How to use Safety Rope and Extension Ladder in Undawn


Many newcomers to the world of Undawn don’t understand the purpose of Safety Rope and Extension Ladder in the game. In this short guide, I will teach you how to use them.

How to Craft Safety Rope or Extension Ladder

You can create these items through the character crafting menu (O) in the “Rig” tab.


Still Rope and Spiral Steel Pipe, which are required for crafting, can be purchased for silver in the EscMarketRaven ShopBuilding Materials section. You can also acquire them through Recycled Materials or find them in the open world.


How to Use Extension Ladder and Safety Rope

To install the Extension Ladder or Safety Rope, you must have them in your inventory. There are three ways to set them up.

  1. Method №1: Simply select the item in your inventory and press “Use.”
  2. Method №2: Click the ellipsis button next to the chat window and switch to “Rig” mode. From there, you can choose Extension Ladder or Safety Rope from the list of available equipment and install them in the open world.
  3. Method №3: Open the “Survive” menu (U), go to the Portable Tools section, and select “Rig.”

Extension Ladder is needed to climb to elevated places that are difficult (or impossible) to reach by other means. You should approach the object and “aim” the ladder at it until its silhouette turns green.


On the other hand, Safety Rope is used to safely descend from great heights or assist your allies in climbing (one player climbs to the top, sets up the Safety Rope, and then other players can quickly ascend). To install it, you should approach the edge of any elevation and “aim” the Safety Rope at it until its silhouette turns green.


Just in case, if you need to descend from a great height, it’s not necessary to craft a Safety Rope for this purpose. You can jump down from a car or a motorcycle without taking any damage.


When and Why to Use Extension Ladder and Safety Rope

There are several valid ways to use these items in the game.

  1. World Exploration: During the exploration of the Undawn world, you’ll need to search for various containers scattered across the map, some of which may be in very hard-to-reach places (e.g., on the roofs of buildings). Getting to such places will be much easier with the help of an Extension Ladder, and you can assist a friend with a Safety Rope.
  2. Climb Challenges: In such missions, you need to climb very challenging elevations to receive rewards. Using an Extension Ladder and Safety Rope significantly simplifies the task, as I’ve already mentioned in the Undawn climb challenge guide.
  3. Radiation Island Zombies: With the Extension Ladder and Safety Rope, you can secure the most advantageous positions on walls, towers, pipes, and other high objects that are inaccessible to other players. From such positions, it’s very convenient to snipe at enemies with sniper rifles while covering your allies.

At the moment, these are all the ways I know to use Extension Ladder and Safety Rope. If you have any questions or something to add, feel free to leave comments under this post 😉.

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