Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends Ultimate Guide: Best Gear, Masteries, Skills, and Role in the Game

Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends

Ronda is a unique free champion that all RAID: Shadow Legends players could receive during the period from November 30, 2022, to February 28, 2023. This was another Plarium collaboration featuring Ronda Rousey, a professional wrestler and actress you may have seen in Fast & Furious 7.

  Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends

We remind you that this was the 5th free unique champion in RAID that could be received for 7 days of playing. Before Ronda, we could also get Ninja, Aleksandr the Sharpshooter, Deliana and Ultimate Deathknight.

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In this guide, we will figure out how useful Ronda will be for new players, what artifacts and attributes suit her best, and how to use this champion in the most effective way.

Stats, Skills & Damage Multipliers

Ronda is a unique legendary champion from the Banner Lords faction. Her affinity is Magic. At the time of this guide’s publication, Ronda is the only hero in RAID that can inflict the [Block Passive Skills] debuff, with the exception of Ramantu Drakesblood.

Ronda in RAID: Shadow Legends

Basic Stats

    🟨 HP -14`865 (normal)
    🟩 Attack – 1542 (awesome)
    🟩 Defense – 1046 (good)
    🟩 Speed – 101 (good)
    🟨 Crit. Rate – 15% (standard)
    🟨 Crit. Damage – 63% (standard)
    🟨 Resist – 40 (normal)
    🟥 Accuracy – 0 (not required for this champion)

Flaming Flurry

Flaming Flurry

Attacks one enemy 3 times. Places an extra hit if the target has less than 50% HP after the third hit.

    ⭐ Damage based on [ATK].
    ⭐ Damage growth from books equals +20% per 4 pieces.
    ⭐ Damage multiplier equals ~1.2 * 3 (or 4) hits (determined by tests).

Phase Rushdown

Phase Rushdown

Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Will ignore [Shield] buffs and 30% of the target’s [DEF].
Places a [Block Passive Skills] debuff for 2 turns before attacking. This debuff cannot be resisted. 
Also places a [Block Active Skills] debuff for 2 turns after attacking. This debuff cannot be resisted.

    ⭐ Damage based on [ATK].
    ⭐ The default cooldown is 4 turns.
    ⭐ Damage growth from books equals +20% per 2 pieces.
    ⭐ The cooldown reduction from skill tomes equals -1 turn for 1 piece.
    ⭐ Damage multiplier equals ~2.0 * 3 hits (determined by tests).

Fury Tremor

Fury Tremor

Attacks all enemies two times. Damage increases by 30% if this champion has more than 50% HP.

[Passive Effect]
Immune to Turn Meter reduction effects when this skill is not on cooldown.
Decreases all Turn Meter reduction effects used against this champion by 50% when this skill is on cooldown.

    ⭐ Damage based on [ATK].
    ⭐ The default cooldown is 5 turns.
    ⭐ Damage growth from books equals +20% per 2 pieces.
    ⭐ The cooldown reduction from skill tomes equals -1 turn for 1 piece.
    ⭐ Damage multiplier equals ~1.9 * 2 hits * 1.3 (if Ronda has more than 50% HP) (determined by tests).

In Your Corner [Passive Skill]

In Your Corner [Passive Skill]

Has a 15% chance to join an attack whenever an ally attacks an enemy. This champion will attack with their default skill.
At the start of each Round, places a [Shield] buff on this champion for 2 turn equal to 40% of their maximum [HP].

    ⭐ The skill has no cooldown.



Increases Ally [ATK] in all battles by 30%.

    ⭐ This multiplier is based on the basic attack value of each ally it affects.

Choosing Equipment

Ronda is a damage dealer, as you may guess. Her main advantage is that she doesn’t need accuracy to place her debuffs on enemies, so equipping her with powerful gear will be much easier.

Equipment for Ronda

In my opinion, the best universal gear for Ronda is the Savage (or Lethal) and Cruel artifact sets. With these sets, Ronda will deal lots of damage both in PVP and PVE. If you are only considering this champion for PVE content, you can also use the Retaliation set. It would give an impressive profit on the Demon Lord clan boss and Fire Knight’s Castle dungeon.

Stats for Ronda

Also, the Stone Skin, Swift Parry, Relentless, and Reflex sets would be good options. If you want to improve Ronda’s survivability on the Arenas, the Stone Skin and Swift Parry sets are for you. Otherwise, the Relentless and Reflex sets will assist you in dealing more damage to the clan boss or dungeon bosses.

The gear in the pictures above is for the clan boss, so I deliberately increased Ronda’s HP and Defense while decreasing her Crit. Rate, since I have a corresponding buff on my team. As I said above, this gear is universal for Ronda, so you can use it wherever you need it.



Here, I see only two options: Giant Slayer for PVE and Helmsmasher for PVP. Other masteries will be equally effective for both PVP and PVE content.

Role in the Game & Effectiveness

In PVE, Ronda is somewhat similar to the Ninja but a little weaker. She can deal roughly the same amount of damage to bosses, doing it a bit slower due to the greater number of attacks provided by her passive skill.

Ronda is NOT Recommended to use in:

    ⛔ Ice Golem’s Peak,
    ⛔ Spider’s Den,
    ⛔ Iron Twins Fortress,
    ⛔ Sand Devil’s Necropolis.

Ronda Shows Impressive Results in:

    🟢 Dragon’s Lair (9 / 10),
    🟢 Fire Knight’s Castle (9 / 10),
    🟢 Minotaur’s Labyrinth (8 / 10),
    🟢 Arenas (10 / 10),
    🟢 Demon Lord clan boss (9 / 10),
    🟢 Hydra clan boss (7 / 10),
    🟢 Faction Wars (10 / 10),
    🟢 Campaign battles (8 / 10),
    🟢 Doom Tower stages and bosses (7 / 10).

Brutal & Nightmare Campaign (8 / 10)

Ronda can level your food in 13 seconds on Stage 12-3 of the Brutal campaign.

Ronda in Campaign

Ronda, with the support of Scyl of the Drakes, can easily complete the Nightmare Campaign stages.

Ronda in Campaign

Dragon’s Lair (9 / 10)

Ronda in Dragon's Lair

In the Dragon’s Lair, Ronda shows about equal results as the Ninja. To demonstrate this, I created two identical teams, with the only difference being whether Ronda or Ninja served as damage dealers. The results are very similar. But Ninja is still better in most cases because he has mass freezing.

Based on this, we can conclude that Ronda is one of the best damage dealers for beating the Dragon. Of course, it’s necessary to have a good team like mine: lots of buffs, defense break and weakness debuffs, powerful DDs.

Fire Knight’s Castle (9 / 10)

Ronda in Fire Knight's Castle

In the Fire Knight’s Castle, Ronda is also a great champion. But you should understand that she will not significantly increase the passing speed of your team. She shows awesome results out there, that’s true. But at the same time, she wastes a lot of time on the waves due to her passive skill. So the result will not be stable: sometimes faster, sometimes much slower.

Here, her effectiveness is also about the same as that of the Ninja. But I have to reiterate that Ninja has mass control, while Ronda doesn’t. In the late game, this will not be that important. But for beginners, that’s a VERY IMPORTANT detail because, without sufficient control, they will not be able to complete the dungeon.

Faction Wars (10 / 10)

Ronda in Faction Wars

Here, I have nothing to say. It’s just amazing. The 21st stage was passed in 2 minutes on full auto.

Ronda in Faction Wars

Minotaur’s Labyrinth (8 / 10)

Ronda easily copes with the mastery scrolls solo farming. She does this in about 46 seconds, but I’m sure it can be done faster.

Minotaur's Labyrinth with Ronda

Thanks to her Aura and defense ignoring, she kills both mobs and the boss pretty quickly.

Doom Tower Stages & Bosses (7 / 10)

In Doom Tower, Ronda often outperforms Ma’Shalled in damage output. She will be useful in difficult stages, where there are champions with dangerous passive skills, such as Tormin, Rotos, Cupidus, and others.

Ronda in Doom Tower

As for the bosses, Ronda will be a good assistant in defeating the Celestial Griffin, Dark Fae, and Magma Dragon.

Ronda in Doom Tower

Demon Lord Clan Boss (9 / 10)

Ronda on the Demon Lord Clan Boss

You will be surprised, but Ronda is able to deal damage to the Demon Lord clan boss just as well as Ninja! At least that’s what I got in my tests. In this case, I used two identical teams, each with a Ronda or Ninja as the damage dealer. The first test was made on the Force affinity boss. Since both champions have weak magical affinity, it doesn’t matter now because Ninja is the reference DD here and we’re interested in comparing his damage to Ronda’s.

As you may see, Ronda shows a similar result. But it should be stressed that Ninja is equipped in the Retaliation artifact sets and has +500 points of additional [ATK] from the blessing. That’s the reason why he shows a slightly better result, despite the fact that he died earlier than Ronda. Don’t worry, I will show you my Ninja at the end of this guide.

I also tried to use Ronda on the Nightmare Demon Lord. Since the boss had a magical affinity, we can see more accurate figures.

In this experiment, I again used two identical teams with only the champion being different: Ronda or Ninja. And as you may have guessed, Ninja turned out to be better. Perhaps if Ronda were also equipped with the Retaliation set, she would deal more damage.

And let’s take a look at one more small test with the Ultra-Nightmare Demon Lord clan boss. The boss has a Void affinity and more than 50% HP, so Ronda can only hit it 3 times with her A1 skill, and we see a significant difference.

Anyway, Ronda is definitely one of the best damage dealers for the Demon Lord clan boss. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed.

Arenas (10 / 10)

Ronda in the Arenas

In the Arena fights, Ronda is a specific champion. In general, she’s a solo target killer with a unique [Block Passive Skills] debuff that only she and Ramantu have at the moment. When the opposing team has champions with exceptional passive abilities, she should be used. 

Champions that Ronda is strong against:

    🔸 Mithrala Lifebane (ignores resistance)
    🔸 Lydia the Deathsiren (blocks passive revive)
    🔸 Skullcrown (blocks passive [Unkillable] buff)
    🔸 Krisk the Ageless (ignores shield buff; blocks passive skill; block active skills)
    🔸 Underpriest Brogni (ignores shield buff; blocks passive skill)
    🔸 Rotos the Lost Groom (blocks passive skill; block active skills)
    🔸 Siphi the Lost Bride (blocks passive skill; block active skills)
    🔸 Vogoth (blocks passive skill)
    🔸 Warlord (ignores shield buff; block active skills)
    🔸 To be continued…

A Couple of Examples

As a classic AoE DD, Ronda is good but not outstanding. Her base pure AoE damage, taking into account all bonuses except Aura and her base Crit. damage, is ~14900 points. This means she can hit about 25% weaker than Trunda. That’s going to be very impressive for beginners, but not for the late game.

Hydra Boss (7 / 10)

Ronda on the Hydra Boss

Ronda can be used in the Hydra boss fights as a main damage dealer, but she won’t show anything outstanding. To demonstrate it, I conducted an experiment. On one team, the main damage dealer was Ronda, and Ninja was on the other. Each team fought up to 100 turns.

As you can see, there is a significant difference in damage between Ronda and Ninja. So, based on this, I conclude that Ronda is a good damage dealer for the Hydra boss and can be used there. But I would not expect cosmic amounts of damage from her.

Interesting Mechanics

  • Blocks of passive and active skills placed by Ronda can be spread to other enemies by using corresponding skills. The most known champions with such abilities are Magnarr and Haarken.
    Ronda's debuffs spreading


As I understood from my tests, Ronda is a pretty good damage dealer for PVE and an amazing killer for PVP content. She is a universal hero that will be useful on any game stage: early, mid, and late.

By the way, here is my Ninja that Ronda was compared to.

I have to stress that everything said here is my personal opinion. If you find out something that I haven’t yet, don’t get angry. Write a comment with your point of view, and we will talk about it in detail.

In the meantime, happy raiding and thanks for reading 😎.

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  • RoEl

    Excellent article, THANK YOU for the info. I’m sure many others have read this but not interested in commenting – but I just wanted to let you know that ftp players like me really appreciate your time and effort to share this with us. I have Ronda and she’s great – my number one damage dealer right now, but I actually put her in Regen gear just because those were the best pieces I had at the time both to make her fairly strong but also keep her alive. I’m not quite at mid game yet, only have 4 leggos, but I’m still doing okay. I know there are changes I need to make with her gear, bc she’s not smacking as hard as I know she could,  and was thinking about relentless bc I’ve won 6 star gear in that – everything else I have doesn’t measure up… But I wonder about her survivability in dungeons, although I do have Woad for a healer but even tho she’s fully booked, she doesn’t really heal fast enough to suit me, lol

    I’m trying to make her stronger for arena – I’ve won a couple events there but need her more powerful than she is.

    I would def put her in Savage if my pieces were good. And don’t have Stone Skin yet… So, maybe Relentless it is. 

     I’m just wondering if I should book her more – I’ve given her a couple, but was waiting to see if I might get better champs. Don’t have Ninja, and am waiting for Scyl…I just feel like maybe I should hold on to those books for a bit. I also have UDK, they’re both at 6 star, and make a great team together, but my arena team needs to be better, and was considering adding Magnarr to them instead of Kael. And I need a better reviver – have been using Grinner, (lol) but built with a lot of HP he’s actually been pretty useful there – but I’m getting to the point I will have to upgrade and replace him with somebody, but my only other revivers are Shaman and Melga, not sure if I should use them there.

    Anyway thanks again, your info really helped, much appreciated.

    • Admin
      Reply to RoEl

      Hi! 🖖

      Scyl is a fantastic champion, worth every skill tome required. If you’re close to getting it, I’d recommend saving legendary tomes for Scyl. This champion will make your life much easier and will be very useful in all artifact dungeons.

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