especially relevant in swamps when other wolf spiders attack you, which look exactly the same. And while you’re trying to figure out which of these three is yours, they will already eat your eight-legged pet.

Wolf Spider riding

To avoid such situations, it’s better not to take the wolf spider into battle and use it simply as a mount. You can order it to stay in place using the “Stay” command. In the future, you can cancel it with the “Follow” command or simply call your pet using the Pet Whistle. If you restart the game, you will appear at your respawn point together with the Wolf Spider. The Wolf Spider does not take fall damage from any height, so you can safely jump off your Greet Tree.

Wolf Spider

Like other mounts, Wolf Spiders can climb steeper surfaces than the player character, making them quite useful when moving through the forest. On the other hand, spiders do not run very fast.

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