Undawn Character Customization Guide


This short guide is intended for beginners who want to fully understand the character customization system in the Undawn MMO. You will learn how to change your nickname, appearance, hairstyle, and how to use the wardrobe to switch presets.

How to Change Nickname

To change your nickname, you will need a Renaming Card, which can be purchased in the “Store” section for 288 RC.


You will receive several Renaming Cards for free as you level up your character. Additionally, Renaming Cards are awarded by developers during server mergers. For example, I have a total of 3 Renaming Cards stored in my inventory.

How to Change Appearance and Hairstyle

To access the character appearance customization interface, you need a Beauty Card. To change your hairstyle and access a variety of exotic hair colors, use the Hairstyle Card.


Both the Beauty Card and the Hairstyle Card can be purchased with Silver in the Market → Charisma Shop once your character reaches Charisma level 2. Read a separate Undawn Charisma Guide for more details. Both items can also be purchased with RC in the Store section.

How to Use Wardrobe

In Undawn, you can change your character’s clothes in the EscWardrobe section, which has several useful functions.


Your character can have up to 8 saved appearance presets, divided into 2 groups (4 each):

  • Everyday Wear – presets for your character’s appearance outside the Homestead.
  • Loungewear – your character’s home clothes worn within the Homestead.

When changing locations (e.g., going outside the Homestead), Loungewear automatically switches to Everyday Wear, and vice versa. You can save up to 4 appearance presets for each group and choose one as active. Simply select the desired slot and change your character’s clothes as you like. Later, you can freely switch between presets with just one click.


If you don’t want to display hats, activate the “Hide Hat” option. Be cautious with the “Reset Status” button, as it resets your current preset (any wardrobe items are automatically unequipped).

The Wardrobe section also features a Fashion Magazine, although its purpose remains a mystery to me… 🤨

If you have any questions or anything to add, feel free to write comments under this post.

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